Sunday, February 28, 2010

STI College Quezon Ave. completes sweep

Chowking Yee scores

College basketball is all about heart, resiliency and ability to get back. This was what the STI College Quezon Avenue dribblers showed as they summoned their fourth quarter magic as they erased a twelve point lead by STI College Balagtas in the last 4 minutes to win by a mile 91-86 to complete the sweep of the elimination round and automatically barge in the finals of the 10th STI Basketball Showdown.

Sarmiento on an inside play

STI College Quezon Avenue team started like a house on fire as they opened with a 10 - 4 lead on the account of their early pressure defense that forced the Balagtas cagers to turn the ball over. Their start is reminiscent of STI College Balagtas' start against Team Santa Rosa. After that Team Balagtas called a time out, regrouped and the result was a 16-2 run that gave the Bulacan based dribblers a 20 - 12 lead with 4 minutes to go. The Quezon Ave. dribblers came back to life once again and took the upperhand on a foul counted play by Juan Paolo Zaballa as they took the lead 23-22. Cedrick Ablaza put STI College Balagtas on top 24-23 at the end of the first quarter after nailing a jumper.

Vasallo on the lay up

Like the first quarter, STI College Quezon Avenue started strong once again as they grabbed a 29-24 lead after Charlon Untalan scored on a jumper. Unfortunately, when the giants awakened, the STI College Balagtas dribblers suddenly stepped on the pedal and went to overdrive as their paralyzing 26-10 run caught the Quezon Avenue dribblers red handed. Led by Ablaza, Adrian Querubin and Alvin dela Cruz, the Balagtas dribblers ran rings around the Quezon ave cagers and by the end of the second quarter they have established a commanding 50 - 39 lead.

Two of Sarmiento's 27 points

Rogie Trunio opened up the third quarter with two three pointers to give Team Quezon Ave. some breathing room and sneak closer 53 -57. Just like a wounded tiger, Team Balagtas retaliated with a 9 - 0 run as Aaron Cruz scored on four points as he outduelled the Quezon avenue guards. STI College Balagtas kept on this rampage until the final 4 minutes of the game where the Quezon avenue team would lead 80-68 with five minutes left. This time around it was STI College QUezon avenue that went to overdrive.

Two Olympians face each other

William Vasallo ignited the fiery wind up of Team Quezon Ave who were down 68-80 with four minute left. Vasallo and Macabasco sank a three pointer each, at the same time, sparkplug Sarmiento finally joined the fray. Raymark Sarmiento who had 10 points in the first three quarters scored 17 of the 33 fourth quarter points of the Quezon Avenue dribblers as that offensive onslaught gave nightmares to Team Balagtas and they never knew what hit them. WIth 29 seconds to go Sarmiento scored to finally give back the lead for the Quezon Ave cagers 87-86. Team Balagtas sued for time and in the ensuing play bungled an opportunity to score as Sarmiento stole the ball again for an unmolested lay up. Quezon avenue's prize is a direct trip to the finals as they await the three teams that will knock each other out for the right to meet them.

Santa Rosa gets twice to beat advantage, Global City gains final four slot

John Baniqued on the fastbreak

STI College Santa Rosa barely had some sweat in outclassing STI College Muñoz as they won with plenty to spare 124 - 42 . STI College Santa Rosa wants to send a message to the other teams that if they will take them lightly, a blow out will most probably be the result. Aries Santos led the Santa Rosa dribblers with 20 points and do it all Forward John Batisan had 12 points, 5 rebounds, 2 steals and 4 blocks as he stamped his class against the Muñoz big men. All 13 Santa Rosa players scored at least five points. With this win, Santa Rosa gets the second place in the elimination and the twice to beat advantage against the winner of the Balagtas and Global City play-off.

Baniqued blocks GironVan Mamangon slashes his way to the hoop

In the other game, STI College Novaliches became the last team to barge into the win column after beating STI College Taft in a game dubbed as the championship match of the day since both teams are winless. The fourth quarter started with both teams still in a stalemate at 64 -all. Led by Lester Escosia, Micho Obosa, Robert Soriano, Michael Oraa and Michael Lim conspired on a fiery wind up as they won with plenty to spare 90 - 78.

Bryan Katon Scores

STI College Taft was led by Jazz Vergara with 21 points but was unable to play most of the fourth quarter after a wayward elbow hit him that cause him to stay on the bench and watch his team mates stumble on the offensive end. It was the second winless season of STI College Taft.

