Monday, November 29, 2010

STI wins one loses one in Fr. Martin Cup

Jerald Bautista leads the TEAM B Olympians

In an effort to further strengthen its team and make sure that the young guns are in line with the system of play of the STI College Olympians, we have decided to divide the team so that all will be able to get ample time to see action and eventually improve their play. This year the Olympians will be playing in the Father Martin's Cup with two teams as they prepare for the 11th NAASCU in July 2011. The goal is to toughen the young ones and to improve the players skills. For the Fr. Martin Cup both teams have equally distributed talents and neither one is better than the other.

Keeno Alcantara orchestrates

In the first game last November 29, 2010, Team A beat the Informatics Icons while Team B succumbed to the superb play of the TIP Rangers. Two Olympians who were seldom used for various reasons during the 10th NAASCU Abby Chavez and Ivan Moreno spearheaded the win against the Informatics Icons by scattering 16 points apiece. Backing the two forwards was another seldom used guard Lester Bocablo whose 12 points helped the Olympians cause. On the other hand, the tall and strong TIP Rangers outplayed the visibly unorganized STI Team B. Leading the Olympians is returning forward Jerald Bautista who scored 21 points. JC Po added 13 points while 10th NAASCU Mythical 5 selectee RK Morales was in foul trouble and he eventually fouled out with just 8 markers to his name.

The Boxscores:


Chavez 16, Moreno 16, Bocablo 12, Ablaza 10, Riva 8, Melano 8, Sanchez 2, Amparo 0, de Leon 0,

Limpat 17, Montuano 15, Jalalon 9, Ungco 5, Abiang 4, Kwong 3, Santos 2, Acuña 0,

Lester Bocablo had 10 pts


Morillo 15, Aguilar 14, Quiambao 14, Namocatcat 9, Caleon 6, Paulo 6, Hargrove 6, Bañez 5, Porter 4, Medina 2,

Bautista 21, Po 13, Morales 8, Sabellina 8, Alcantara 7, Delorino 5, Daguplo 4, Ortega 3, Napeñas 0, Silverie 0,

Newbie Macky Delorino was jittery

Saturday, November 27, 2010

STI College Pep Squad lands 5th

STI College Pep Squad 2010

Back when I was in College I was a member of the Blue Babble Battalion of the Ateneo. The group was primarily there to provide cheers and support to the Ateneo Blue Eagles. Fast forward to 2010, I am now managing the STI College Pep Squad, a group of 30 young determined and spirited individuals who performed their hearts out to provide pride to the school they love. Cheering has evolved through the years from students who are just in the stands shouting, cheering and chanting are now dancing, tossing and back flipping.

The Olympians take the court

Knowing fully well that the new generation of cheer leaders are more athletic and in good physical condition made me ponder if it would have been my norm during my time. It used to give me laughs whenever I remembered taking the court to lead the Ateneo gallery into cheers. I would have to say that if given the chance I would n’t make it past the tryouts today with the big demands a male cheer leader has to go to. But cheer leading and cheer dancing are two different things and in my time leading the cheers was closest to my heart.

The Girls do the Scorpion

That is why I am proud of my STI College Pep Squad. From a group of newbies last year who practiced for one month and landed tied for sixth the scrappy group just performed what they can do and did not force things that they cannot do. No back flips, no scorpion moves and other complicated stunts that other schools do with the greatest of ease. This year it was a bit different. After seeing the team perform I was amazed with the improvements by the cheer dancers which was the fruit of their more than 5 months training. The stunts were better, the base was firmer, the arabesque, scorpion and other formations were nailed and the dance was more coordinated with each and everyone showing immense confidence in their moves.

Performance level

The team was a point away from getting fourth place as St Clare College scored 150.5 points while the STI team got 150 which was good for fifth place, a modest target and more importantly it was the target that the team aspired for. Much more than that were the technical deductions which was a mere 4.5 points. This gets me more excited and I would just like to say that I am proud of my pep team and I hope that we will share more sacrifices and triumphs next school year. GO STI College Olympians you did us proud.


