Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Tayong Dalawa

If you enjoyed the video of ASIRO, you will definitely like this video. After the success of that video, the students of STI College Cubao was asked by their teacher to do another video. This is the result of that request. I'd like to thank my friend Rezyl Santiago of STI College Cubao for informing me of this, I really enjoyed watching the video. Hope you and Poli will do more videos in the future.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Bon Voyage Jeanne

It seems like ages since I met Jeanne Harn who was crowned Ms. STI 2001 years ago. She later transferred to IAcademy and her school was just two floors down my former office in Ayala.  There were times that she would visit me, we would share a few laughs and coffee and just have fun being with each other.

One thing nice about her is her disposition, confidence and ability to adapt to changes.  Jeanne seems to always have a plan whenever things go her way. I remember her asking me if it was better to join Mutya ng Pilipinas or Ms. Philippine-Earth. Well, in a casual manner I suggested the latter since it has become a very popular event the past few years.  Months later she texted me that she has joined and eventually won. With all the popularity, media attention and celebrity status Jeanne has never changed and remained the same way as I met her years ago.

Now that she is trying to pursue a new life by way of going to Canada, All I can say is that I wish her the best and I believe in a year's time I will be hearing a lot from the success that she is bound to discover there. With her pleasing personality, I believe that she will definitely make it big there and find a new home. Good for them, bad for us her friends. Hahaha. Good luck Jeanne and I pray that the Lord will continue to guide you there. Do remember that we are just a message away in facebook hehe.

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Just recently I touched based with some STI students who enjoyed creating videos which is a part of their elective subject. These Students from STI College Cubao showed that their creativeness has no boundaries with the video they produced. Consider the fact that they just used a digital camera to shoot this video and researched online on how to use Adobe After Effects and other effects that went with the video, I would say that what they did is more than good for first timers. Hope you enjoy the video.

JOBAPALOOZA Press Conference

Spearheaded by the Department of Labor and Employment, a Press Conference was held to launch DOLE's summer buster this year to help unemployed filipinos get back on track by applying for various Jobs on May 1, 2009. The event is called JOBAPALOOZA 2009 and hopefully like the much talked about Luvapalooza, it will attract a lot of would be employees so that the problem of unemployment may be addressed in its own small way. Giving a boost are sponsors that are very instrumental in making the event a success namely Globe, Banco de Oro and SM, Jobstreet.com, Philippine online Chronicles and STI.

In this picture, veteran news reporter Sandra Aguinaldo of GMA-7's kapuso network interviews DOLE Undersecretary Rosalinda Baldoz on what the Jobapalooza is all about.  The event will be staged at the SMX Convention Center and after the whole day of looking for work, jobseekers are in for a treat since Globe will sponsor a concert for everyone with no less than Bamboo as its main attraction for their concert.  

The STI Education Services on the other hand will be the primary mover of registrations.  The whole STI network of schools can be a place where people nationwide can go to and register so that their applications can be pre-screened and job matching can be done. At the same time, the jobstreet data base will have each registrant's resume.  Another way to registrer is through the Mobile Caravan which will visit six districts in the city of Manila.  Applicants can register through the mobile school since 24 computers can be used simultaneously to register.

For sure the event will be a success since all sectors are using all their resources to make sure that our beloved countrymen can apply and hopefully be hired on the spot come job fair day. Job Street for its part has guaranteed at least 100 employers present on that day while the DOLE has made the assurance that there will be 200 employers on that day and at least 600 applicants will be hired on the spot! Other giant companies helping out this very worthwile event is Globe Telecoms, Banco de Oro and SM, Philippine Online Chronicles and the City of Manila.

