Monday, May 31, 2010

Sudan's Tatoo

While watching the STI vs Letran game, San Beda's foreign center sat beside us. I noticed that on his right leg was a tatoo of a prayer. Lo and behold it was an excerpt of what they call The Deer's Cry or prayer which is a prayer for protection.

A prayer for protection

I arise today
I ask that
Through God’s strength to pilot me:
God’s might to uphold me,
God’s wisdom to guide me
God’s eye to look before me,
God’s ear to hear me,
God’s word to speak for me,
God’s hand to guard me,
God’s way to lie before me,
God’s shield to protect me
God's haste to save me
in this world
Alone and as an individual.

Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

Prince of Persia is a video game franchise created by Jordan Mechner. Through the various titles, the series has been developed and published by many different companies: the first two games in the series,Prince of Persia and Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the flame, were developed by Brøderbund; in recent years Ubisoft has developed the games, starting with Prince of Persia: Sands of Time. Originally it was primarily a side-scrolling platform video game; the franchise has evolved to three - dimensional action-platform games, and has spawned the movie Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time released in May 2010, by Disney.

I liked the movie because of the story and the characters that each actor played was just like a marriage made in heaven. Jake Gyllenhaal takes the lead as he looks great all bulked up. Jake plays Dastaan a street smart kid adopted by the King of Persia, he eventually becomes a Prince. His adventures include having to deal with the nagging Princess Tamina of Alamut which is played by Gemma Atherton. Just watch the movie I guarantee that you will love it

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Jobslive Interview

The interview came out four weeks after the event! It seemed so odd that the video came out late but like what they say better late than never!

Olympians beat Letran Knights

Cedric Ablaza towers over the others

Defense is a way of making your opponents create mistakes through the system you design for them to commit these mistakes. This was the scenario at the Father Martin's Cup when the STI College Olympians forced the Letran Knights to numerous errors that paved the way to STI College's 64-49 victory over the multi-titled NCAA squad. This was a very important win for the Olympians whose Head Coach Vic Ycasiano just arrived from a trip from the US with the RP Nokia 18 and under team.

Cedric Ablaza on the drive
The Knights started the game like a house on fire as they raced to a commanding 24-11 lead in the first quarter as they asserted their strength over the former NAASCU Champions. After figuring out what the Knights have been doing, the Olympians countered with a pulverizing run that did not sit well for the Intramuros based squad. The Knights were limited to just two second quarter points as the Olympians led by second year forward Cedric Ablaza equalized 26 – all after the first half.

Abby Chavez on the reverse

Come the third quarter, the knights were in to more trouble as the Olympians not only played good defense, but translated their defensive gems into baskets. NAASCU Mythical five selectee Jerald Bautista was the recipient of most of the fastbreak points as he torched the Knights in every chance that he had. Bautista would end up scoring 14 points as he joined hands with Ablaza as the top scorers.

Henri Betayenga on the drive

By the time the fourth quarter was on its last five minutes the Olympians were on its biggest lead at 54-46 and the only thing the Knights can do was bring down the lead. The Knights leaned on Kevin Alas, Jaypee Belencion and Jam Cortes to bring the lead down to a more respectable margin. It was a total team effort for the Olympians as their swarming defense, pressure defense and man to man coverage proved to be something that the Knights had a hard time handling. New Olympian recruit Henri Betayenga scored 8 points but hits presence was felt more on the defensive end as the Knights who were driving to the hoop found it hard to elude his long limbs that resulted in botched jumpers and lay ups.

Jasper Melano controlling the ball

There are still forty days to go before the opening of the 10th NAASCU and the Olympians are starting to show the stuff that made them rule the NAASCU. But then again its too early to speculate. This is the fourth win of the Olympians in the Fr. Martin’s Cup and their first win ever against Letran.



Ablaza 15, Bautista 14, Henri 8, Sabellina 7, Melano 6, Ihalas 5, Chavez 4, Alcantara 3, Gabo 2, Villadoz 0, Morales 0, Labrador 0, Po 0, Daguplo 0,


Cortes 12, K. Alas 10, J. Alas 8, Dysam 7, Belencion 6, Espiritu 4, Belorio 2, Taplah 0, Rodil 0, Almazan 0, Pantin 0, Ang 0, Alejandro 0.


11-24, 26-26, 44-36, 69-54

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lakers follow suit

Flashback, game 5 of the Western Conference finals between the LA Lakers and the Phoenix Suns, with 1 minute to go and with just a three point lead, Ron Artest missed a jumper that Pau Gasol rebounded. Gasol brought out the ball by passing it to Ron Artest who in turn took an open three pointer that rattled off the rim once again. After that play the Suns equalized after Jason Richardson sank a three pointer with less than 4 seconds remaining. The Lakers then went to their superstar Kobe Bryant who missed the jumper, luckily the unlucky Ron Artest who only scored two points, got the rebound and miraculously sank the field goal that gave the mighty Lakers the pivotal win to get into their third consecutive NBA final appearance.