Once again congratulations to the team. Also my special thanks to the two coaches Randell San Gregorio and BJ Sayno for molding these young boys and girls, believing in them and making them shine. The two have become good role models and inspiration to the team. On to the next competition.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Voice of the Youth

“The good news is that if we work together we can bring about change. Change would not wait for tomorrow. Change can start now...” This is the underlying message in the opening remarks given by the National Youth Commission Undersecretary Christopher S. Arnuco during the launch of the Voice of the Youth – National Oratorical Competition on November 24, 2010 at the STI Academic Center in Bonifacio Global City, Taguig.

Undersecretary Arnuco further emphasizes that this year’s theme “Change I Want to See Begins with Me: Becoming the New Filipino” should challenge the youth to begin change within themselves, to work together, and to inspire change for the better. The Voice of the Youth – National Oratorical Competition is divided into three levels: the Divisional, Cluster, and National. More than 1.5 Million worth of prizes will be given away. The National Champion for this competition will win Php 100,000 in cash, Php 30,000 for the coach, and Php 800,000 worth of computer laboratory for the winning school.

STI President and CEO Monico V. Jacob shares, “This oratorical contest is part of STI’s advocacy. We would like to be able to assist in nation-building by helping promote critical thinking and fluency in the use of the English language amongst the youth. We would also like to be able to get our youth involved in expressing their voices. With those in mind, we would be able to bring to our nation what is their real sentiment, what kind of change they are looking for and the change that should begin with each of them...”

Monday, November 22, 2010

Ateneo GS cops 4th SBP National Title

The Ateneo Grade School basketball Team has done it once again for the fourth straight year as they masterfully orchestrated another Small Basketeers of the Philippines National Championship as they beat their Ateneo brothers from Davao 61 - 51 to win their fourth straight National Title. Coach PJ Navarro is still at the helm and all that he has done is inspire and motivate the boys to no end as they beat their Davao brothers by a mile. The Ateneo de Davao team was in control all throughout the game with their last lead stood at 44-41 at the end of the third period. But Ateneo's main man or is it main boy Jolo Mendoza took over for the Eaglets, scoring all his 10 points in a 10-2 run to kick off the fourth quarter en route to their fourth straight SBP title.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Manny secures 8th Title

Manny, The Challenger

First round was the feeling up stage which gave both fighters ample time to size up each other. But then Manny Pacquiao, the fighting pride of the Filipino people poured it on, there was no stopping him. In the first round Antonio Margarito was a very determined fighter and engaged Manny in a toe to toe fight as he landed the most number of punches anyone has landed on Manny. On the other hand, Manny's lightning speed was so blinding that by the end of the third round it has created a cut under Margarito's right eye.

Manny connects

From thereon Manny Pacquiao battered Margarito at will. Since Margarito was bigger than Manny it was hard for Manny to knock out the Tijuana Tornado but had a chance at the end of the tenth round when Margarito was battered once again by a series of punches by Pacquiao that saw the Mexican writhe in pain and look ready to go down. Unfortunately the bell saved him. In the 11th round Margarito's attention was called by the referee to see if the boxer can still see. The fight continue and Margarito held on to end the fight.

Antonio Maga-Rito

The three judges gave the Fighting southpaw congressman a unanimous win with the scores, 120-108, 118-110, 119-109. Margarito was never in the fight. Pacquiao landed a total of 401 punches on the face of Margarito while he received only 167 punches. This win gives Manny Pacquiao the Super Welterweight title held by Margarito. He now owns 8 world titles on 8 different weight classifications - the only fighter to have done so. So what's next with Manny, I think its time to bring on the motor mouthed American to really see who is the best pound for pound which is the fight that everyone wants to see.

This shows how many shots Manny landed

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jobe: from the paint to painting

He used to terrorize his opponents in the paint. Now he is using his new found talent and that is painting. Jobe Nkemakolam can be described a person inside the paint to a person who loves painting. That is his new passion and he is also good at it. Just recently he together with his mentor Ronilo Abayan held an exhibit at the Shangrila Mall. Most of the pictures were taken from his facebook site and I just loved the paintings exhibited.

