Monday, November 30, 2009

STI College Cheerdance Performance

The STI College Cheerdance Team
during the 9th NAASCU
Cheer Dance Competition

Times change but the brotherhood remains

ASSOC ALumni with Eric Salamat

There is only one group in the Ateneo that students from the College know their alumni farely well - ASSOC. From a group of friends this brotherhood has gone a long way from its rowdy and noisy ways to various community projects. Unknown to many, a lot of projects done by ASSOC are not the ones that they like to brag about but they would just humbly finish the project and keep it a secret and just go about their usual way of sharing what they have.

Former Blue Eagles and Former Cheerleaders

One of the favorite ASSOC members past and present are the Blue Eagles. In the 1990's, the Sison twins, Brian and Brandon together with Ryan Acosta, John Palafox and Johan Ramos were the Blue Eagles who became Assoc member. Sonny Tadeo of the 2002 champion team also followed suit. Just recently three members of the Back to Back champion team joined ASSOC. Rabah Al-Husaini, Ryan Buenafe and Eric Salamat. After the championship they were into a lot of celebrations and we just delayed our celebration to a later date. The quiet celebration was held it at the Bahay Pangarap at Malacañang Park. Unfortunately, only Eric Salamat was present among the three since Rabah and Ryan had commitments with Smart Gilas team that day and they weren't able to join us.

Nevertheless , the simple celebration just shows that the ASSOC is thankful of its brothers who bagged the crown. Here's hoping we recruit other Blue Eagles to join Assoc and be a part of this unique organization. Imagine, celebrating at the Palace...its a unique organization indeed.

Yours truly with the Salutatorian

Sunday, November 29, 2009

NAASCU Cheerdance Competition 2009

Highlights from the
NAASCU Cheer Dance Competition.

First Place: University of Makati

Second Place: Centro Escolar University

Third Place: Pamantasan ng Lungdsod ng Pasay

This is how the 10 teams performed!

Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Pasay

AMA Computer University

STI College








Friday, November 27, 2009

STI Cheerdance Team

Finally, after searching for the right Cheerdance Coach I finally landed the one who I believe will somehow lay down the foundation of STI Cheerdance. The directive for this year is for the Global City based STI team to create team that will join the NAASCU Cheer Dance competition. Take note, we just wanted to join and not dream of winning it all. Cheer Dance has evolved into a new sport in the country as cheerdancers are considered athletes too since they train to become stronger so that male cheerdancers can hold female cheerdancers with one hand. Coach Randle San Gregorio is the right choice for the neophyte STI team as 24 of the 29 members are freshmen and had no prior experience to cheerdancing.

The STI Cheerdance auditions started during the last week of October as students went on to join this new team of STI. The team broke practice on the first week of November, just in time to come out with a simple routine for the NAASCU Cheerdance competition at the end of november.

With a team of neophytes without prior knowledge of cheer dancing, the STI team has met the objective of starting a team. I just hope that the team will grow into a contender in the years to come.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

They did it again and again! Ateneo wins SBP Nationals!

For the THIRD straight year, the Ateneo de Manila SBP Basketball team was crowned the National Champion of the Small Basketeers of the Philippines Basketball Championship. The Manila team mercilessly beat the Ateneo de Davao University 71 -49 to win their third straight title at the Easter College Gym in Baguio City. Michael Nieto led the Ateneo de Manila team with 14 points.

The victorious Coach PJ Navarro together with one of the future of Ateneo Basketball Kevin Peig and his father. Other team members of the team include Matthew Nieto and Michael Nieto (sons of former Blue Eagle Jet Nieto), Martin Mendoza (son of former Blue Eagle Albert Mendoza) , Kevin Pieg, Japeth Moreno, Justin Olfilada, Antonio Jososn, Ignacio Domingo, Justin Estaquio, Alexandre Matutina, Rafael Racela (son of former Blue Eagle Olsen Racela), Luis Sto Domingo, Juan Gomez de Liano (nephew of former Eaglet Rainier Sison), Jose Mendoza and Rebi Andres.

Congratulations Guys!!! We are very proud of you! Now we know that the future of Ateneo Basketball is secure! We have the best players in the 9-11 category in the country. Study hard and see you in the Blue Eagles team of 2015 to 2016.! One Big Fight.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Efren Peñaflorida: 2009 CNN Hero of the Year

Its a story we believe is worth telling over and over again. Over the past few years I've learned that learning comes in different forms and different ways. This can be the case of Efren Peñaflorida whose idealism has brought forth a renewed face of the country and one would simply be happy to say that someone cares. Efren's story is an inspiration and for us, winning as the CNN Hero of the Year for Efren shows that there are still people pushing change in their own small ways. Its just great that he was recognized for his efforts.

