Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Mutya ng Pilipinas 2007 Experience

My good friend Ms. STI 2001 Jeanne Harn won last April this year's edition of the Ms. Philippines-Earth pageant. She invited me to come over and take pictures of her during that pageant, unfortunately I was in Thailand that time and wasnt able to go. I was so happy she won but sad I wasnt there to witness the event, much more take pictures.

Luckily Ms. STI 2006 Zerah Mayon another good friend of mine joined the Mutya ng Pilipinas 2007 pageant. They were 30 candidates in all and there were lots of beautiful and witty girls in their batch. STI has been a proud sponsor of this event the past three years as the provider of computers and tabulation systerm. We were in tandem with SGV one of the top auditing firms in the country. As head of the STI tabulating team I had the opportunity to see the scores as they were judged, but as a true professional I just let two of my boys handle that and concentrate more on helping out on the support team and at the same time document the event.

When the results came out I was like a stage father cheering for my friend. She made it to the top 15 and top 5. That alone was victory for us already.

During the final Q&A, Zerah's answer was just okay, not stunning and unfortunately there was quite a grammar slip. Well, i thought that her dream came to and end since all the other candidates answered well. I remember before the pageant I told her to just have fun and enjoy the pageant since she said she was quite nervous...unfortunately it got the better of her.

Then I realized & remembered what the organizers wanted in the final judging, 40% Beauty of Face, 40% Beauty of Figure and 20% Beauty of Intelligence! Well... there is still a slim chance I told myself. When the results were announced by the emcee Marc Nelson, It was like winning a UAAP championship again, my bet, my friend Zerah was crowned Mutya ng Pilipinas Asia Paicific International 2007. I was so happy I was there when it happened.

Two Ms. STI winners and two pageant wins in a year! The Lord has blessed us so much this year.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Mutya ng Pilipinas 2007 Beauties Paraded

Its beauty pageant time once again and I am quite lucky that the past year our group has provided computers and tabulating systems to numerous pageants. Name it we tabulated it. There was Mutya ng Pilipinas, Mr. & Ms University (and international pageant), Maharlikang Pilipino (male only pageant), Ms. Philippines Amazing Beauty (gay pageant), Ms. Young International and Ms.Earth.

This year i think we will be looking at numerouse pageants again and the Mutya ng Pilipinas is just the start. Thirty lovely beauties were paraded at the Subic Bay Yacht CLub for this year's mutya. Feast your eyes on these lovely ladies. When the Mutya Candidates paraded in their swimsuits their total beauty was exposed. The one thing that made the evening exciting was that the girls were allowed to mingle with the guests. It was fun time to meet these beauties. That night I dreamed that I was with all of the beauties. Unfortunately, I came out as the winner! Nya nya nya.


Five Random Facts about MHEL G.

  • I am not dark – just deeply tanned
  • I am not fat – coz i'm already obese
  • I am not a snob – I just can't recall your name
  • I never took drugs – minsan lang
  • I don't drink, I dont smoke - that why my life is so miserable

Mhel Gee's Advise for 2010 Political Ads

  • Dapat ang mag endorse kay Manny Villar ay si Efren "Bata" Reyes.
  • I think to become a winner, Prosper Pichay should tie up with the Ms Earth winners para may pag-tataniman ang Pichay
  • Binay wins again, dapat ang eksena ng political ad niya ay eksena sa bingo " sa letrang B and mayor ng makati - Mayor B9!"
  • Mayor Alfredo Lim's slogan - To All Drug Lords and users, I am not A-Fred!
  • Quezon City is known as the ICT capital of the Philippines - "QC is being run by 1 MB" (Mayor Belmonte)


(This Blog was previously posted in my multiply site. Since I believe its what i normally have, i'll try to post more random thoughts when the time permits me.)

When I am busy and cannot focus on my job because of some random thoughts, I believe that the best thing to do is blog about it. Maybe after a while I’ll get “Blogging Rights” on the thoughts I have written down.
By doing that, I can move on and concentrate on my work. So here are some random thoughts that has been occupying a space of my mind.