Also in the exhibit is Jobe's favorite professor Isabel Pefianco-Martin together with his husband and my former High school teacher Onnie Martin. Also in attendance is Senator Miguel Zubiri and his lovely wife Audrey. Most of the paintings are now owned by the Zubiri's specially the one that had the Senator himself and another one with his wife in a wedding dress. It was another unique fun filled experience to see.

Monday, November 1, 2010

PNoy @ McDo

Guess who we saw at 4:00 AM
at McDonald's Emerald Ave.
President Noynoy having coffee
& twister fries with some friends!
Hmmm Puyatero pala siya

Olsen turns 40

Olsen about to blow the candle

Flashback first year high school, we were around 45 in the class with twenty new students and nine of them coming from the tulong dunong scholarship program. My class of 1-H was a collection of virtual unknowns and a group of newbies trying to belong. There was a big rumble in the school at one time with three fraternities fighting it over and the venue was our classroom since no one really cared if there was a fight since no one was courageous enough to tell the upperclassmen not to use our classroom as fight venue. Little did everyone know that it was the class of Rodericko Racela who is more known for his unique nickname Olsen. This was 27 years ago.

Good friend Freddie Abuda

Olsen came from Lourdes QC and the other basketball star from that school Hector Fernandez was also our classmate. We all tried out for the PAYA Aspirants basketball team as freshmen with Hector making the grade while i was cut on the last day while Olsen was booted right away - shades of Michael Jordan right. There is one thing that defined Olsen then which has been his ticket until now and that is his being hardworking. After being snubbed that semester Olsen worked hard on his game, his defense and his playmaking skills, the next year he got accepted.

Aga, Olsen and Ricky Davao look-alike wannabe

Our class would have inter-barkada basketball competitions and the team of Olsen prevailed over the high scoring team of another UAAP juniors player Michael "Mori" Morales. Eventually they would team up to win the 1986 UAAP Juniors title with Coach Chot Reyes steering the Blue Eaglets to a 14 -0 sweep. In that team Olsen was the third point guard called as he would wait for his turn to spell either third year guard Billy del Rosario and co Senior guard Alfie Manlulo who later on went to play for the UP Fighting Maroons. Olsen didn't mind but when he got the chance to play he would use those minutes to shine.

4E boys with Melissa and Melanie

After High School, Olsen tried out for the Blue Eagles but then didn't get the nod of Coach Cris Calilan back then. Coach Cris was waiting for a recruit to join the Blue and White but that recruit decided to try his luck to the hottest team in the UAAP then, the UP Maroons. There was an opening for the back up point guard position and as luck has it Olsen was called back to try out once again and this time he got the slot. Olsen would go on to play for five years for the Blue Eagles, in those years he also played in the PBL for various teams like Crispa and A & W. He also served the country in the 17 and under and 19 and under National Teams. When he applied for the PBA Draft Olsen was taken by Purefoods as the 12th pick in the second round in 1993. The person who first discovered him gave him another chance to shine as Coach Chot Reyes called him to back up veteran Frankie Lim for Purefoods. In 1997 Coach Ron Jacobs got Olsen to play for the San Miguel Beermen and it was the defining moment of his career for until now he has defined the role of the point guard in the PBA.

Olsen's lovely wife Melissa

Who would have known that a scrappy reed thin freshman struggling to belong in the Ateneo would become one of the most respected PBA players. The 1987 Ateneo Blue Eagles was one of the more star studded teams in recent years with Jun Reyes, Jay Gayoso, Alex Araneta, Eric Reyes, Nonoy Chuatico making it to the PBA. Danny Francisco, Jet Nieto, Mel Basa and Joseph Canlas would have been shoo-ins for the PBA have they opted to continue playing. Olsen was the youngest player in that team and eventually became the best PBA player that the Ateneo has ever produced. Here is one story that shows that hardwork , discipline and determination is the best recipe for success. Happy 40th Birthday Olsen and Congratulations and we your 4E 1987 classmates are all proud of what you have accomplished.