Thursday, April 29, 2010

Jobslive 2010 a sequel to Jobapalooza

Supporters of JObslive
Asia Brewery, STI, BDO, Globe

This time its more than 100,000 jobs that will be available as job seekers will be treated to a buffet of employers on its labor day job fair. The Labor and Employment sector of the government said that this year's job fair entitled JOBS LIVE 2010 will be joined in the NCR by around 150 employers that would make available 80,000 vacancies abroad and another 30,000 opportunities for local employment.

STI once again a part of nation building

Also, to make this Job Fair bigger the Department of Labor and Employment tied up with the SM Group of companies so that SM sites nationwide can host a similar job fair on the same day. That is why it is safe to say that the event is a nationwide event that is spearheaded by the government so that our countrymen can beat the unemployment trend.

yours truly talking about
STI's participation

STI for its part is one of the institutions helping out in this worthwile endeavor once again. STI will be opening its Metro Manila schools to job seekers who would want to register. As we very well know a lot of job seekers don't have computers and that is why they need not go to any internet cafe but to any STI site near them so that they can register for free.

A closer look

On the Labor day event, STI will be entertaining these pre registered job seekers as the system set up by Phil-Jobnet will help the job seeker get job matches that in turn he can use to maximize his time in the job fair. He can actually go inside the job fair and go straight to the companies that he has a job match. At the same time he can ask for a printed recommendation to the company he has a job match with. Again this promises to be another monumental move to help our countrymen land jobs. I am just happy that STI is once again part of nation building.

Press Conference at the
SMX Convention Center

To pre-register please go to the Phil-JObnet site.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

The wedding I won't forget

With the newlyweds

People come and go in my life. A lot of them still stay with me till now but a lot has just passed by my life. Some of them I shared good memories and some I remember because of the special place they've put me in their lives. One person who I hope will still be a part of my life is my former dancer from STI, Zerina Tiangco. Her bubbly personality caught my attention and her way of being nice, polite and happy to be with made us instant friends. Since our ages are worlds apart, I think she has considered me as a friend and a father figure to whom she could relate stories and ask for advice from.

All-stars Pictorial

From the time we met a lot has changed through the three years that we have been together. Through the STI All-Stars dance team's gigs we would often share countless happy moments together with the other girls. From that time she has also matured and established a serious relationship with a co-STier, EJ Tan. Zerina and I shared a common interest in food. She is just lucky that she is young and her metabolism is fast that she doesn't get fat easily. But like my other gurls we have shared countless dinners, lunches and coffee stories which made our bond stronger.
Funtime at a Parokya ni Edgar Concert

Last friday my little gurl, who i consider like my daughter (she calls me daddy) walked down the aisle to get married to the person who has made her feel complete -EJ. And in that wedding, she asked me if I can stand as one of their Godfathers! At first it elicited a big laugh from me, but when it finally sunk in I realized Oh My God is this true. Well, I told her I am honored for I have always been a person who gave her advice whenever she was in a bind. Now there are two of them.

The Godfathers and Godmothers

I am just happy to make it to the wedding since my schedule was quite unforgiving the past few weeks. I told myself I had to squeeze in this wedding even if it was on a weekday. I am just glad that my baby is now on her way to having a family. Good luck EJ and Zerina, and like what I always tell you, I will be by your side no matter what. Just call me - The Ninong! Ayyyy.

Ms. Infanta is Ms. Philippines-Earth 2010

Ms. Philippines-Earth 2010
Kris Psyche Resus

Carlene Aguilar, April Ross Perez, Laura Marie Dunlap, Tamera Szijarto, Genebelle Raagas, Catherine Untalan, Jeanne Harn, Karla Henry and Sandra Seifert. These are the names of the past ten winners of the Ms. Philippines - Earth pageant with some of them becoming different persons and even respected personalities because of the countless opportunities and doors that opened after they won this very prestigious pageant. Now you can add the name Kris Psyche Resus of Infanta, Quezon who was crowned Ms. Philippines-Earth 2010 last night at the Aquatica at the Manila Ocean Park which is a stone's throw away from the Manila Hotel.

