Tuesday, May 28, 2013

10 things to do in Boracay

Boracay is a place where I enjoy going back to year after year.  I honestly save up so that I can go back and  have a nice vacation after a year of hard work. Now there are a lot of things that you can do in Boracay but here are just ten things I enjoyed doing that I want to share to all of You.

Have your hair braided

This is something I would have done when I was in high school which was the last time I had long hair. Imagine having your hair braided for P 250 bucks! Well as they say they have thought of so many ways to earn a living in Boracay.

Get a henna tattoo
This has been a constant favorite of many foreigners and Filipinos a like who have the guts to get inked but would not want something permanent on their skins. The price of having one henna tattoo ranges from P 50 bucks to P 150 depending on what design you want.

Taste the yummy Crazy Crepes

Last time I wrote about Jonah's famous shakes. Now I think its high time I highlight the Crazy Crepe here in Boracay. I remember one branch making waves in SM North Edsa but did not last long so that is why when I am in Boracay I make it a point to have this in my list of things to do. Imagine at P 100 you can have a crepe with an ice cream topping. Pretty good bargain.

The last time I went snorkelling was around seven years ago when we were a big group that wanted to hop around and have fun. A good thing that we were around ten in this trip and booked an island hopping trip together with a snorkelling dip. At P 2,500.00 the trip was worth the four hours we were out at  sea. Just be sure to bring biscuits or bread when you go snorkelling because the fish love them.

Bury someone in the sand
This is something I miss. Everytime we went to the beach when I was a kid my siblings would bury me. Too bad pictures weren't as normal then than now. This time, the youngest in the family gets his chance to get buried.

Get custom made souvenirs
Every time I go to boracay i get one specific souvenir to help me remember and cherish my trip. I use to get custom made sandals. This time around I opted to have my name on the slippers i bought. Only P 350 and quite nice on the feet this one is another bargain definitely better and cheaper than getting havaianas.

Go Island Hopping
This is something I enjoyed back then. Packaged with the snorkelling, getting to see the whole boracay island and passing by some nice ones like Puka Beach and if possible the Island Cove makes your boracay trip worthwile. 

Buy coconuts from the surfer selling buko man
Now this is something that really surprised us and gave us lots of laughs. Near the coast where boats stop to snorkel you can see a man riding a surfboard selling coconuts. Three for P 100 would be much but when you are there it seems like you will definitely try it just for the laughs. A GO- NEGOSYO novelty.

Take Jump shot pictures
You can actually take jump shot pictures anywhere but the beach seems to be one of the best scenes to take one specially when the gals you are taking pictures of jump this high.

Enjoy a swim on the beach
Lastly, enjoy a swim on the beach which is the very reason why one goes to boracay. Dubbed as the best beach in ASIA, just being there makes me happy that from a guy who was used to swimming on gray sands has upgraded to the white sands of boracay. I hope my next trip will have another 10 things to do in boracay next year.