I first got the news about Efren's effort when our ABS-CBN friends called to help out in the voting. We immediately sent 10 computers to the Mall of Asia for the supporters of Efren to vote at the MOA. After reading about his exploits I was moved by his vision and prayed he wins because his work just simply shows that in this world that so many negative elements have been in the works, his acts clearly shows that there is hope in our people and in our country.

Efren said - "Our planet is filled with heroes, young and old, rich and poor, man, woman of different colors, shapes and sizes. We are one great tapestry," "Each person has a hidden hero within, you just have to look inside you and search it in your heart, and be the hero to the next one in need. "So to each and every person inside in this theater and for those who are watching at home, the hero in you is waiting to be unleashed. Serve, serve well, serve others above yourself and be happy to serve. As I always tell to my co-volunteers ... you are the change that you dream as I am the change that I dream and collectively we are the change that this world needs to be."

You are an inspiration and we salute and congratulate you! I just hope others would emulate your example.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Slimmers World Great Bodies 2009

The winners raise the trophy
as they are not only lauded for their Great Body but they become 100k richer.

This FIL-AM looker wowed the crowd

This stunner said
Slimmers World helped her
hone her Great Body as
evidenced in this face off

Great Curves on this Gorgeous Gal

Mr. STI 2007 Racel Matic
shows off his Great Body

UM beats Lyceum but doesnt make PCCL

Controversy has rocked the Philippine Collegiate Championship League. The latest involved two respected institutions, the University of Manila and Lyceum of the Philippines University. In their game last November 12 at the Lyceum Gym, the University of Manila Hawks beat the Lyceum Pirates 77-74 for their third win and claim the top spot in that zonal competition.

But then again, it looks like Lyceum has the last laugh as it placed the game under protest in terms of eligibility. Wait...did I just say that? Lyceum checked the UM roster for the 9th NAASCU and found out that 2 UM players did not suit up in that league and protested. UM on the other fielded its best team owing to the fact that the school got invited to the league. This alone should show that the PCCL should create its own set of rules and regulations. UM is correct in saying that they just got invited and the PCCL NEVER gave them a set of rules on eligibility. Same with us when we were invited. How would they say that a player is ineligible when there are no set of rules in the first place. I would like to say that UM is correct in saying that. Last year three of my players were canned even before we got to play and the PCCL would always say lets follow your mother league rules. Well, in the NAASCU we can play 17 people and they limited it to 15.

This is a wake up call, I hope the PCCL would really establish a clear rule book on the eligibility of players, lets face it, with all the leagues and all the mother league rules its hard to marry all.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Manila Traffic

Everytime I go to Divisoria I make it a point to be there by nine in the morning and be out by lunch time. Unfortunately this last experience I had no choice but to go there late in the afternoon on a saturday. The only thing that was awful was the traffic. The bad thing about the traffic is that everything was caused by the undisciplined jeepney drivers and apathetic law enforcers let it go. Coming from Morayta and using the route to Quiapo, you will have to face the long queue of vehicles going to Quiapo church and then the traffic suddenly eases. Same problem different place in Manila. I am just saddened and pissed that this problem has not been solved by the local government for decades. Mayor Lim would say fight drugs and Mayor Atienza beautify the city! What the heck, corruption can be seen in the streets of Manila and they don't even know it. Divisoria and Quiapo are prime spots in Manila and shying away from the place because of bad traffic is definitely something the local government should take up seriously.

Pacquiao punches his way into the history books

Tried this new function of I registered and shared this link and story of the Manny Pacquiao vs. Miguel Cotto fight. Just click the link below for ESPN's story of the fight.

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LA DIVA Sing Philippine National Anthem

Besides the Manny Pacquiao fight, one of the most highly anticipated things in all his fights is who and how the Philippine National Anthem will be sung. Memorable renditions were delivered by Lani Misalucha in the Pacman-Morales 2 fight, Sarah Geronimo in the Pacman-Morales 3 fight, Kyla in the Pacman-Barrera 2 fight. Other singers sang their own versions before and the most controversial one was done by Martin Nievera in the Pacquiao-Hatton Fight.

Maricris, Jonalyn & Aicelle

This time the PACMAN brought something new to the table and he personally handpicked not only one but three singing champions to sing the national anthem. Jonalyn Viray, Maricris Garcia and Aicelle Santos. Jonalyn was the Grand Winner of the first Pinoy Pop Superstar competition while Maricris was the Grand winner of the 3rd Pinoy Pop Superstar. Aicelle on the other hand was the first runner up of the 2nd Grand Finals. The three Pop superstars brought class and glamour to the event as they came dressed in modern Terno dresses which showed the Philippine Tri-colors. Jonalyn who sang soprano was in red Maricris the mezzo-soprano was in yellow while the gorgeous alto Aicelle wore blue. Except for the last second choke while holding a long note croak, the rendition was quite okay.

