Sunday, June 27, 2010

Tambay Moments in June

Louise, Cathy and RJ
with the Real Aga Muhlach

I hardly got to go out this month. Had so much to do at work, places to go to and even the sportsfest took a lot of my time after office since we had to practice for our cheerdance compeititon. That is why any chance for me to go out, I grab the opportunity. Here are some "Tambay" moments with mah Gurls.

AGA with the Apple of my Eye

Let me hold your hand Net

The Huggable Bear with
the Lovable Lawyer

Please handle my boobies with care

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Balayan Fiesta 2010

Gheanne, Louise,
Monirah & Zerina
all soaked up
Our thanks to our gracious hosts STI College Balayan whose very respected President, Christy Dimaano invited us to this event for the nth time. This year I chose to bring my Volleyball team members to have some bonding within themselves and experience the fun in this fiesta. Here are some highlights from the fiesta.

Mah Gurls with Christy Dimaano
of STI College Batangas
during the parade.

We also visited the house
of Louise's friend, Jaja Andal

Me and Louise having fun

The Showdown between
STI Volleyball players and
STI College Balayan Faculty members

YOurs truly with
the STI College
Men's Volleyball Team
The Pogi with the
STI College Olympians
Women's Volleybelles

The Pogi with the Ladies

Friday, June 18, 2010

NBA 2010 Finals: Purple Reign Part 2

In a game of wills, the team that is aching to get back at their tormentors made the more difference. The LA Lakers overcame a 13 point third quarter deficit to beat 83 – 79 the only team that has tormented their franchise consistently, the Boston Celtics. Kobe Bryant led a balanced attack by the Lakers as he scored 23 points and also had 15 rebounds. Pau Gasol churned in monstrous numbers as he added 19 points and 18 rebounds with 9 of those coming from the offensive end. The other game 7 hero is Ron Artest who sank a pivotal three pointer in the last minute to quell the last rally staged by the Celtics. Derek Fisher added another 10 points.

Celtic legend Bill Russel congratulates Kobe Bryant

The Celtics started the game like they were a team on a mission as the green team opened up a 23 -14 first quarter lead as the Lakers started the first quarter with a 22% shooting clip on 4 of 18 shooting from the field and 4 of 7 from the line. Kobe only scored 3 points in the first quarter which is usually your gauge if he will score tons of points. The Celtics still managed to hang on till they erected a 49 – 36 lead with 8 minutes and 23 remaining in the third quarter. The Lakers refused to give up as they uncorked a blistering 17 – 8 run that cut the Boston deficit to four 57 – 53 at the end of the third. Bryant, Gasol and Lamar Odom helped hands to cut that lead. In the fourth, the Lakers went to Bryant and Gasol to take the lead 66 -64 with 5:56 left in the game and the Lakers never looked back.

Artest's defense prevented Pierce from brining
back his 2008 heroics in this series

It was a sorry loss for the beantown team since a lot of firsts were registered in this loss. It was the first time the Celtics lost to the Lakers in a games 7. It was also the first time multi-titled coach Phil Jackson and Kobe Bryant beat the Celtics in the finals. As Kobe Bryant said “How can I become the greatest Laker ever if I don’t beat the Celtics!” Now it can be said….and they can do it again next year.

Davis and Artest battle for a rebound

Good defense prevailed this time as the Celtics vaunted All-Stars shot poorly with Paul Pierce shooting 5 of 15, Rajon Rondo 6 of 13 and Ray Allen a disappointing 3 of 14. After his record breaking game 2 shooting spree he was never the same as he went 0 for 16 in Boston and 4 of 12 in the last two games at the Staples Center. He shot 36% in the 7 game series. It seems like since his numbers went down, Boston had no other weapon to go to outside. He was shut down by the Lakers defense. Talking about Lakers defense, the unsung hero in this series is Ron Artest who in a way limited Paul Pierce to numbers that he is not comfortable of. Yes Pierce was dominating in some games but not as spectacular as he was in 2008. Lastly, the Celtics failed to capitalize on the horrendous shooting of Kobe Bryant who went 6 of 24 in this game 7. Obviously the Celtics made it all the more difficult for Bryant to score so he found other ways by sinking 11 of 15 free throws, most of them in the pay off period.

