Wednesday, June 13, 2007

THE GIFT (2nd Part)

After college came the most exciting part of my life-unemployment!
Fortunately I got accepted in a company that made me interact with a lot of people.

"Ladies and gentlemen, presenting the 1995 Toyota Tamaraw. This vehicle is so special that we call it the special Fx. It has power windows, power door knobs, power steering and when you ride it has power rangers!" After selling so many vehicles then for five years made me conclude that cars are different from hotcakes. For one hotcakes don’t have arrogant customers who buy them. Well being a vehicle sales man had a lot of fun but the fun begun when I transferred to STI.

It is in STI where I finally found my true love- my work. Yes many days and nights of careful planning of events and meeting people from different walks of life made me ponder on a lot of things. It was through these events that I finally found the meaning of my life and that is making people happy.

You know, I have always thought where this wit, humor and jest came from, well the answer is simple, it came from God. I am quite happy that all of you laughed at my stories because if not then I would’ve disappointed the Lord God for I have let him down for not fully utilizing the talents that he has given me. All my life since I was a kid, I have always been the dark person who added light to a lot of people. That is why I told myself that sharing laughter is a God given talent that I should be generous in sharing.

That is why my dear toastmasters, I encourage each and everyone of you to search within yourselves and think what is it that God has given you, what talents do you think is worth sharing with others. Well if you have not thought of any then there is a problem, but if you have thought one then be generous and share it with others. Because if you do that then there are two possibilities and that is you have lived your life to the fullest and not lived your life in vain.

My dear friends, guests, co toastmasters, please take my advice, I don't bring it home anyway.

Ladies & Gentlemen: I am Mhel Garrido and my speech is “The Handsome Elegant Garrido Is Fabulously Talented: THE GIFT”

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