Friday, January 23, 2015

Davao's 20th NYC another great hit

STIers from San Francisco stayed the whole day and the result was lots of learning

Allan Gonzales of STI College Davao welcomes the various schools attending the NYC in Davao.

Howard Go once again talked about two topics and gave students lots of insights in becoming a mobile app developer like himself.

Geek is the new sexy! That statement from Gian Javelona brought the house down as STIers are suddenly inspired to become Mobile App developers.

Charm Cabigay-Sy gave valuable insights and tips to STIers who are looking at what the future is in terms of what jobs are available in the Service industry.

Alma Cabagay shares valuable lessons in improving one's image

Velden Lim's very animated presentation kept STI Students wanting for more learnings and more jokes

The STI College Davao dancers kept the students entertained with their intermission number

The Gen. Santos 20th STI NYC

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The 20th NYC conquers Gen. Santos City

One of the best hotels in Mindanao, The Green Leaf Hotel was the new venue of the Gen. Santos NYC.

The Pandan Grand Ballroom was ready to accommodate 500 delegates at one time.

STIers were all smiles.

Delegates were ready to be the new STI Heroes!

STIers were ready to Be the Hero! 

STIers' were proud to wear their NYC shirts, Bring their NYC bags and listen to the speakers

STI College Gen. Santos student delegate Jalton Jumawid sings the Invocation Hymn 

MayJoy Aranguez of STI College Gen. Santos leads the singing of the Philippine National Anthem.

Howard Go talked about two topics, The Power of Mobile Applications and  Mobile App Monetization.

 Gian Javelona's life story was once again well applauded and served as an inspiration to STI students.

Ms. Charm Cabigas-Sy talked about the latest trends in the Service Industry. Charm is a one of the Directors in the UP Asian Institute of Tourism and is also Managing Director of Pacific Voyage Travel & Tours Inc.

Alma Cabagay once again talked about her various experiences as a Flight Attendant and shared it with the students who gained lots of knowledge on what she shared.

Another new member of the team is John Velden Lim who is a lay preacher and a gifted motivational speaker. Velden anchored the Gen. San NYC and his presentation on Cashing in your ideas inspired everyone in the convention. Kudos to John Preacher!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

20th NYC in Baguio City

STI College San Jose students 
are all ready for the Baguio NYC 

Ms. Rachel Calica of STI College Baguio sings the Invocation Hymn

 STI College Baguio's Ms. Maggie Rillera, 
Welcomes the delegates to the Baguio NYC.

Just like the cool breeze in Baguio City Spanky Enriquez calmly make the STIers understand the latest trends in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

Marisyll Pengson returns to the NYC scene with a thing or two about Professional Imaging.

Bro JC Libiran once again wows the Baguio crowd with his energetic approach on Cashing in your Ideas.

The 20th NYC Boot Camp directors in Baguio City! 
Spanky Enriquez, Marisyll Pengson and JC Libiran. 

Globe Telecom's Business Development Director, Mark Bantigue, talks about the Power of Mobile Applications.

Gian Javelona inspires the STI students once again as he tells his unique journey to becoming the CEO of Orange Apps. Inc.

As Always, Howard Go's insights on how to monetize Mobile Apps shows that it is really a good time to be in this industry.

Friday, January 9, 2015

20th STI NYC in Legazpi City

20th STI NYC Speakers for the 
ICT & Engineering Students in Bicol
Gian Javelona,  Jomar Tigcal 
and Howard Go. 

STI students from Legazpi City 
wait for their turn

STIers coming from Naga City 
take a short break

Eunice Arpon of 
STI College Legazpi 
sings the Invocation Hymn

The Legazpi City Police 
in the Entrance of Colors

Ms. May Anne Vasquez, 
the Deputy School Administrator 
of STI College Legazpi, 
welcomes all delegates 
to the NYC

Jomar Tigcal, 
a freelance Mobile App Developer 
 talks about the basics of 
Mobile App Development 
to STI students.

Orange Apps Inc. CEO
Gian Javelona shares 
his story on why he is known as 
the next Steve Jobs

Mochibits.Com Co-Founder
Howard Go shares tips and tricks
in the Mobile App Industry

Spanky Enriquez gives
STI students the latest in
 the Hospitality world

Two STIers share why Bicol is known all over the country

Alma Cabagay talks about Professional Imaging

The two STI students shown here are about to demonstrate 
how to walk with confidence

Bro. JC Libiran talks about 
turning ideas into Cash

Bro. JC gets students 
involved in his talk

STIers enjoying the activity

The G-Style dancers of STI College Legazpi in an intermission number

The STI Dance crew from Naga City takes on the dance floor

John Kenneth Bagasala wins the Myphone Rio Smartphone