The 49 Candidates in their swim wear

Kris bested 49 other hopefuls as the Ms. Philippines-Earth 2010 celebrated its 10th year in a rather unusual venue - the Aquatica of the Manila Ocean Park which is an open area. The place though was quite different since the amazing light and water display which served as the background is a new concept which gave class to the pageant.

Who's your bet?

Now on its tenth year, the Miss Philippines-Earth pageant is a pageant with a cause. Although the winners here qualify for the Ms. Earth pageant later this year, candidates and winners alike are tasked to have an advocacy and continue what other previous winners have done which is actively promote and get involved in the preservation of the environment and the protection of Mother Earth. The Ms. Philippines-Earth winner, besides representing the Philippines in the Ms. Earth pageant in Vietnam, will serve as the Ambassadress to environmental protection campaigns in the country.

The candidates in their evening wear

Isn't it amazing that the winner of Binibini is a Venus while in Ms. Philippines its Psyche whose name is depicted from greek mythology which narrates that she was so beautiful that one of the goddesses got jealous of her. Now she can be included as a beauty queen in Filipino Mythology since her statuesque 33 - 23 -34 figure that goes with her 5'6 height got the nod of the judges in the pre-pageant that bagged her the Best in Swimsuit award. Kris Psyche is 22 years old and is an Associate Arts student at the Open University of the University of the Philippines.

Ms. Fil-France Gwenaelle Ruais shows her wares

Her court consists of the following equally beautiful girls. Angela Lauren Fernando who is Ms. Eco-Tourism. Angela of Lubao Pampanga, 18 years old is a Medical Technology student from the University of Santo Tomas. Ms. Philippines- Fire is Gwenaelle Ruais who is from the Filipino community of France. Gwen who at 24 is a Communications Graduate from DLSU and a Fashion Marketing graduate in Paris is called as the Eiffel tower for she towers among the rest at 6'2.

Top 10 Qualifiers, Ms. San Jose Delmonte,
Ms. Lubao and Ms. FilUSA- Eastcoast

The winners of Ms. Philippines-Air and Ms. Philippines-Water is no stranger to competitions as both were part of other national competitions in the country. Ms. PhilippinesWater is Emerrie Dale Cunanan of Pandan, Antique. Emerrie, 19 years old once garnered 2nd runner-up in the Turismo Pilipina competition back in 2008. Rene Mchugh, 18 years old is Ms. Philippines - Air 2010. Rene was the Photographer's choice in the 2009 Mutya ng Pilipinas and was the Ms. Philippines-USA 2008 winner.

L-R Rene Rosario Mchugh, Emmarie Dale Cunanan,
Kris Psyche Resus,
ReneGwenaelle Ruais, Angela Fernando

The pageant was hosted by former Ms. Philiipines-Air 2006 and now an ABS-CBN television personality and newscaster Ms. Ginger Conejero together with Ms. Earth 2008 Karla Henry. There was a male emcee whose name I forgot. He is such a bad emcee and I really fault ABS-CBN for getting him. Congratulations to the 2010 Ms. Philippines-Earth winners and her court.

Junior Olympians lose to Greenies

The STI Junior Olympians suffered its second straight loss in the Filipino Chinese Basketball League at the Buddachare Gym in Quezon City.The Junior Olympians lost to the La Salle Greenhills Greenies 67-66 in a game that went down the wire. It was a sorry loss for the Junior Olympians who led most of the game and folded up in the end game.

The STI Junior Olympians coached by former Senior Olympian Raymond Tiongco shook hands with LSGH Coach Hubert delos Santos who is the top deputy of the Senior Olympians. LSGH's Jon Villaruz hit the game winner as STI's Keno Alcantara faultered in the endgame as he did not even get a shot off as he lost the ball. The STI Juniors team is using this tournament to gel and get confidence as they take on the best High SChools in the country.

