Monday, January 26, 2009

Olympians get a beating

The long road to the 9th NAASCU seems to be a lot longer than the usual ones the Olympians use to take. The Olympians are now back to what the team used to be in the 2005 season, pretenders.  After much success in the recent NAASCU, the Olympians are now left with a bunch of newbies trying to gel as a team. This team is almost complete and the only missing ingredient is teamwork.

As of now, the team has not yet fully grasped the trapping defense that has once given the team much success. At the same time getting the ball pass the mid court has become another problem for the team.The Olympians are now using the Fr. Martin's Cup as a means to address the concern on gelling and hopefully give chances for the new ones to shine. The wingmen and frontline are not yet comfortable with the slack left by veterans Ramon Mabayo, Darryl Mendoza and Mike Cabangon.

New acquisitions Jean Mbe and Martin Antonio are tough men inside, but they still need some help.  The team has acquired the services of two more wingmen who we hope in time will learn the system of Coach Vic and eventually contribute by the time the summer tournament starts.

The backcourt can be something that the Olympians can be very vulnerable. Their point guards are adequate and not spectacular.  The game against DLSU saw them tumble in a maze of errors as the Green Archers showed them what a true pressure defense is.  The OLympians though learned from that the hard way as the Archers put the game away as early as the first half by leading 44-18!

Again, its still seven months till the NAASCU opens and a lot of things will still happen by then. I just hope that one of those things if for my Olympians to get their acts together. Lets hope for the best and take it a game at a time since its still a long way to go. Good luck Olympians.

Here is a link of how the Green Archers took the thunder away from the Olympians. 

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Rhett's Retro World

According to our good friend Rhett Piczon, Vinyl Records have better sound quality than a Compact Disc! Well, at this point, for people like us who were still young during the time that Vinyl Records were the thing back then, one would probably wonder why. But as he explained (click this one) there is sense on this because on how the sound was recorded.

Rhett made a demonstration as he played a song from his turntable and also played the same song from his high end CD Player. The difference was the song played on the turntable had better quality specially on the side of the instruments. The CD play was okay but the turntable was more defined.

Rhett is CEO and President of STI College Tacloban and has since ventured into many other businesses. He takes into heart the saying "I work Hard and I play Hard!" Rather than lose money in Casinos, Gambling dens or drugs and other vices, he would rather spend his money on things he enjoy seeing, listening and even riding.

Pictured here is one of his BMW big bikes. He mentioned that he goes to Tacloban with this motorbike and rides the ferry from Sorsogon. For me it was something quite different that only a man who has the passion to go on a trip like that would do. It's quite amazing.

Rhett introduced us to his Retro world and I was quite amazed because his music room contained almost top of the line items. He has two turntables, a high end cd player and a plasma television set. The room can sit six to ten people comfortably. Its like a mini theater. THe apple of his eye is his high end turntable and collection of vinyl records that are extinct nowadays. He even has the original HOtel California Record released in 1973.

Just enjoy the pictures in this site since the most important thing that night was that he proved that the quality of vinyl records is better than music recorded on a compact disc. THere are things that are really hard to comprehend!

Judging from the photos and this blog, you can say that I enjoyed my stay in Rhett's retro world and is hopeful that I can go back there again next year. I just hope I can find other vinyl records to play in his one of a kind music room.

STI 14th National Youth Convention in Tacloban

They came in droves. Aside from having students from STI College Ormoc, STI Maasin and STI College Tacloban, a throng of High School students who live just near the area came to the Astrodome to witness this spectacular roadshow presentation.

Today's convention was quite difficult since the multimedia projector that we rented from Microdata was busted when we got it so we asked for the one being used by the school but since it was not meant for big crowds like the ones we have and the light inside the astrodome was quite strong then we had to make do with what we have.

When the STI College Tacloban students started their interpretation of their invocation hymn the crowd applauded them for their nice rendition of I will sing forever. At the same time the crowd went nuts when I came out with my dance number.

Spanky had a hard time with his talk because he had to explain things more since the screen was not clear and the important points of his presentation relied much on his presentation. Luckily the students were all ears in listening to the presentations.

The second presentation was quite a revelation. Stanley Dimain took the second topic but gave the presentation about relationships "THink Link- Connecting People!" Stanley was on a roll since all the students were laughing from the jokes that he shared. THe High School students and even STI College Students were jumping off their seats from the sharp delivery of anecdotes by Stanley.

Dennis Evangelista was a fitting anchor for the students since he once again took the topic Pesonality, Characteristics in Managing your Peso. He also had his share of laughs but what was more important was the knowledge that he has shared with the STI Students.

