Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Welcome to my Blog spot. To start off I would like to share this Blog I previously wrote in my multiply site. This kinda summarizes a thing or two
about me. Enjoy reading

This speech was delivered last August as the first of ten speeches for the Toastmasters International Group STI Chapter. The objective of this speech is to introduce the person giving the speech to the group. Incidentally the speech was inspired by another Blog entry I posted in my multiply site)

When my parents married, times were so hard that they had to sacrifice a lot. For starters they had to let go of one of my three elder siblings. So what they did was kept my two sisters and drowned my elder brother. That was when my brother learned how to swim. Unfortunately for them after a few years I came along, and to make both ends meet they decided to sell me to a Cannibal. The cannibal then wanted a taste test first before buying me so he chomped off a bit of my finger. Then he said, "Hey this one tastes funny!"

My dear toastmasters that remark inspired me a lot that I wanted to live a life full of wit and humor. Wit and humor, I wanted to wit for more hue to come into my life. Fortunately it came not literally but in different parts of my life. I think I got my humor from my parents. My mother followed my uncle’s advice and took up Pharmacy when she was in college because she wanted to be a Farmer. Well, later on she became a dentist. My father wanted to be like her mother who taught History in our province, well later on he discovered that if he become a history teacher he won’t have much of a future. So he came to Manila and took on a job which many people call a mythical job – an honest lawyer.

Well I grew up in a neighborhood that loved to play outdoors, we would spend endless hours playing marbles, tops, Filipino favorites like “piko” “agawan base” and end up in the evening playing my all time favorite in which I am the world champion, the game of “Taguan.”

Then it was off to school. My friends always thought that I was intelligent, most probably because I spent a lot of time in school. Like all youngsters I had lots of dreams then, I was thinking of becoming a doctor but unfortunately I had thought I cannot endure all of that because I had no patience. I also toyed on the thought of following my dad’s footsteps and become a “liar.” Well things turned out differently when I started my college life.
Imagine, it took me just three years to finish first year college! After that time, my school took the liberty to help me graduate when finally my IQ surpassed my waist line.

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