Tonichi SaldaƱa connects
off a jump hook

Paul Sabachan tries
to create something

Friday, April 23, 2010

NAASCU Planning Session Updates

Triple the excitement this year as the National Athletic Association of Schools Colleges and Universities goes on its tenth year. As of this writing, the NAASCU has already twelve teams that are active with a lot of schools knocking on the doors of the NAASCU, it is just fitting to say that growth is still in the horizon for the NAASCU. The Board of Directors of the NAASCU met in Baguio City to plan out the 10th NAASCU season which promises to be a fight that will leave fans wanting for more.

Dr. Ernesto Jay "Dr. J" Adalem stressed the fact that the NAASCU has grown stronger through the years and that the league is looking at other sports to strengthen the camaraderie of the twelve member schools. First on the list is the NAASCU Basketball season which opens on July 10, 2010. The week after the Juniors will take centerstage and then the Women's teams. All 12 schools will participate in the Seniors and Juniors divisions while 8 teams will slug it out in the Women's division. The San Sebastian College Recoletos de Cavite Baycats are on course to win their third straight Seniors Title while the University of Manila seeks to repeat in both the Juniors and Women's Division.

What makes the NAASCU unique is the fact that it does not only have basketball in its calendar. Since basketball takes centerstage in the first semester, there are also a lot of second semester sports that a lot of NAASCU Athletes are looking at. November 27, 2010 will mark the start of the second semester sports as the NAASCU Cheerdance Competition takes place. The University of Makati Hardy Herons Cheer Squad is at the forefront of the Cheer competition for the past six stagings of the event.

Rounding out the other sports events that will take place for the rest of the second semester are the following sports: Volleyball, Badminton, Table Tennis, Chess, Taekwondo, Swimming, Track and Field and Billiards. The NAASCU is the only sports group that has the game of Billiards in its calendar.

Stay tuned for more news on the 10th Season of the NAASCU.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

NBA Playoffs: Now the real ball starts

Like what every NBAer would say, the real NBA Basketball is about to start as the 2010 NBA Playoffs pits the last 16 teams standing. Here is a rundown of the teams and some added notes.


Cleveland Cavaliers (61 - 21) vs. Chicago Bulls (41 - 41)
It really seems not good to see great talents of Derrick Rose, Kirk Hinrich and Joakim Noah go to waste. Last year they battled the Celtics to one of the best series in NBA history with Ben Gordon still in the fold, but now it seems like the Bulls are staring at a first round sweep. Coach Mike Brown rested the Cavs in the last four games of regular season in time for a masterful performance in the play offs. Anything more than four games in this series will be a let down for the Cavs.

Orlando Magic (59 - 23) vs. Charlotte Bobcats (44 - 38)
Everyone knows what the Magic will do but is difficult to stop. First they will go to superman inside who will either give them a hook or a rim rattling dunk. If double teamed he will pass the ball to either JJ Reddick, Mikael Pietrus, Rashard Lewis or anyone else who would calmly sink a three. They are one of the hottest teams going into the play-offs and have been playing together since January. On the other hand, the Bobcats will rely on the tandem of Gerald Wallace and Stephen Jackson to carry them through which I believe will not be enough as the series will definitely be done in 5 games.

Atlanta Hawks (53 - 29) vs. Milwaukee Bucks (46 - 36)
Mike Bibby is someone who can definitely turn a team around if he has the right team mates. With Al Horford inside together with Joe Johnson and Josh Smith scoring tons of points the Hawks are flying high again. With Bibby orchestrating, it would be a nice match-up of old and new as he is now going up against rookie sensation Brandon Jennings who is now the Buck's chief playmaker. Andrew Bogut is out and so will the Bucks if they dont find an answer to the high flying Hawks. Hawks in five.

Boston Celtics (50 - 32) vs. Miami Heat (47 - 35)
Hunger must play a part for both of these teams. The Celtics are the 2008 champs while the Heat the 2006 champs. But who wants to win it again? The Celtics have infused new blood, old blood to that as Rasheed Wallace and Michael Finley are now wearing green and would easily help out in spelling the big three. Rajon Rondo on the other hand is the one who could spell the ups and downs of the Celtics because if he fails to hold the fort for the Celts they will be in disarray.


