Monday, August 31, 2015

Jamming for a cause a success

Herminio "Dondet" Maglonzo thanks all the people that helped make the event a success. That's yours truly as the emcee and one of the organizers Gary Vargas.

First to perform in the marathon Jamfest was veteran bar performers Irma and Art.

Most of the performers are either friends or related to friends. Here is John Barredo, Dondet's nephew who sang four wonderful songs.

To make the event more exciting. PSBA dazer Liza Solano, mixed some 80's music with her fave sounds.

Guest DJ, the gorgeous Jennifer Lee, brought her brand of mezmerizing music  to the event .

The evening went full blast as Medwin and True Faith rocked the house with their all so familiar songs. Everyone was on their feet, singing, dancing and enjoying the evening.

To put variety to the event, one of the friends of the Organizers got the Amazing Arnold to perform his brand of magic to the people who stayed.

The group At the moment showed their brand of music with three guitars and a bass. The group is led by Gary Vargas's nephew.

Urged to sing even just one song is PSBA's own Frankie Packing. Frankie belted out a heart warming song despite his very hoarse voice. 

To cap the night DJ Ayana showed one of her talents by singing instead of playing music. Everyone started jamming the night away after her.

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Azure place to be

While planning something to do on a long weekend, a friend suggested we rent her condo in Bicutan. Lo and Behold it was the Azure condominiums which wealthy hotelier Paris Hilton build here in Manila. This place boasts of the first man-made beach in the city.

Of course the weekend getaway will not be complete without "Mah Main gurlz"

This studio type condo is just enough for three to four persons.

Of course, a nice swim and witnessing the difference of the man-made beach is the priority for our stay. 

The other side of the room showing the kitchen, the couch and eating area. Just enough for a small barkada to camp in.

This place is just a stone's throw away from the Bicutan exit in Paranaque.  A beach club in the city.

RJ and Krisvi taking a selfie with the three buildings at the back. Two more buildings are still being built at the side.

Yes the Paris Beach Club is where we swam and enjoyed the rainy afternoon. Will surely be back and enjoy another weekend here in the future.

Saturday, August 22, 2015

STI ESG celebrates 32nd Anniv with a Rave Party

The four AVPs hosted the show, AVP for  Finance Merliza Santos,  AVP for Learning Management Harry Joson , AVP for Campus Development Ferdie Fabros. Unfortunately i never got a chance to take a picture of the four with AVP for  Academic Services Aisa Hipolito.

Of course the whole event started with some inspiring words from our President and CEO Mr. Nick Jacob 

The first group of new employees to perform
was the #RAVE VOLUTION group
Tradition has it, all new employees perform during the Anniversary Celebration.

The second group of employees that performed was the RAVE TEAM  

The newbies from STI College ORCA 
the ORCA Tokat Rocked the house 

DJ  ALLEN on the House 
playing the Rave Dance Music



The Gurls in their Rave Party outfits

Elated i still got to have time for the gorgeous RJ Marasigan

Mah Gorgeous ladies RJ Marasigan, Rothz de Lima and Cez Bermas

Friday, August 14, 2015

Basta Ikaw Dondet - Acoustic Jamming for a cause

Basta Ikaw Dondet

During the 1990’s the PSBA Days with the Lord was at an all-time high in attendance especially during the entertainment portion of the weekend. One of the highlights of this amazing portion of the Days with the Lord was the funny portrayal of Herminio “Dondet” Maglonzo of various characters that he played to excite the DWTL crowd. Dondet was an instant hit with his comical genius and his zany antics which were what most of the dazers were waiting for.  In fact, he was also invited to various Days chapters so that other dazers can witness his unique talent to make people laugh.

That's Dondet giving me the works

Fast forward, twenty years after, Dondet has been stricken by a kidney disease that requires him to have dialysis ever week. Weekly dialysis costs P 3,000.00 per session and at times it makes him spend up to more than P 20,000 a month for this. Since he has been stricken by this disease for quite a while,  it has been so costly that it has depleted all his resources considering that he has a wife and and two lovely children to feed and send to school. Sometimes some friends would sponsor his dialysis but we all know not everyone has some money to spare every time. The once energetic and lively Dondet has slowed down but for him he will not let this disease get the best of him so that he can serve his family.

Jude Perez, Dondet Maglonzo, Marlon Beluso and Gary Vargas

That is why Dondet’s closest friends from the PSBA Days with the Lord, Jude Perez, Marlon Beluso , Gary Vargas and many other Dazers thought of a fund raiser to help cover Dondet ‘s dialysis and other medical expenses. The fundraiser entitled “Basta Ikaw Det” is a one night "Acoustioke Jamming session" on August 30, 2015 to reunite dazers, watch some performers and enjoy the evening. Tickets are at P 480.00 and the event will be at Garage 88 at the Fort. All of us who are performing that night will be offering our services for free for our friend Dondet. That way we can raise enough funds for him to sustain his dialysis and hopefully help him get up and conquer this challenge in his life.

This picture was taken from Dondet's FB account
That's her wife Honey and one of her daughters

To my friends reading this, I know times are hard, I myself am having a hard time balancing my finances too. But when a one-time event is at hand, it is an opportunity for us to do some good and help someone in need. By donating P 500.00 or P1,000.00, you can help Dondet extend his life and hopefully give us more laughs in the future. If you are interested to donate, kindly deposit the said amount (or even more if you like) to my account BPI Savings Bank,  Armel Angelo Garrido Acct # 0829071258 or through Marlon Beluso’s account BDO acctc#630459789, Savings Account, BDO Masinag branch. We will check if we can include other banks. Also, please don’t forget to send me either through Viber (09178106921), whatsapp, Line, or email ( your deposit slip so that we can account the money coming in and more importantly include your good deed in our prayers.

SEE YOU on August 30,2015

Once again, Garage 88, Basta Ikaw Det, a fund raiser that we guarantee will be a fun raiser. August 30,2015. Will update the final performers once all is okay. See you There.

One more time - send your donations to:
Armel Angelo Garrido BPI Acct # 0829071258 

Marlon Beluso’s BDO Acct#630459789, 
Savings Account, BDO Masinag branch.