I was there as guest speaker of the event. I mean I spoke to my boss that we will be signing the MOA with DOLE for the event. Stay tuned for more kwentros about the Jobapalooza 2009.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


A frail and thing gangly poor boy from Balic - Balic in Manila once dreamt of making it big and more importantly help others achieve their dreams become realities. Unlike other poor kids who are satisfied with what they have and are resigned to the fact that they are poor, this kid pursued hiq quest for excellence with passion and was greatly rewarded with a scholarship with the best educational institution in the country - The Ateneo de Manila. After receiving the best education there is, this kid rewarded the institution by sharing his talents to young teens and more importantly molding them into becoming men for others.  Eventually he found other Ateneans to dream with him and together they laid the foundations of a school that tutors poor students to be able to aid them and prepare them for college life.  That dream became a reality in 1997 which is now known as the SIbol Hesus foundation 

The Sibol Hesus foundation has been engaged in supplementary classes for Public High school students to help prepart them for college. Last schoolyear, Sibol Hesus opened its doors to one public elementary school as well. This School year the 19 teachers of Sibol Hesus are tasked to help more than 400 public school students prepare for the National Achievement test. The Sibol Hesus foundation is also in need of donors and hopefully other kind souls to help it sustain its operations.  Imagine, all of the people this gangly kid has helped, I believe that as we speak Dr. Onofre "Mr. Pagsi" Pagsanghan should aptly be called, the living legend. Thanks for inspiring a whole slew of Ateneans, may your example show the way that we too can be men for others.

Olympians learn from Maroons

This is it. This is the STI College Olympians for the 9th NAASCU Tournament. Although they experienced another beating from another UAAP team, the resilient Olympians showed better ball movement and improved their man to man defense. After months of practicing and trying to put together a good team the Olympians have finally shown that they can contend with the big guns by coming together as a team.

The Olympians still lost to the Maroons but as they say it was how the game was played and how the Olympians have been gelled as a team fort the past months. In the first quarter the Maroons seized the upperhand right away through their veterans Jay Agbayani, Martin Reyes, Arvin Braganza and Mark Lopez. The Olympians on the other hand were more focused on defense as they found it hard to puncture the hoop. Center Martin Antonio paced the Olympians as he stood toe to toe against the big boys of the Maroons. Complementing him is center forward Maclean Sabellina and rookie guard Mark Orrias

The Maroons were also trying to practice their pressure defense and when they did the Olympians found it hard to bring the ball to the front court as their press break was not in sync. When the Olympians finally broke the press through Nonoy Crisostomo’s passing, cutting and ball handling skills, the Olympians settled down, got some fastbreaks and threatened the Maroons 26-28 with a minute in to go at the half. Unfortunately though, the Olympians relaxed in the final 30 seconds that made the Maroons score 7 unanswered points.

The second half was more of a chess match until the final 5 minutes when the Maroons courtesy of their new scoring leader Mike SIlungan scored inside and outside while the Olympians did not have an answer to the high flying UP main man. Tom Washington was also a factor in defense and was adequate on offense. The new Olympians are now getting accustomed to their roles and hopefully improve more by the time the Father Martin’s Cup comes.

The team will be bannered by veterans Martin Antonio and Tom Washington at center, the forwarrds are Maclean Sabellina, Raffy Waminal, Bryan Daguplo, Guards Norman Ihalas, Paul Sabacahan, Nonoy Crisostomo, and the injured Macky Macabasco. This year’s rookies are guards JC Po and Mark Orias and forward Vergelio Cariño. Hopefully this summer the team can still get four more rookies for this year's team. Bottomline, they improvement is beggining to show.

SINTA Alumni Night

They came they saw they conquered. Last month I got excited with the fact that Dulaang Sibol will be showing once again its long running play SINTA which is now in its 34th year of playing at the Tanghalang Onofre Pagsanghan.  Last year and also this year I was invited to perform for the February run of Sinta. Unfortunately this year I was so tied up with the STI National Youth Convention that I wasn't able to join them or even watch the show.  I was just happy that Dulaang Sibol Alumni were able to put up the show all for the benefit of the SIBOL HESUS Foundation..

For friends who have been out of touch, the Dulaang Sibol Theatre has since been renovated and named Tanghalang Onofre Pagsanghan which is a fitting tribute to the man who  has devoted more than fifty years of molding young minds into what they are now - and that includes me. Mr. Pagsi said "Lahat na yata ng kasabay ko wala na....Moro Lorenzo was my classmate in High School, now he is just a statue and gym outside.  Fr. dela Costa who used to be my teacher is now a building!" Buti na lang this theatre is named after me!"