Los Angeles Lakers (57 - 25) vs. Oklahoma Thunder (50 -32)
Kobe vs Kevin...and the rest will be left on the supporting cast which the Lakers are surely superior. Kobe was rested for most part of the last 10 games of the Lakers simply because he had an assortment of injuries. But then again these are injuries that superstars can play with. Broken finger, sprained ankles are excusable for the great one. But looking at the Thunder, they seem to be out for a good fight which I think will last for six games.

Dallas Mavericks ( 55 - 27) vs. San Antonio Spurs (50 - 32)
All eyes are on the Mavs and all teams are avoiding them in the first round. The addition of Caron Butler gives the Mavs another scoring option while the Spurs have a revitalized crew with Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess in tow. Jason Kidd is the key player in this team as Dirk Nowitzki will definitely get his numbers while Shawn Marion will be the defensive stopper who will check Manu Ginobli. Tim Duncan's age is now showing and the team will definitely rely on GInobli and TOny Parker for offense. But since they are a team that goes in first and out second, look for their shooters to bury the shots. This one will definitely go seven games and even though I am a Spurs fan I feel that the Mavs will advance this time.

Phoenix Suns (54 - 28) vs. Portland Trailblazers (50 - 32)
First it was Greg Oden doing a Sam Bowie or is it Bill Walton. Then Joey Przybillia and now its Brandon Roy. So what does that mean? A Phoenix first round win. The undersized Suns will definitely advance but not without a fight from the Trail Blazers who has a renewed confidence since Marcus Camby came in. Lamarcus Aldridge, Rudy Fernandez and Andre Miller will definitely have to run back and defend the high octane offense of the suns. Look for Steve Nash to punish the Blazers as he looks left for a pass to Amare Stoudemire or look right o Jason Richardson, both passes will definitely end with a slam dunk. Suns will be playing small ball which will be matched by the physical play of the Blazers but I think the Sun will rise after 5 games.

Denver Nuggets (53 - 29) vs. Utah Jazz (53 - 29)

Not only will this become the most exciting series, i believe this one will go down the wire. The match-up of Deron Williams and Chauncey Billups is a sight to behold. Both are clutch hitters and can carry their team to the promised land so everything will depend on their supporting cast. Carmelo Anthony is simply a sensational player that will be hard to stop for the Jazz. Carmelo's middle name is actually Scorer and he can beat you with an array of ways and score points easily. The only concern with the Jazz is that they can't play to their familiar Jazz tunes with Andrei Kirilenko sitting on the bench nursing an injury and Carlos Boozer is not 100%. Unfortunately for the Jazz, I feel that it would only be Derron Williams brilliance who will be able to push this to 7 games but I don't see them winning.

Summer Fun Part 4

Got a call from Louise Sarte and her cousin Ivhy Sarte if I was interested to join them for a one day fun day at Splash Island. Since I was not busy that day I decided to join them and bring along my fave niece Bujoy. I was quite excited for the last time I went to Splash Island was 8 years ago and everytime I pass by the place when i go to the south I always ask myself, when will I get back there.

It was the first time Bujoy got to Splash Island that's why she was so excited. Just like what I always tell my friends, Splash Island is a place where even people who do not know how to swim will enjoy. There are so many pools to choose from and most of the attractions of the place are their slides. The various slides include solo sliding, sliding in an salbabida (inflatable tube) or even two people in salbabida, or even a mat that you can slide down face down.

Unfortunately though some attractions that we frequented then were closed like the one where eight people can ride an inflatable raft. At the same time they have added other attractions like the zipline and wall climbing. Bujoy tried the zipline but unfortunately the pictures got corrupted. She had fun though. As for me, spending time with friends and seeing my niece have fun is enough for me to enjoy the sunny day.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Ms. Philippines-Earth Candidates visit STI

Summer is a time when beauty pageants from all over the country take center stage. The Philippines is the home of so many pageants that almost every city has a miss like this or miss like that who in turn will help promote their place as the ambassador or ambassadress of their city. One pageant that continues to put significance and deeper meaning to beauty pageants is the Ms. Philippines –Earth beauty pageant.