As if scoring the winning basket was not enough Ron Artest came out scorching hot in Game 6 as his early exploits in the first half was more than what the doctor ordered. The Phoenix Suns employed a modified Zone defense to challenge the shooters of the Lakers. The unlikely shooter in Ron Artest suddenly emerged as he sank 3 three pointers enroute to a 17 point first half. That 17 points gave the Lakers a 13 point half time lead - the Suns never recovered as the Lakers went on to win 111-103 and enter the NBA finals for the third consecutive year.

Ron Artest was egged on to shoot by the Phoenix zone defense as he was often left open and he gamely obliged as he scored 25 points, the most he has scored in a play-off. Steve Nash and Amare Stoudemire failed to lift the suns again as Nash became the leader in games played without making it to the finals. It seems as though the Suns will have their hands filled in trying to get Stoudemire back since he will be a free agent come July 1.

In the second half, the other MVP went to work as the man they called Kobe Bryant took it upon himself to score when needed to close out the Suns. It was evident that the Lakers are raring to go since the day before their historic win, the Celtics have already booked themselves to the finals and are waiting for the Lakers to dispose the Suns. His 37 point explosion moved him ahead of Jerry West and is now in a tie for second place for the most 30 point playoff games scored at 75, Michael Jordan holds the all-time mark at 109.

As predicted, the NBA Finals will feature the two best teams in the NBA, the two most winningest franchise and the two teams with the most fans worldwide. Wait for the NBA to erupt, its gonna be Purple vs Green and the fun starts just right now. A fitting title for the finals could be Rivaly Renewed: Revenge or Redemption!

Celtics - first to enter the finals

Where Paul Pierce goes, the Celtics follow! After not controlling his cross over move in Game 4 that eventually made him lose the ball that resulted in him not being able to put up a shot at the buzzer - the Magic eventually got it done in overtime. In game 5 he scored 16 first half points and only 2 in the second half- this game resulted in a rout in the Magic's favor. The Celtics were suddenly rejuvenated after Kendrick Perkins was reinstated and Glen Davis recovered from a freakish concussion. In this game, Paul Pierce was all business as he fueled the Celtics first quarter run that caught the Magic napping once again.

Pierce shot 9 of 15 from the field including a near perfect 9 of 10 from the free throw line and four three pointers to lead all scorers with 31 points as he led the faltering Celtics to a lopsided 96 - 84 victory. If Pierce was the leader of the Celtics then today's spark came from the little dunking master, Nate Robinson. In game 1 it was Rasheed Wallace who provided the spark with 13 points, in Game 2 Rajon Rondo and Kendrick Perkins made up for the subpar shooting of Ray Allen with 25 and 10 points respectively. In Game 3 it was Glen Davis who provided the spark as he topscored with 17 points as the Celtics ran down the Magic. This time its Nate's turn to sizzle as his offensive onslaught in the second quarter gave the Celtics the enough time to stem the tide as Robinson scattered 13 points in the 8 minutes that he played. By the half the Magic were quite exasperated that everything was going the Celtics way.

A rejuvenated Magic squad brought down the mighty Celtics in two straight games and talks about a monumental collapse were on hand following their game 5 loss at Orlando. Ray Allen was the other spark plug who fended all Magic rallies as he ably backed up Pierce with 20 points as Kevin Garnett scattered 10 points while Rajon Rondo had 15 points. It was a sorry loss for the Magic squad who never really got things going in the series, just when their play was coming into place the Celtics shut them down. After averaging 107 points in the series against the Hawks, the Magic were put down by their 90 ppg average in this series.

Dwight Howard did all that he can in this game as he scored 28 points and pulled down 12 rebounds. Vince Carter had 17 points and Jameer Nelson 11 points, a far cry from the 23 point and 24 point output he had in their twin wins. He was the spark that the Magic sorely missed since the team's offense flows better when he is shooting good. Another Magic cager who is was missed in this series is Rashard Lewis. He literally disappeared as he averaged 8.2 points in the series, a far cry from his 15 ppg in the Bobcats series and 17 against the Hawks. So far so bad for someone who was counted upon by the Magic to bring them out of their rut but unfortunately bombed out for two consecutive seasons when it mattered the most.