Mr. Pagsi usually gives a short speech before each presentation and what caught my mind was the playbill that he held which was given to him by Brother Jim Dunne years back signifying that the play "The Fantastics" from has just celebrated its 40th year in broadway. And for those who have watched SInta know that Mr. Pagsi watched the Fanstastics back then in the 60's when he was in New York and combined it with his imagination to create the longest running play in the country.

One thing new with the play is that I think it is now on its third set of casts.  When Sinta opened in the 70's Atty Jimmy Hofileña and Stella Pagsanghan (Mr. Pagsi's daughter) topbilled the cast together with notable Sibolistas Ray Miranda, Henry Totanes and my favorite Matanglawin Fred Ortiz. A lot of Sibolistas have played different roles like Mang Pedring, Mang Anding, Redentor, Tibo and the Pader but Jimmy, Stella and Fred definitely defined the roles of the three lead characters.  In the 90's a new cast was created and Jimmy Bondoc together with his older brother Johnny played Narding and Matanglawin respectively.  Johnny also alternated with my batchmate Cholo Mallilin while Joey Oreta and Blue Avelino later on became fixtures as Mang Anding and Pedring.  

Many Sibolistas have come and played various roles with Sinta, but unfortunately the beauty of the play is not with the actors, its with the genius of how Mr. Pagsi wrote the script and the meanings that with them. Imagine, SINTA will be pushing for forty years in the near future and the beauty and purity of what Mr. Pagsi wrote still echoes through the minds of many Sibolistas, Ateneo students and Dulaang Sibol loyalists.  I believe that I will be blogging more about SINTA performancesin the near future. Great Job guys.

Sunday, March 22, 2009


Every February 14, the Philippines tries to break an existing world record that gathers lovers to the most number of people kissing at the same time. That events is now known as LOVAPALOOZA which has attracted quite a number of Filipinos and is now a yearly event that makes Manila the Mecca of kiss and tell lovers.

Coming from that premise the Department of Labor and Employment is embarking on a similar idea of bringing together jobless filipinos nationwide and using the SMX Convention center as the venue for the biggest job fair ever. WIth that in mind it is just very apt to call the event JOBAPALOOZA! In these pictures are people from Jobstreet, Globe, DOLE and yours truly at the Department of Labor Office which is ironing out the details of the event.

Funny thing though was that I played around with the conference microphone system which we usually see during senate inquiries. When the people from Globe, Jobstreeet and DOLE were left with me in another meeting I played around with my responses to them.

Stay tuned more details coming in the next few days about this wonderful event.

STI Gym in the making

One of the many reasons why we are all excited to transfer to STI's new home is the newest basketball gym about to be finished in less than a month. Hopefully by summer this new basketball court will be operational and help us become more healthy! How I wish hahahaha.

Aside from that, the STI College Olympians will be having its new home and it is just a fitting start for hopefully more championships to come in the future.  Maple flooring will be installed once the contractors have finally figured out which of my pictures will be painted on the floor (hahaha). At the same time this kind of flooring is the same flooring used in various University Gyms abroad.

The Basketball court will not only be reserved for basketball. It will also be the venue for various events that will be staged in STI. STI is a school that has lots of events and the court can be used for such since the rings can be moved and at the same time the venue can be fully airconditioned.

For the meantime that is about all the information one can blog about. SUrely the next time I will be featuring our gym it will be the blessing and the first team that plays on it. So do stay tuned for this future beauty.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

First day at the STI Academic Center

Do you remember your first time? To transfer to a new office? Me I remember that distinctly seven years ago when we got to transfer to our Ayala office. This time around the transfer was easier and more exciting beacuse almost everyone is excited to transfer to our new office at the Fort which is located right in front of Market Market.

Today there was something quite different from what I usually do, I took a different route and the traffic at 7:00 am at the C5 highway going southbound is so unbearable. After coasting along Eastwood I thought I had an easy ride but unfortunately the traffic along Tiendesitas is the tail end of the cars going to the Pateros intersection. Needless to say it took me 40 minutes to get to my destination and look for a suitable parking area. Luckily I got to check in to the office at 8:07 am.