Micho Obosa on the finish

STI College Global City's guns were silent the first three quarters which enabled the STI College Marikina dribblers to be at striking distance. But when their guns went full blast in the fourth quarter, there was no denying the home squad as they beat STI College Marikina 83 - 72 for the last and final slot in the semifinals. STI College Global City thus got the fourth slot behind Quezon Avenue, Santa Rosa and Balagtas.STI College Global city will face the gritty STI College Balagtas cagers to whom they still have a score to settle.

JE Ramirez with an unmolested lay up

Michie de Belen led the three point splurge of the Global City warriors as he sank two three pointers that was followed by Herminio Avila, Andrew Oyama and Wynald Sultan. In a blink of an eye, the GLobal city squad transformed a 57-all tie to a 71-60 lead. Avila also added three more free throws after being fouled from the three point area. After that the GLobal City squad coasted to victory. Avila led five Global City cagers who scored in double figures as he topscored with 20 points followed by Sultan with 19, De Belen with 12 while Mamangon and Oyama scored 10 each. The troika of Jomark Centillo, Neil Cruz and Jaymond Nayle led the Marikina team with 22, 17 and 16 points respectively.

Wynald Sultan with another daredevil move

STI College Global City will now figure in a step ladder semifinals as they face STI College Balagtas in a knock out game. The winner will then meet STI College Santa Rosa who has a twice to beat advantage since they have a superior win - loss record. STI College Avenue is now in the finals with a 7 -0 card, followed by Santa Rosa's 6-1 slate, Balagtas with a 5-2 card and GLobal City with a 4-3 record.

The Scores:

2nd Game
Santos 20, Parala 13, Batisan 12, Baniqued 12, Ferrer 10, Balmaceda 9, Reyes 9, Salamat 8, Maunahan 8, Lacsina 7, Arzola 6, Manabat 5, Cruz 5,

MUNOZ (42)
Benigno 10, Centeno 9, Singma 9, Songculan 7, Losanez 5, Alejandrino 2, Madrino 0, Giron 0, Yu 0,

3rd Game
Escosia 15, Obosa 14, Soriano 13, Tungol 12, Oraa 12, Lim 11, Auingan 6, Katon 4, Moreno 3,

TAFT (78)
Vergara 21, Sandajan 17, Enriquez 15, Yabut 10, Bondad 6, Libarios 4, David 4, Victore 1,

3rd Game

Avila 20, Sultan 19, de Belen 12, Oyama 10, Mamangon 10, Ramirez 5, Sarmiento 3, Cruz 1, Becares 1, Saltiga 0, Fajardo 0, Tabug 0

Centillo 22, Cruz 17, Nayle 16, Caperal 10, Fontanilla 3, Mejia 2, Cabales 0, Unabia 0, Garceron 0, Panambo 0, Nayle 0, Torres 0, Espiritu 0,

88 Express Home Massage

There is a growing demand for massage therapists in different parts of the metropolis and I think around five of my friends have this kind of business. One friend who caters to Pasig and nearby Mandaluyong and Makati areas is Atty Cathy Herrera. She and her partner Michelle have opened up the 88 Express Home Massage service.

I myself am a fan of home massage. In fact there was a time when I was always sore and needed a massage I would always send for a therapist to bring balance to my aching body. Sometimes, I am quite hesitant most specially during the week days since I usually go home late in the evening. But this one is different, they cater to their clients in Pasig and nearby Makati for 24 hours!

The services that they offer include the following: 88 Signature Massage, Cellulite Massage, Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Body Scrub, Foot Spa, Foot Reflex, Manicure, Pedicure, Hair Spa with Scalp Massage and Thermal Therapy.

So if you are in Pasig area and you need a good massage, all you need to do is dial their Landline 635-7511 and then in a few minutes your body is in their hands. Lastly don't think twice of doing something or thinking of something naughty since theirs is strictly massage only which means your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Trained 88 Express Home Massage Therapists will give you a memorable1 & 1/2 Hour Service for only P 250.00. So go on and have a good time since you really need it!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Others notable Mindanao eating destinations


One of my favorite restaurants in Cagayan de Oro is the Panagatan restaurant which is located just outside the city proper. The food is quite delectable, the place very cool, calm and serene and the live music palyedis jsut like the music one would usually hear when playing a James Taylor CD.

My NYC team is a witness to my craving of the kinilaw dish. Its something that is always a part of our meal. In Panagatan they have three kinilaw dishes and I we got to taste two of the three different kinilaw dishes which I can rate as an eight out of ten. The crab meat soup was something quite going back to that I got I think three cups of soup. SInce It was a friday i indulged in the squid and tuna belly which were all A1 taste bud enhancers.