For the Celtics - its on to the finals and a good time to rest since the championship starts Thursday. Stay tuned.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Gary Coleman (1968 -2010)

As a Dark kid growing up in the Ateneo, most of my classmates would kid around and call me Garrido Coleman! Back then, one of the more popular television shows was Different Strokes which starred one of the promising child actors in the 80's - Gary Coleman. I myself was amused by the genius and comedic timing of Gary Coleman. Unfortunately after his childhood he literally never grew up because of an ailment. Gary suffered from a congenital kidney disease which halted his growth at an early age - he was 4 feet 8 and even as an adult still looked like a child. Even as a kid he still underwent two kidney transplants in 1973 and in 1984 which requires him daily dialysis. Gary suffered epidural hematoma after falling and hitting his head at his home. He was in coma and eventually died. Its just so sad to hear that another idol of mine has died.

Awit Awards 2010 Preliminary Judging

Judges check out
the CDs and their covers

Your wannabe
Awit Awardee

Your wannabe Judge

Your Wannabe IT Specialist

Your wannabe
Awit Awards Organizer

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Here comes the Bride

Imagine yourself waking up dazed and confused and then eventually realizing that the body you are using is not your body. That is the dilemma that five of the lead actors and actresses had when an accident caused them to change bodies. The performances of Angelica Panganiban, Eugene Domingo, Tuesday Vargas, Jaime Fabregas and John Lapus who were all involved in that identity switching crisis that made the movie all the more funnier. I watched the movie on the strength of the strong reviews from friends. Word of mouth is really the best kind of marketing. While its still hot guys go and watch - Achieve na Achieve!!!

MAY Tambay moments again

Halayan moments
with Krisvi @ Glorietta

Party Time with
Diane @ The Fort

Cheesy Moments with
Bon @ the Office

Fun times with Angela
@ Crossroad 77

Sweet moments with
my Sugar @ Starbucks

May Tambay Moments

Chillin out with
Angel Fernandez
@Market Market

Havin a party with
Rezyl Santiago @ Timog

Enjoying each other's company
Mhel and Cathy
before watching a movie

Having coffee with
Grace Malto @ Starbucks

Bonding together
Mhel with Louise

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Pacman Doodle

In celebration of the 30th year of the game Pacman, has included a doodle in honor of the game that we love. I was just amazed at the Pacman doodle.

The Antipolo Cathedral

Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage Cathedral

This story comes all the way from the time when the Spaniards were still ruling the country. In 1626, Governor Juan Niño de Tabora travelled from Acapulco Mexico to the Philippines on a Galleon. On that trip, the governor brought along the brown image of our blessed virgin mother. For months the Galleon braved the rough stormy and dangerous seas which eventually found its way to the Philippines in one piece. Because of this the Governor called for a big celebration as he credited the image as the big reason for their safe voyage to the Philippines. The procession started in the Jesuit Church in Intramuros to the Manila Cathedral which was the first house of the image of the Blessed Virgin. It was because of that voyage that the Blessed Virgin was called Nuestra Señora dela Paz y Buenviaje.

The Majestic Altar

When the Governor died the Image was turned over to the Jesuits who then were constructing a church in Antipolo. It was said that the Holy image was always found on the trunk of the tree called Tipolo which grew in the original site of the church. Because of this, a pedestal was carved out of the trunks of the tree which made the image become known as the Virgin of Antipolo.

The Virgin of Antipolo from afar

During the Japanese occupation the image was evacuated and brought to the mountains of Angono and afterwards returned to where it is now after the war. Every year devotees commemorate this transfer as they join the "Alay Lakad" from Quiapo Church to the Antipolo church every 30th of April. I still remember that time when I was a gangly 15 year old together with my family, we joined the walk from the Edsa-Ortigas intersection where we gathered at 10pm, we reached the Church of Antipolo at 5 am in the morning.

The Beautiful stained glass window

Today, thousands of devotees flock the Church which is also one of a few National Shrines in the country. The Church is more popularly known as the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage of Antipolo. Most of the people who go to the Shrine are OFWs and others who are praying for a peaceful voyage specially abroad. My sister who is bound to go to work in the United States in the next few weeks has been bugging me to go to this Cathedral, now I know why.

Mama, Elaiza and the kids

Since it is a Cathedral, the Diocese of Antipolo which extends until Montalban Rizal is headed by Bishop Gabriel V. Reyes. This diocese is actually an auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Manila. It is composed of 29 parishes with 45 diocesan and 8 religious priests administering to it. I am just lucky that while spending my saturday morning celebrating the 9am mass, the Priest gave a history of the very historic place. I am lucky indeed to know that the image I held in my hand is a historic artifact that goes back 4 centuries ago. Truly a blessed saturday and I hope that my sister will have a safe voyage to the US and back here.

Yours Truly praying for Good Health