One thing great about transferring are the new equipment that go with the transfer. As seen here I have a new LCD flat screen monitor that goes with my XPC CPU. Mind you I am the only employee with an XPC computer since we usually bring these computers out of town so I was issued a computer that is portable to bring along.

Our first day at our new office was quite relaxing since we used up the whole day unpacking all the office files and equipment we previously filed and setting up our stations. The building is not yet finished. In fact the offices of all the executives will still have another week before it is finished and the school grounds at the 2nd to 5th floors are still being finished. Nevertheless I am still getting accustomed to my new surroundings.
A new office, a new school year and a new outlook definitely shows that STI is pointing upwards and good things will surely follow. Once the building is finished expect something big from STI.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Big Switch

I have been with the STI Education Services group since January of 2001 and that time STI was in three offices in Makati namely the RG building, Optima and State Condominium which were all along Legazpi village area. November of that same year saw us transfer to our new home along Ayala Avenue. Its been 7 years and five months since then and I have grown accustomed to going to being a Makati Boy whose office is in Ayala. Public vehicles like FX, Taxi, Jeep, Bus and MRT are very accessible and easy to get.

All of us have mixed emotions as seen through these pictures. But then again like what we always say, anything that is towards improvement or going up is always a welcome development. Goodbye Ayala, Hello Global City!

Hermanos Restaurant

THere was a bloggers party that I got invited in at Hermanos which is at the Home Depot in Ortigas avenue. If you guys remember I already blogged a party last October when me and a friend went to Taste Asia @ the Mall of asia. Fortunately I was invited by another friend who is a hell of a blogger.

The venue - Hermanos Restaurant. Hermanos is a Spanish inspired restaurant which is more like home made cooking but its food has more ingredients and a more distinct taster. Spanish describe their appetizers as "Tapas" and Spanishe cuisine is quite similar to our own home cuisine which I presume we all know why.

Spanky Enriquez our very own speaker during the 14th NYC who talked about blogs invited us as his guest for the event. I went there with my co-workers Dr. Ron Dawa and Atty. John Cajigal and we used the event as a means to unwind after packing so many things for our office transfer.

The only food that stuck to my mind is their Beef Tapa. Here is a photograph of it since the other food I just forgot about them. Their wine was great and the wine glass they served it in makes every customer not that into heavy drinking satisfy his small alcohol content urge.

Its a nice place to unwind and the place is quite okay for young professionals or students who want a spanish style place to celebrate or just bond with friends.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Beware of Accidents

Accidents happen when you least expect it. There are times that even if you are that cautious accidents will still happen when you least expect it, that is why it is called an accident. I've been into many minor ones but this one tops all the one's that I have personally been involved to.

I recently had a bout with gout and was on leave for three straight days because my left foot was swollen. Then on a Thursday morning i said I will go to the office because the three days that lapsed made me uneasy. But then again I told myself that should not be an excuse since I told myself I will be early so that I can drive freely and without being on the rush.

The accident happened at the corner of V. Mapa and Old Sta. Mesa St. where I usually pass. There are three lanes and I was at the middle lane. In trying to make a turn I swerved to the right and hit the side of a jeepney. The result are the pictures shown here. Well, poor judgment on my side and the result of that poor judgment is money lost. So always remember, cautiousness always comes first. Hope I can recover from this trauma.

Friday, March 13, 2009

"Kung Paano Maghiwalay" at Teatrino

Back then when I was in Grade school and High School I dreamt of being a theatre actor one day. Fortunately that dream came to reality in High School when I got to join the famed Dulaang Sibol of the Ateneo High School. Actually I got in by accident. Two of my classmates in first year High School back then asked me to join them in auditioning for the Dulaang Sibol. I obliged right away since I was amazed by the great performance of the Dulaang Sibol actors when they staged the musical Adarna. Like a typical teenager, I pictured myself on stage one day.

I got a text message from a good friend Bito Aguilos about a play they are showing within the week George de Jesus III's "Kung Paano Maghiwalay." I was reluctant to watch at first but then I said to myself what the heck mine as well invite a friend and watch just to break the monotony of everyday work and at the same time watch a play and reminisce.