Random Thoughts
After Manny Pacquiao won over Jorge Solis there were many speculations who Manny’s next opponent will be. Remember he knocked down Barrera, Marquez & Morales and almost every Mehicano around. Because of that ilalabas na ng mexico ang kanilang huling Alas para lumaban kay many- si Zorro!Abangan Pacquiao –Banderas sa Sept.
Watched the Movie Dream Girls and I was overwhelmed by the songs sung in the movie. I downloaded 12 songs of the movie, uploaded it to my iPod and listened to it day in and day out. The result was that even in my sleep I was thinking of Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Hudson singing their hit songs. Kaya pala Dream Girls ang movie.
I’ve developed a problem with my sleeping. I sleep at 1AM and wake up at 5am. Sometimes being awaken by random thoughts like these. I made an appointment with my doctor to address this concern. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the appointment kasi nakatulog ako eh.
I’ll be going to Bangkok two weeks from now. My friend who made the same trip got sick when he came back and advised me to take it easy with the Thai Food. That’s where he got his “Thai-phoid.”
A friend of mine once asked me a question, he said what is the difference of a Lasallian from a Lasallite? Well to finally end discussions here it is. A Lasallian is a person who studies in De Lasalle while a Lasallite studies in CSB. Why? Same school, same system …but lite!

THE GIFT (2nd Part)

After college came the most exciting part of my life-unemployment!
Fortunately I got accepted in a company that made me interact with a lot of people.

"Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the 1995 Toyota Tamaraw. This vehicle is so special that we call it the special Fx. It has power windows, power door knobs, power steering and when you ride it has power rangers!" After selling so many vehicles then for five years made me conclude that cars are different from hotcakes. For one hotcakes don’t have arrogant customers who buy them. Well being a vehicle sales man had a lot of fun but the fun begun when I transferred to STI.

It is in STI where I finally found my true love- my work. Yes many days and nights of careful planning of events and meeting people from different walks of life made me ponder on a lot of things. It was through these events that I finally found the meaning of my life and that is making people happy.

You know, I have always thought where this wit, humor and jest came from, well the answer is simple, it came from God. I am quite happy that all of you laughed at my stories because if not then I would’ve disappointed the Lord God for I have let him down for not fully utilizing the talents that he has given me. All my life since I was a kid, I have always been the dark person who added light to a lot of people. That is why I told myself that sharing laughter is a God given talent that I should be generous in sharing.

That is why my dear toastmasters, I encourage each and everyone of you to search within yourselves and think what is it that God has given you, what talents do you think is worth sharing with others. Well if you have not thought of any then there is a problem, but if you have thought one then be generous and share it with others. Because if you do that then there are two possibilities and that is you have lived your life to the fullest and not lived your life in vain.

My dear friends, guests, co toastmasters, please take my advice, I don't bring it home anyway.

Ladies & Gentlemen: I am Mhel Garrido and my speech is “The Handsome Elegant Garrido Is Fabulously Talented: THE GIFT”


Welcome to my Blog spot. To start off I would like to share this Blog I previously wrote in my multiply site. This kinda summarizes a thing or two
about me. Enjoy reading

This speech was delivered last August as the first of ten speeches for the Toastmasters International Group STI Chapter. The objective of this speech is to introduce the person giving the speech to the group. Incidentally the speech was inspired by another Blog entry I posted in my multiply site)

When my parents married, times were so hard that they had to sacrifice a lot. For starters they had to let go of one of my three elder siblings. So what they did was kept my two sisters and drowned my elder brother. That was when my brother learned how to swim. Unfortunately for them after a few years I came along, and to make both ends meet they decided to sell me to a Cannibal. The cannibal then wanted a taste test first before buying me so he chomped off a bit of my finger. Then he said, "Hey this one tastes funny!"

My dear toastmasters that remark inspired me a lot that I wanted to live a life full of wit and humor. Wit and humor, I wanted to wit for more hue to come into my life. Fortunately it came not literally but in different parts of my life. I think I got my humor from my parents. My mother followed my uncle’s advice and took up Pharmacy when she was in college because she wanted to be a Farmer. Well, later on she became a dentist. My father wanted to be like her mother who taught History in our province, well later on he discovered that if he become a history teacher he won’t have much of a future. So he came to Manila and took on a job which many people call a mythical job – an honest lawyer.

Well I grew up in a neighborhood that loved to play outdoors, we would spend endless hours playing marbles, tops, Filipino favorites like “piko” “agawan base” and end up in the evening playing my all time favorite in which I am the world champion, the game of “Taguan.”

Then it was off to school. My friends always thought that I was intelligent, most probably because I spent a lot of time in school. Like all youngsters I had lots of dreams then, I was thinking of becoming a doctor but unfortunately I had thought I cannot endure all of that because I had no patience. I also toyed on the thought of following my dad’s footsteps and become a “liar.” Well things turned out differently when I started my college life.
Imagine, it took me just three years to finish first year college! After that time, my school took the liberty to help me graduate when finally my IQ surpassed my waist line.