I would have settled for the Orange Bistro which was the restaurant to be in General Santos City. Unfortunately the place has made some refinements but I am not one to complain on the wonderful place we ended up with Grab a Crab. Unfortunately we did not order crabs since it was quite messy to eat it up and since there were 12 of us travelling it would be hard to eat some and not let others get a taste of it. So we settled for the wonderful sea foods that were in their BIGGG Menu!

The only hitch though was that the prices were similar to the price of food in metro manila and not the usual cheap food but good food price in the provinces. Given the chance, I think we will be able to go back next year and see to it that we will be able to eat up in this wonderful place.

My orders included Lapu Lapu, and when you are in General Santos city always try the Kinilaw na Tuna and Tuna Sashimi which is best tasted in the city known as the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. The soup and squid were also delectable additions to the wonderful food I ordered.

15th NYC in Cagayan de Oro

The crowd might have lessened but the enthusiasm of the STIers from Northern Mindanao were just the same as the ones from Southern Mindanao. Going to Cagayan de Oro for me always gives me a relaxed atmosphere specially because the host school is a veteran group of STIers who are very hospitable and helpful. To make a long story short, they make sure that your queries, concerns are addressed.
One fun thing was when STI College Cagayan de Oro's School Administrator Colbert Rabaya welcomed the seven STI schools participating in the convention. He mentioned the nicknames of the cities where they come from. From the City of Promise, STI Ozamiz. From the Forrest City STI Malaybalay, from the Mountain City STI Pagadian, from the City of Golden Harvest,STI Valencia, from the city of Orchids STI Dipolog, from the city of water falls STI Iligan and from the City of Golden Friendship STI College Cagayan de Oro. This welcome perked up the crowd. As usual additional remarks came from yours truly.

Today's NYC is a homecoming for Romy de Villa who last took the stage in Kalibo. Before the convention we talked about possible plans of Globe and how they can partner with STI and the programs that we can do with that. The talk actually got me excited and am happy to partner with Globe. He went on with his usual talk that was also widely received by the students of STI.

Veteran Speakers Pido Aguilar and Ricky Bunag as usual wowed the crowd again with their usual witty remarks and antics. Pido's actions after each influential element was a hit and his song was widely received by the STI students. On the other hand, Ricky's antics on every tip he gave was greatly received and almost everyone was laughing.

This time around we had a new celebrity who joined our team - Eduard Duallo. Eduard is a commercial model and is one of the group members of the SOP Boys that regularly perform in the weekly show SOP from the Kapuso network. Just like that the female students immediately trooped to the foot of the stage to get a closer glimpse on this 21 year handsome artist. Too bad when he was near me he looked ordinary. After the show, a welcome dinner once again at our favorite restaurant - Panagatan.

Friday, February 26, 2010

Tambay moments

Sometimes there are people who come into your life and they immediately make an impact in your life. Well to me that's Atty Cathy Herrera who joined the STI Education Services Group last November 2009 and just resigned recently. When she joined the company we hit it off right away and became good friends.

Immediately she became a part of the Mhel's Gurls of the STI - ESG. Together with my other gurls we often took time to go out and have fun. Time flies fast, one day we were having lunch and laughing and one day she is now treating us for her despedida.

Me and my gurls will surely miss her. She has become a part of our group and we hope that beyond our STI days we will be able to go out and enjoy ourselves just like the times that we had in the office.

Sweet moments with my 'Tart

Game of the week: Santa Rosa rises to the ocassion

After taking a leave of absence last year, STI College Santa Rosa still showed that their team is still overflowing with confidence and is relentless in defense. STI College Santa Rosa stamped its class as it steam rolled over the STI College Global City team to the tune of a 91 -55 victory. The Batman and Robin tandem of John Batisan and Winston Balmaceda proved to be enough for Team Santa Rosa to improve to a four win one loss card as the Global City cagers came crashing down to earth.

STI College Global City started the game like a house on fire as it opened the game with a 9-4 blitz that stymied the flow of offense of the Santa Rosa Cagers who sued for an early time out. After the time out, Team Santa Rosa unleashed a paralyzing 15-5 run that silenced the home town crowd of who rooted for their Global City team. The Global City dribblers did not know what hit them as Team Santa Rosa forced them to countless turnovers that they translated to fastbreak points. As the first half ended, Team Santa Rosa was on top but within striking distance 41-32.

Santos gets one over Sultan

Team Santa Rosa's vaunted full court and half court pressure defense once again shattered Team Global City's hopes of coming back as these defensive efforts turned into gems as the Global City squad turned the ball over successively.This new dimension in the game of STI College Santa Rosa is something they have perfected after playing in different leagues in their area and in Metro Manila more notably the NIKE Summer league.