The play was at the Teatrino which is just inside Promenade at the Greenhills shopping center. The set of the play was very simple which reminded me of our simple sets in Dulaang Sibol namely Sinta which used just blocks and a lighted cyclorama. Here there were just seats and occasionally when the lights are turned out guys in black would storm in and change the sets.

The story of the play centered around relationships. There are lots of characters and they all had relationships and the story showed how at first relationships ended and then flash backed to how their relationships started. It depicts the variety of Filipinos starting and ending their relationships and the various reasons that go with it. Veteran TV and Movie Actor Bembol Roco heads the cast while my good friend Bito (aka Bituin Escalante) is also a part of the powerhouse cast that also included Aiza Marquez and other notable stage actors and actresses.

The Teatrino seats around 200 people I presume and you can see the other notable stage VIPs present there to watch. If I were part of the cast I would definitely tremble at the sight of the guests. Veteran Ateneo Stage Director Ricky Abad, International Stage Artists Robert Sena and Isay Alvarez, stage Actors Jeff Arcilla, Jeffrey Hidaldgo, Rem Zamora and Carla Guevarra and many more who looked familiar to me but whose names slipped. According to the director and writer of the play George de Jesus III, they have just started a group and hopefully will have more of this in the future.

Congrats Bito and hope to be invited in more plays in the future. Hopefully next time you will also sing!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

DLS-STI makes it 5 in a row

After pocketing the 9th STI Basketball Showdown Title, the DLS-STI E.Rodriguez dribblers cemented its legacy in STI basketball by being the only 5 time champion in its 9 year history. You can add STI College Balagtas to the that they have beaten in the championship as STI College Recto, STI College Sta. Rosa and Balagtas seem to have no answer to the championship poise and composure of this E. Rodriguez squad.  DLS-STI got the title with a 73-66 win over the only unbeaten team, STI College Balagtas.

The DLS-STI team pounded on one weakness that the Balagtas cagers had which is their inexperience in big games. DLS-STI exploited it to the hilt as their championship poise and experience showed the way. DLS-STI played methodiacally and with lots of poise which made their oppponents shiver at the sight of the suffocating defense of the squad from E.Rodriguez.

After taking a 2-0 lead in the first minute of the game, the Balagtas cagers suddenly found it hard to puncture the hoops as the DLS-STI defense tightened up and their offense went to full force as they immediately took a 12-2 lead. The Balagtas team's inexperience showed as they missed 8 free throws while forward Ryan Pangilinan showed the way as their only offensive option.  The first quarter ended with the defending champions on top 20-7.  

DLS-STI came alive in the early minutes as their defense and offense were all in sync as they erected a 37-17 lead with 5 minutes left in the game. Then the STI College Balagtas team had enough as they unleashed their vaunted halfcourt defense to erase that 20 point lead and end the half only behind by 6 33-39.

Big things come in small packages, Mark Gochingco was the sparkplug that DLS-STI needed as the dimunitive guard exploded for a career high 22 points with most of them coming off fastbreaks. Gochingco scored the first 6 points of the game and there was no stopping him since he was the recepient of many fastbreak plays. The STI College Balagtas team never took the lead as their last stand was a 55-all tie with 4 minutes to go. 

It was a sorry loss for the STI College Balagtas team as they missed at least more than 15 free throws and was very tentative all throughout.  Four DLS-STI players fouled out while only one graduated for the Balagtas team.  It was the fifth consecutive title of DLS-STI as their center Archie Olmedo was named tournament MVP as he led the resurgence of this DLS-STI team after losing their first two games. Congratulations to DLS-STI.

The SCores
DLS-STI (73)
Gochingco 22, Escubio 10, Olmedo 9, Managabat 9, Galang 8, Fernandez 6, Casio 5, Tan 2, Boncan 2, Nufable 0, 

Pangilinan 16, Yee Jr. 14, Ablaza 9 Villadoz 8, dela Cruz 8, Pascual 6, Querubin 4, Cruz 2, Somontina 0, Baliclic 0,

Quarterscores : 20-7, 39-33, 55-51, 73-67