The Only One

Relentless. That is the only description of what Manny Pacquiao did to his latest ring victim, Miguel Cotto. Cotto was picked to fight Pacquiao because of his reputation as a tough hard punching natural welterweight. Cotto was what the doctor ordered and what fight fans were waiting for as he engaged Manny Pacquiao in a toe to mano a mano classic boxing match. Cotto was strong and good but Manny's blinding speed and awesome power was evident which gave Pacquiao a 12th round technical knock out. Pacquiao added the WBO Welterweight Title to his six other titles. Manny has previously won the (1) WBC World Flyweight Title (106 lbs), the (2) WBC, WBO & IBF Super Bantamweight Title (119 lbs) , (3) Ring Magazine Featherweight Title (126 lbs) (4) WBC Super Featherweight title (130 Lbs), (5) WBC Lightweight TItle, (6) IBO and Ring Magazine Light Welterweight Title (140 lbs).

The question once is again is who's next? Sugar Shane Mosley or Floyd Mayweather are good candidates for the Pacman to relentlessly punish. Winning titles in six weight classes is already an achievement! Winning a seventh title puts him a cut above the rest. Manny Pacquiao can now say that he is THE ONLY ONE!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Olympians gear up for FMC 3

The Fr. Martin's Cup will open on November 28, 2009 for its third tournament this year. The FMC holds three tournaments in a year, the summer league, the first semester and the second semester tournament. A lot of teams use the Fr. Martin's Cup as a league to hone the skills of their new players in time for the first semester leagues. The STI College Olympians will use this year's tournament to hone the skills of most of the young players we have picked up. The Olympians are bunched in Group B which has a lot of good teams namely Arellano University,


AMA Computer University, Arellano University Team B, Centro Escolar University, COlegio de San Juan de Letran, Emilio Aguinaldo College, Informatics International College, Mapua Institute of Technology Team A, San Sebastian College-Recoletos, University of the East, University of the Philippines


Adamson University, Arellano University Team A, College of Saint Benilde, Far Eastern University, Jose Rizal University, Mapua Institute of Technology Team B, Our Lady of Fatima University, San Beda College – Manila, STI College, University of Perpetual Help


Congrats to the New STI Graduates

The New Graduates from 11 STI Schools in Metro Manila singing the STI HYMN
The event was held at the Crossroads 77 in Quezon City.
Good luck on your job hunting guys!

Michael Jackson's THIS IS IT!

In the summer of 1983 I was home most of the time and was always tinkering on what television shows to watch or what music to listen to the radio. Back then, there was no Cable television accessible to every house. The only time I was able to watch cable was when I would visit friends with FEN - (Far Eastern Network) Cable television. At the same time there was no internet to help me download my favorite music. I had to listen to the radio, wait for my favorite music and record it on my cassette tape recorder.That year saw the introduction to King of Pop status of Michael Jackson. I remember I dedicated the whole summer listening to his music and trying desperately to copy his dance moves. The music television industry then was quite young and I remember watching the Thriller video from our neighbors. Back then the ratio of TV to Household was 1 to 1. Now, every room in our house has a TV.

The THIS IS IT Dancers appear live
in the Ellen Degeneres Show

Hearing about the death of Michael Jackson was very devastating to me in my own way. I have idolized him, copied and would still listen to his songs non stop. The movie THIS IS IT is a great farewell movie to the King of Pop. It was a good thing that they video taped the rehearsals. There you would see how Michael wanted to perfect his craft. In one sequence he even said "Lets do it again, thats why we have a rehearsal!" When this movie gets on videos I will definitely get a copy of it. This is a must see for MJ Fans! This is IT!

Friday, November 13, 2009

STI Network Graduation

The new graduates from
11 STI Schools in Metro Manila
singing the STI HYMN
The event was held at
the Crossroads 77 in Quezon City.
Good luck on your job hunting guys!

A familiar face among the graduates is action star ACE ESPINOSA who is
a Diploma and Computer and Electronics Technology Graduate
of STI College Las Piñas.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

The Twergs through the years

The TWERGS (L - R) Jerome Buhay, Binggy Lopez,
Jonjie Deomano, Bong Berbano, Mhel Garrido

I remember Former Senator Butz Aquino talking at the High School covered courts and was talking about his brother Ninoy. The one statement I remember him say was that “High School is the best time of your life! Your friends during high school are your friends forever!” After hearing that I looked to my left and looked to my right and said to the Lord, “ If these are the friends that I will have for life , then the Lord must have a grudge on me!- He gave me the rotten ones” But true to the statement I now realize that the friends I had in High School are the friends who i still have now - 25 years after we first became friends.