Presentations from STI Maasin, STI College Ormoc and STI College Tacloban were exceptional. The students from Ormoc showed one scene from the play they showed in Ormoc city - Once on this Island. On the other hand the STI College Tacloban dancers showed quite a superbly choreographed dance number.

There were more than a thousand STI students that came and we were all happy that we have given our STI students and the High School students as well another day of fun and excitement.

Ocho Restaurant - Its where celebrities eat

Tacloban City is a place rich with Philippine History. Remembering our heritage brings us back to the day when General Douglas McArthur made good his promise to return to the Philippines. He came back through the Tacloban and Palo beaches and in the neighboring town of Dulag.  Three days after the return of McArthur, the General was accompanied by President Sergio Osmeña and they made Tacloban the temporary seat of the Commonwealth Government and subsequently the temporary capital of the Philippines until the complete liberation of the county

Well, that is just half the story since the real story was the restaurant we had dinner - Ocho Restaurant.  This restaurant is located in downtown tacloban and according to the tricycle driver who brought us there, this is where Senator Manny Villar and Jojo Binay once ate when they were in Tacloban.

A lot of restaurants have been adopting the pick your food then the restaurant will cook it. Ocho restaurant is one of those kind of restaurants that cook the food after you picked it. THe sumptous meal was great, good thing I got a shot of the food with my phone camera since I left my DSLR in the hotel. Have a load of this.

The soup was a great appetizer and so was the kinilaw the chicharon balat ng tuna and kinilaw na tanigue.  The cooks were fast in cooking and we were lucky to eat right away. 

I am honestly happy with this new discovery and just like General Mc Arthur who came back to Tacloban, the only thing I can say to Ocho restaurant is "I shall Repeat!"

74 and still going strong

January 20, 2009 - the day my mom turned 74. Being the only child has its advantages and disadvantages. For one you are the apple of the eye of your parents but unfortunately you have no siblings to turn to. Mom an example of a typical probinsyana who was raised by conservative parents in Dagupan City. She was very a very obedient daughter and was raised as a God fearing person. Its that love for God that made her survive the separation from my father. As a result, all of us live with our mom, her 6 children and 9 grandchildren spend time with her.

If there is a part of me that is religious or God fearing, I owe it all to my mother who shared countless stories from the bible when I was a kid. I believe that It is because of this that my foundation as a Catholic is very strong. I thank you mom and love you always. Happy 74th Birthday!

Starting the year right

Jan Aliling and Ting Tanega has been sweethearts for the longest time. They met, fell in love, broke up, got together again and in the end they finally tied the knot. I can't believe that I have been that busy that my once "always smiling" baby has grown to become a respected Pediatrician and now a married woman. My relationship with the Tanegas has always been great. 

It started when I got to be friends with their eldest sister Karina when Ting joined the Days with the Lord in St. Scho many years back. I remember it took a while before I got to be close to Karina because she was kinda "snobbish" back then. But Ting was more approachable, always smiling and I really enjoyed every minute talking to her. When she became rector our friendship became deeper. Same thing with Karina. 

Funny thing was that their two twin sisters (teka apat na ba yon??) KR and KL then grew up (or should I say grew older) and then joined the Days with the Lord. To make a long story short I became a friend to all four of them. Its nice to note that during the times that gatherings would happen at their place I was often invited and was treated as a "Kuya" to all of them.

In one of the Christmasses we shared I still remember what Tita Baby said in their Christmas card to me - "Thank you for being the Kuya that my daughters never had!" It was something to be proud of. Karina eventually found herself hitting the books in law school and is now a respected lawyer. The twins are also working and I just cant believe that they are working. In my eyes they are eternally kids!

When Ting and Jan contacted me last August about their wedding I felt so old but happy. I felt that I have been away from friends for a long time that I missed most of their happy times. But then again, their wedding just made me more happier and like a Kuya I am proud of my younger sister. She made a great choice since the man of his dreams is somewhat like me - Handsome and Funny! To the newly weds, Best Wishes Atty and Dra. Jan and Ting Aliling! Tingaling!!! ALiling Aliling!! Okay enough.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Jan and Ting Video

Jan and Ting got excited with the AVP's I showed them and requested if I can make them one. THey selected the song and I tried to make them a PIcture MTV. I hope they like it.

Chapel on the Hill

A lot of Manila people are planning to get married in Tagaytay and their choice is the Chapel on the Hill. I have been to numerous weddings in Tagaytay and this chapel shows that the couple getting married usually wants a small gathering of close family and friends. Friends  who will go out of their way to go up to Tagaytay for the wedding.