Winston Balmaceda sank the second of two three pointers that broke the hearts of the Global City hometown team as the Laguna based dribblers took a commanding 69 - 40 third quarter lead. This lead was enough cushion for the Santa Rosa team to coast for a victory in the fourth quarter.Team Santa Rosa's defense was so unforgiving that no one in Team Global City scored in double figures including their leading scorer, Wynald Sultan who scored his lowest output of 7 points. Winston Balmaceda and rookie Aries Santos led Santa Rosa with 17 and 16 points respectively.

Balmaceda 17, Santos 16, Batisan 12, Parala 10, Arzola 8, Baniqued 7, Casaysayan 6, Salamat 5, Ferrer 4, Reyes 2, Cruz 2, Manabat 2, Maunahan 0, Lacsina 0,

Saltiga 9, Sarmiento 7, Mamangon 7, Sultan 7, Cruz 7, de Belen 7,Ramirez 5, Oyama 2,Avila 2, Magsalos 2, Becares 0, Fajardo 0, Elumba 0, Tabug 0,

24-14, 41-32, 69 - 42, 91 - 55

Jack's Ridge in Davao City

I remember the time in College where we would always go up to Lopez heights in Antipolo to drink and be merry. Another thing of beauty in that area was the view of Metro Manila in the evening. Obviously the lights startled me and the vision was quite a sight to see. Another place that is similar to the Lopez heights is the TOPS View in Cebu This time the hillside view of Cebu is smaller and the restaurants fewer. The best place that I have ever went to that showcased a view of the city in the evening (And also in the morning but you can't see the lights) is Jack's Ridge in Davao city.

Enjoying the Durian Cake at
the coffee shop

Princess enjoying her
favorite Buko Shake

Waiting for our coffee at Jack's Ridge
Neil, Ron, Elmer,Adrian
Princess,John, Pido, Bong
Yours truly took the picture

Group Picture @ the Entrance of Jack's Ridge

Monday, February 22, 2010

Hello World makes it to Pilipinas got Talent

STI College Davao has something to be happy about, and one of that is there one of a kind dance group named Hello World. Just recently they were featured in this video. Lets watch them.

15th NYC in Koronadal CIty

February 2005 was the last time I came to the city of Marbel which has reverted to its original name - Koronadal. For One I was quite excited on this trip not because I was going to meet up with the Ilocano team from STI College Koronadal and Tacurong but also a new speaker has joined the team. Enter Pastor Adrian Ding who took the 5am Cebu to Manila flight so that he can join the team for the 7am Manila to Gensan trip.

When we landed there was a smirk in my face that was hard to take off since its back to the place where my heart suffered a severe set back many years back. Am glad that I have overcome such debacle and is now ready to face the challenge of being back here. Luckily, after meeting the gorgeous students of STI College Koronadal i forgot everything and was happy to meet new friends.

The team this time was composed of Greg Igaya of Globe Telecom, Pido Aguilar of Abundance and as I mentioned before Adrian Ding who was last seen in the NYC during the 13th version of our convention where he subbed for a sick Dennis Evangelista. I was lucky his schedule permitted him to join us. Adrian is a veteran speaker whose different style and approach in giving talks gives another good angle to the NYC. Adrian speaks through God with sincerity and his command of the visayan dialect is a big plus in relating to students who speak the same language.

Neil Coleta, our resident guest artist had the time of his life when he was warmly received by the STI students from General Santos, Tacurong, COtabato and host Koronadal. His charm caught the eye or the many colegialas as their screams and requests for pictures were overwhelming. Like what we always joke about, Neil owned Koronadal. Well, lets just see the what's in store for the other sites.

CHED Games preparation

The Commission on Higher Education reactivated one of their most popular sports spectacles that they last had six years ago - the CHED National games. STI on the other hand helped produce the 7000 IDs that were needed for the games.

The weekend before the games, me and a group of student volunteers from STI College Quezon Avenue and STI College Fairview camped out for one weekend at the CHED office in UP to help out in putting the names and pictures of athletes for the CHED national Games.

The STI College Quezon Avenue volunteers were very helpful in making sure that we deliver. IN this picture are Gie Suratos, Aileen Aninao and Sheila Tugday. For two days we huffed and puffed and breathed IDs.

Yours truly looking at the tons of IDs that we placed names, put pictures and control numbers. More than 5000 IDs went through our hands just so the CHED games athletes will have IDs. Congratulations to CHED for this one of a kind sports spectacle.