This pageant is different for it uses the search for Ms. Philippines-Earth as a vehicle to help spread awareness about relevant environmental issues in the country and abroad. This pageant has become a very much anticipated event that a lot of people call the candidates “Beauties for a cause!”

As the pageant goes on its tenth year the Ms. Philippines-Earth organizers has invited STI as the provider of computers and tabulations systems for the pageant. Aside from that, the five title holders will each receive a gift of knowledge worth P 100,000 each that can help them get quality education from the only school that has an enrolment to employment system – STI.

At the forefront of putting STI back as computer providers is Ms. Philippines-Earth 2007 Jeanne Harn who herself is a former Ms. STI title holder. The coronation night of Miss Philippines Earth 2010 is on April 25, 2010 telecast live on ABS-CBN and The Filipino Channel which is the most-watched Filipino channel for Philippine news, entertainment and advocacies in the Filipino communities worldwide. The candidates will work hand-in-hand with the Miss Earth Foundation in worthwhile projects such as the “I Love My Planet Earth” School and Community Tours, watershed rehabilitation programs and coastal management initiatives.

As sponsors, STI invited the candidates of Ms. Philippines -Earth to the STI Academic Center. The girls were given a tour of the building by yours truly and judging from the many smiles and laughs of the candidates we can conclude that they enjoyed the tour. Good luck girls and hope some of you who visited will win the crown.

Olympians and Beauty Queens do mix

The STI College Olympians were all excited to entertain visitors to their practice - candidates of Ms. Philippines - Earth 2010. Everyone took time to wait for the beauties and the candidates were worth the wait as when they arrived they were greeted by the Olympians with a welcome streamer. Picture taking and a little introductions came after that. Here are highlights of the visit.

A lovely welcome to Henri

Ms. Cagayan de Oro pose
with the CDO Boys

Norman is wall smiles!
Who wouldn't

Ivan and Raffy pose with the beauties

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

My Boracay Vacation

Time alone is very important, it makes you reflect on your life and plan your next few months. I went to Boracay to help a friend in an event and wound up working and having fun at the same time. Remember the old cliche that goes like this - Look for a job that you enjoy and you won't have to work for the rest of your life. That's why I enjoy doing things like this which I call my "this is the life" moments. I am just so happy to have chances and opportunities to work and be in vacation at the same time.

First day was a Thursday, April 9 and I was part of the 20 people together with the Hernandez clan. We were quite lucky since our flight was on time and was just late in taking off because of the tarmac traffic. We took the Sea Air 8:15 flight and was in Caticlan a little over 9 am. The flight was quite scary because the engine of the airplane took quite a while to settle down. During the time before we took off the engines were sounding weak which made me think of not so good things. Luckily we took off and landed a little over 9 am at Caticlan.

Our group was then brought to the shores of Microtel Inn and Suites. We were quite lucky since we did not take the usual route which was dock at the Boracay wharf and ride an L300 mini van to the hotel which usually takes another 45 minutes with all the waiting and transporting of bags. We arrived at Boracay a little before 10 am and I met up with my good friend Dennis Evangelista for some briefing.

Dennis and I talked until lunch and it was then when I met up with the rest of the team. After lunch I took a little nap and woke up at around 3:00 pm to prepare for the afternoon brieifing. Lo and behold the other team members were still stuck in the airport which made Dennis cancel the afternoon activities and utter my favorite words - Free time! Well, it was nice going to the main island, buy a few things and explore the island alone. The quiet time was well deserved.

The next two days was work from 9am to 11 am and 4pm to 5:30 pm with lots of free time in between. The free time made me rest and explore the place, take pictures and just enjoy the scenery. The evenings were filled with sumptuous dinners and enjoyable entertainment which was emceed by yours truly.By the time sunday came I was quite hesitant to go back to Manila because I really had a nice stay and is looking forward to go back to the Island Paradise. So who wants to go with me?