The Chapel can most probably fit in around 300 people when packed and since it has multiple doors some people can stay out and just listen from where they are standing.

The best way for a bride to have a long walk is to walk up the stairs and when she gets to the top there is just  a short walk going to the altar. There is an inscription withing the chapel that says " This Chapel is dedicated in Gratitude to the Almighty God and in loving memory of Aurelio and Antonia Reyes by their daughter Rosario Reyes Bartolome on the sixtieth year of her life on October 27, 2004."

Whatever your plans are in getting married. If you are thinking of a chapel that is peaceful and solemn, the chapel on the hill is the best place to tie the knot.  It is definitely a place where the Lord will bring good favor to newly wedded couples.

Shift happens

During the wedding of my friend Jan and Ting I slept with the Tanegas and took the couch while they were in the room of the junior suite. Ting said that the only drawback was that the make up artist will be there by 7am. I said, that early? Well since I also wake up early I said what the heck mine as well sleep there. 7 am came and to my surprise a familiar face greeted me. She was also in shock when she saw me. She said "Mhel??? What are you doin here?" Well to my delight that friend is Gina Jarantilla-Desuasido who is a friend of mine from the Ateneo College.

Gina mentioned that 5 years ago she went to the USA to pursue her passion and eventually make it her source of living and that is to become a make up artist. Well in our country we usually think that being a make up artist is not a lucrative way of making a living. Unfortunately for visionaries like Gina, she has seen how to become one and shifted careers to pursue her passion and earn. Like what we said to each other, "its just like having fun and getting paid for it!"

Gina would you believe is also into special effects and at times uses airbrush on her customers depending on what the customers need. She is a certified airbrush artist and is a amember of the International Federation of Airbrush Artists! Airbrush is usually used in movies and shoots to give the face or the subject a "high definition look!" I cannot believe that in the years we weren't able to see each other she followed her heart by studying abroad and getting clients in take this - "Hollywood!" Whoa!!! Imagine her in the set of House! Wow that's amazing. She still gets clients from international films. So would you consider that working?

Days before we met again she said she just finished servicing the man from Gensan - Manny Pacquiao. It was such an animated make up session since it was done for Manny's billboard ad. I am just so glad that my friend pursued a passion that is now giving her nice pay and enjoying it. Like what they say "find a job you like and you will never work for the rest of your life!" COngrats Gina. Now your biggest challenge is how to make me a little less handsome..can you do that?

A blast from the past. Would you imagine that she still has cans of the very popular 80's hairspray Aqua Net! The things people do to make things perfect! If you want to know more about her you can go to her site Now if you are getting married, get her since I believe being a bride comes only once and her magic will make an ordinary bride prettier and a pretty bride stunningly beautiful as I have witnessed.

Ting's Bridal Shower

Karina Tanega took the opportunity to surprise her sister Ting with a Bridal Shower at the Discovery Suites. Ting is altar bound and their family used their mom as bait. It was Tita Baby's birthday and she said that they will celebrate it at the Discovery suites. To her surprise her friends and other relatives were already there waiting for her.

The Herandez Gurls were there to support Ting.

There was a Dating game that was played with the three searchees raising letters to see who is more compatible with Ting. From Left, Ting's chismis partner, Ting's handsome friend and Ting's first Boyfriend!

The twins collaborated with Karina to invite and call the friends of Ting. The Bride admitted that she really got surprised with the party.

That's the sister and the stipper. I brought along my T-Back briefs..unfortunately for them someone turned off the lights when I started to strip.

Just imagine how I came out from this cake. Well in the first place what am I doing in a bridal shower. Best Wishes to the bride.

Iloilo and Bacolod Aiport Upgrades

If there was one thing I remember about the airports in both Iloilo and Bacolod was that both of them were old, dilapidated and quite dark. But now, both cities have upgraded their airports FINALLY! Waiting in the Iloilo and Bacolod airports are now a thing of beauty.

We arrived in Iloilo via PAL's 9am flight and we brought with us the very lovely Zeporah Mayon also known as Zarah Aldana. The flight was good with almost no bumps and grinds considering the weather is not hat good.

For people who are always in the hotel and are tired of going out can buy their Pasalubong in the airport since there is a souvenir shop just before you get to the boarding area of the Bacolod airport.
The only drawback with these two new Airports is that both are situated outside the city which means that passengers will have to rent a vehicle in order for them to make it to their flight. Allot antoher 30 minutes once you are in.