Jerome with Agnes and their daughter Ines

When we got to our second year in High School our class was reshuffled and I eventually got new classmates and new friends. The new barkada I eventually got were former classmates in grade school, Binggy Lopez was a grade four classmate, Jonjie Deomano from Grade 5, Allan Navarro from Grade 6, Alex San Diego and Jerome Buhay from grade 7. Add to that Bong Berbano and Benny Paez then you have a group called the Twergs.

Jonjie Deomano with wife Malou

and kids Jacob and Ninay

Our class moderator Mr. DJ delos Reyes was so fond of our group that he named us the TWERGS. It was a name that would stick to us till now. He said the inspiration for the word came from the word Twerp which as we know is a dimwit, a birdbrain or a bonehead. Mr. delos Reyes just made it classier and made the letter P into a G so as to invent another word. But the meaning is close to the original one.

Bong with Lyn and Abby

I remember the time when we first got out to meet girls from Maryknoll during their annual dance. It is what we perceive as the anniversary of our barkada and the start of a great friendship. There were so much happy times together during soirees, drinking sessions, birthday parties, dance parties, fairs and many more. For me my life then was spending time and laughing with this great barkada of mine.

My family, Mama Mae, Elaiza and Manang Beth

After high school we all had different paths, Deo and Binggy went to UP, Bong started out at UP Los Banos but eventually transferred to UP. Jerome and Benny went to DLSU, Allan went to another school for fourth year HS and eventually to UST. I made it to the Ateneo but graduated in PSBA. Through the years we’ve always been in touch and was always there for each other. In first year HS Deo’s dad passed away, in the mid 90’s my parents separated, Alland andJ erome also got separated from their wives and just recently Bong’s dad passed away. Through the years the bond that we started twenty five years ago is still evident today.

Binggy with wife Donna and son Miguel

Today we celebrated our 25 years of friendship, too bad some friends from our original barkada is not here to celebrate with us. Allan Navarro is now in the US, Benny Paez is now in Germany and Alex San Diego is based in Mindanao. Binggy who is a businessman went there with his wife Donna and son Miguel. Deo who has been in the banking industry brought along his wife Malou and kids Jacob and Ninay. Bong who is now working at the Entrepreneurship School of Asia brought along his girlfriend Lyn and and Lyn’s daughter Abby. Jerome who handles his own business was with his wife Agnes, daughter Ines, and parents Tito Roger and Tita Letty.

I just hope that the next twenty five years of our friendship would become happier for all of us

* Thanks Binggy for these great photos

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Philippine Business Stimulus Package

Derek Callow,
Google's Marketing Head for South East Asia

Google has done it again. Helping out businesses jumpstart their business or add spark to their sales. Introducing the Philippine Business Stimulus Package Project. This project enables businesses here in the country to expand the visibility of their business. This is relatively good specially for micro, small and medium enterprises. Most notable are businessmen who are not that tech savy or do not have a website for their business.

The Partners talk and share

The packages offers the following for SMEs:

1. Free adverstising on Google - SME's can get PhP2,000 worth of Google Adwords credits.
2. For those who do not have a Website, STI will develop a website for them. The first 200 qualified businesses get it for free. For those who don't meet the cut-off you can have it made for only PhP3,000. (For more details click here)
The platform that will be used for the free hosting and free website is BLOGGER.COM. The one I am using for this blog. As mentioned in my previous blog entries, our students have been trained by Google to do the websites for this specific project.
Back (L-R) Benette Alinduza (Go Negosyo) Mylene Abiva (PMA) Thelma Murillo (CITEM)

Partners for the project besides the STI Education Services group are Go Negosyo, the Commission on Information and Communications Technology, the Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) and the Philippine Marketing Association. This worthy endeavor is the third country in ASIA that will have this kind of event. Singapore and Thailand had more than a thousand businesses sign up and Google expects almost the same number.

To Sign In just go to this website:

Mr. Nick Jacob being interviewed by TJ Manotoc of ABS-CBN. Nick Jacob said that our students are ready for this project. In fact our students from STI College Cebu and STI College Cagayan de Oro will be trained by Google through K2 Interactive so that Micro Small and Medium Enterprises from the Visayas and Mindanao will also be given websites.

The event was held at Makati Shangrila and I was there Googling the place for girls and food! Hahaha