Friday, February 28, 2014

19th STI NYC in Davao highlights

Mr. Allan Gonzales, 
STI College Davao's
Deputy SChool Administrator
Welcomes all delegates to 
the 19th STI NYC

Mr. Rommel Gestopa is 
once again the host of 
the 19th STI NYC Davao leg

Mr. Spanky Enriquez talks about being responsible netizens

Students from STI Tagum
sing a song for 
the intermission number

Mr. Sonnie Santos shares 
 "Keep your words sweet
for one day you will eat them!"

STI College Davao students perform in this intermission number

Mr. Edwin Ebreo says that 
"Failure is not the opposite of success but is a part of success!"

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

19th STI NYC in Gensan Highlights

Ms. Alona Siarzo of 
STI College Gen. Santos 
sings the invocation hymn

Ms. Roda Cabuga, 
the Deputy School Administrator 
of STI College Gen. Santos, 
Welcomes all the delegates to the NYC

Ms. Eden Torrecampo 
of STI College Gen. Santos 
is the host of 
the STI NYC GenSan leg.

Mr. Spanky Enriquez tackles 
the latest issues about Social Media
 in the country

Ms. Jessa Morales 
of  STI College Koronadal 
makes the crowd roar 
with her song number

Mr. Sonnie Santos tells STIer's 
to use hashtags to add value 
and not just for fun

STIers from STI College Tacurong 
in a highly powered 
dance number

Mr. Edwin Ebreo looks for students 
who have good communication skills

STIers from  Gen. Santos 
wows the crowd with
their dance number

The Speakers and host lead
the singing of the STI Hymn

Friday, February 21, 2014

19th STI NYC in Cagayan de Oro City

Invocation Hymn by the STI Performing Arts of
 STI College Cagayan de Oro

Welcome Remarks by STI College CDO 
Senior School Administrator
Mr. Christopher Maque

Ms. Cham Sordevilla of STI Malaybay 
is this year's NYC host

 Mr. Spanky Enriquez showing STIers 
the influence of Social Media
"Social media is your media, 
Use it wisely, use it responsibly!"

A very rousing intermission number 
from a student of
STI College Pagadian

Mr. Sonnie Santos says 
" Use Social Media to add value to your lives!"

Another intermission number this time 
from the gorgeous students from STI Dipolog

Mr. Ricky Bunag asks every student 
to build their own "brand" online.

Students from STI Iligan show
 another brand of entertainment

STI College CDO's Performing Arts group 
give another energetic number

Monday, February 10, 2014

STORIFY version of the 19th NYC in Metro Manila

SINTA 2014

Back at Dulaang Sibol

“Alalahanin, Gunitain...nang puso nati’y wala pang galos, pangarap nati’y wala pang gapos!” Those are just one of the few lines that Mr. Onofre Pagsanghan has embedded in my mind. SINTA, Mr. Pagsi’s adaptation from the Broadway play “The Fantastics” opened in 1975 and has run for hundreds of performances with most of the nights Mr. Pagsanghan’s daughter Stella playing the lead role adn Jimmy Hofileña playing Narding and Fred Ortiz as Matanglawin. As a matter of fact, the play was put into the big screen with Ariosto Reyes playing Narding.

Joji Quintos and Jocot de Dios as
Mang Anding and Mang Pedring

SINTA eventually recasted in the 90’s wherein the lead roles had Cholo Mallilin and Johnny Bondoc alternating as Matanglawin and Jimmy Bondoc playing Narding.  This year, the old and new members of the cast members of Sinta converge once again not only to reprise their roles but also to help out the Sibol Hesus School Foundation Inc. which was also founded by Mr. Pagsi. Sibol Hesus School Foundation Inc will be sponsoring scholars to the Ateneo de Manila High School and as Tito Lopez said in his speech before the play started, Scholarships don’t come cheap since the tuition fees of the Ateneo is now at P 150,000 a year while Miriam College runs at P 135,000.00 so if you do the math just having a scholar study for six years in the Ateneo will equal lots of money.

One of my favorite scenes

The February 7 and 8 playdates of SINTA had notable Dulaang Sibol Alumni take on most of the "age appropriate roles" with Joey Hofileña playing Matanglawin, Dr. Joji Quinto as Mang Anding, Atty. Jocot de Dios as Mang Pedring, Ali Figueroa as Redentor dela Rosa and Dave Ingles as Tibo. Veteran musicians took over the music of SINTA with Kedy Sanchez and Poch Ambrosio taking on the guitars. This was the February 8 playdate which I watched. The two remaining playdates will be on February 14 and 15, 2014 respectively. Tickets are included with each P 250.00 donation for the February 7th and 15th shows while P 500.00 for the February 8th show and P 1,000.00 for the February 14th Valentines day show. Donations outside of these are encouraged and will be warmly received.

Ali Figueroa as Redentor and Dave Ingles as Tibo

If ever there is a chance you want to help out and donate to the Sibol Hesus School Foundation Inc. directly you can contact either Dr. Jojo Mendoza ( Dr. James Simpas ( and Tito Lopez (   Donations can come even anytime since six years in high school will definitely need lots of money and the time to solicit money from family and friends will be harder since a lot of us have already given to various projects related to the Yolanda tragedy. A friend of mine once said that one thing nice about the Ateneo is that Ateneans take care of themselves and this is something definitely very "Sibol like" and definitely very "Atenean like!"   I am just lucky to be associated with Mr. Pagsi and the Dulaang Sibol family because it has helped me become a man for others.  So to my friends reading on, be the miracle and hope you can contribute to this cause.

 The music crew

Note from Dr. Jojo Mendoza (2/14/14): Due to the public's demand of SINTA, the show will be extending its 2014 run with new shows on February 21,22,28 and March 1, 2014 at 7:00 pm at the Tanghalang Onofre Pagsanghan (Dulaang Sibol). For ticket reservations, you may contact Mrs. Sylvia Aldana at the Ateneo High School English Department, Cholo Mallillin at the Ateneo College Office of Student Affairs, Atty Tito Lopez at or through Dr. Jojo Mendoza 0915-7871899. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

19th NYC in Metro Manila the biggest ever

STI College Global City's 
Stage Group
interpret the Invocation Hymn

A view from the seats

Spanky Enriquez discusses the 
Do's and Dont's in Social Media

Sonnie Santos points out that Social Media is like a double bladed sword - its both beneficial & dangerous

Ricky Bunag of STI College Bacoor discusses Cloud Computing to 
IT students of STI College Caloocan, Fariview, Las Piñas 

Ricky Bunag shows 
how a server works  

Ms. Rica Rustia - Uy of 
Philippine Airlines talks about
the tips, tricks & trends of the "Service Industry"

Edwin Ebreo asks the audience 
about their future

A view of the crowd that totaled 24,000 STIers in 4 days and 
8 sessions of the NYC

Edwin Superable of
 STI College Novaliches 
was the host of the Feb. 5 NYC

STI College Global City Alumna
AJ Abuallata was the host of the February 6 and 7 NYC