Monday, May 10, 2010

STI joins ABS-CBN in nation building

The STI - ABS-CBN partnership has gone a long way. Since the 1998 Elections, STI has supported the ABS-CBN News and Current Affairs in their coverage of the National elections. The most impressive partnership was in 2007 where STI and ABS-CBN was the primary source of news after the polls have closed. The quick count that was participated by more than 15,000 STI volunteers in 100 sites nationwide gave the country an idea on how the polls will turn out since it took a month before the actual winners were proclaimed. The STI - ABS- CBN count was lauded for its accuracy.

Boto Mo Patrol Mo Registration
in Legazpi City

Last year, the Comelec announced that the 2010 National Elections will now be automated and that the results will be known by midnight and validated in a few days. This announcement obviously created such stir most specially withSTI and ABS-CBN because the partnership is predicated on the slow pace of election results. But the road doesn't end there since ABS-CBN continued its quest for nation building by continuing a project it started in the 2007 elections - Boto Mo Patrol Mo.

Bacolod Registration of Boto Mo Patrollers

As early as May 10, 2009 a year before the National Elections, ABS-CBN together with its partners and STI launched the Boto Mo Patrol Mo campaign with the theme Ako ang Simula. For me this theme is very apt and really a call for each and every Filipino to be aware by starting change from withing themselves. STI would eventually help out in the Boto Mo Patrol mo campaign by providing computers and manpower nationwide in the registration proceedings. Four months after, STI would respond to the call for Nation building as it celebrated its 26th Anniversary with the theme SIMULAN NATIN. Now its STI's turn to tell the world that start will come from STI which aptly supported ABS-CBN's Ako ang simula.

Boto Mo Patrollers registering inside
the STI Mobile School in Cagayan de Oro City
as ABS-CBN Interviews STI CDO's Colbert Rabaya

The ABS-CBN coverage of the 2010 Elections was actually the culmination of the year long partnership of STI and ABS-CBN for Nation building. STI provided 100 computers to the ABS-CBN war room which looked like a US Naval base command center after their news crew showed the latest in high tech news reporting through touch screen monitors and reporting through holographic images. Technology surely took a big part in this news crew.

STI HQ Volunteers at the ABS-CBN Command Center
18 hours non stop but still wearing smiles

I myself was very proud of the STI team that took part in the election coverage. From the volunteers that summarized polling centers & precincts, analyzed processes, created excel tables, encoded, sorted, packed, labeled SIMs, tally sheets, IDs, streamers, fans & tshirts, wrote, proof-read, revised guidelines, & kits for the STI schools, delivered materials to these STI schools, delivered and installed computers at ABS-CBN, provided technical support, emailed and called the STI Schools. These tasks are not easily done considering we have to squeeze it in our own work.

STI College Global City volunteers
getting ready

I am also proud of my STI HQ officemates who spent countless hours in traveling and attend coordination meetings, participated in dry runs, orientations, ordered food for the other volunteers, spent overnights in the office, And to top it all the same volunteers who spent more than 18 hours supporting the STI cause nationwide during election day. STIer's did all other things that helped ensure the attainment of the objectives of the project. I would like to say NO OTHER SCHOOL DID THIS FOR ONE WHOLE YEAR NATIONWIDE!

To the men and women of STI, I am really proud of this institution and I am happy to be a part of this cause in my own small way. Together let us be a part of building this nation once again and become more vigilant in our quest for better governance. Together let us all say - Ako ang Simula kaya Simulan natin!

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