Kobe does the worm dance

Three years ago Kobe Bryant was asking the LA Lakers to trade him to another team for he was unhappy with the LA Lakers. He felt that he doesn’t want to be a part of Lakers rebuilding process. Asked where he wanted to play he said he could even play in Pluto if need be. Luckily for the Lakers he stayed on and then the best thing happened, the Lakers traded for Pau Gasol and they went to the 2008 NBA Finals. We all know what happened in that series and this win is the culmination of that rebuilding process that the Lakers were trying to do. Like what they say, you can rebuild by being competitive. The Lakers have time and again traded for the big names and the ones who can contribute to the them winning a title. Remember your Lakers history – the acquisitions of Kareem Abdul –Jabbar from Milwaukee and Shaquile O’Neal from Orlando gave the Lakers 8 titles, Gasol is in the same boat as he has now contributed 2.

2nd Finals MVP for Kobe

Congratulations to the LA Lakers. Kobe Bryant was voted the Finals MVP and he deserves the accolade very much for he is the most consistent player in the finals as he averaged 28 pts per game, 8 rebounds and 3 assists. At the same time his scoring was somehow not that high because most of his shots were contested and the degree of difficulty on each shot taken was on the “highly difficult mode” but he converted most of them. Now the next thing in the minds of the Lakers after Revenge has been done – will the Purple Reign extend into a dynasty. See you next year.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Tears for Pierce and the Celts as they lose bigtime

Pau Gasol rattles off a pass to Shannon Brown and Brown elevates with his face almost in the ring dunks the ball. Paul Pierce drives to the hoop and his dribble was bothered by Sasha Vujacic, he eventually loses the ball and Lamar Odom gives a forward pass to Jordan Farmar who dunks the ball over a trailing Kevin Garnett. Sasha Vujacic sinks a three pointer and so does Ron Artest. Finally the supporting cast that Kobe Bryant was longing for when they were in Boston came alive as the Los Angeles Lakers returned to Hollywood with a morale boosting 89 - 67 win over the Boston Celtics which sets the stage for fourth game 7 battle between these two teams.

Kobe Bryant played his usual role

Reminiscent of game 1, the Celtics were literally outrebounded, outhustled, outworked by the younger Lakers who got a new lease of life. Led by the ever reliable Kobe Bryant, the Lakers played like a well oiled machine and took advantage of the many miscues by the Celtics. The Celtics were playing like kids and never knew what hit them. At one point, the Celtics were missing on point blank range shots with Glen Davis and Ray Allen missing a couple. The 67 points that the Celtics scored was their lowest output in this year’s play offs.

Three Lakers go for the ball

No one would have imagined that the always resilient Celtics would be blown away like this. Imagine Ron Artest who came to LA to provide a defensive presence outscored 2008 Finals MVP Paul Pierce 15 to 13. He was just doing it at both ends of the court. Artest was 3 out of 6 from beyond the arc. Another one providing the needed spark for the Lakers is Lamar Odom who scored 8 points, pulled down 10 rebounds, 2 block shots and one steal. Sasha Vujacic on the other hand rediscovered his shooting touch as he went 2 of 4 from three point range to score 9 points. The big revelation for the Lakers was Pau Gasol who resurfaced with a near triple double by scoring 19 points, 13 rebounds and a career high 9 assists. The Lakers coasted with the win after leading by as much as 27 points. Game 7 is now a reality.

Bynum Squeezed

Let’s give a little history and trivia here. The Celtics are gunning for # 18 while it’s going to be # 16 for the Lakers if ever. Boston lost by twenty points to Cleveland and Orlando and in each of those losses the Celtics rebounded with a big win. Phil Jackson has won 10 NBA Titles but this is the first time he will be coaching a game 7 finals game. The Celtics and Lakers have figured in 11 finals matches with the Celtics winning 9, on the other hand 4 of those went the distance with the Celtics coming out victorious in all four. If the Lakers win it this time this will be the first time the Lakers will win a game 7 against the Celtics. Not even the great Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson won a game 7 against the Celtics. History is on the side of the Celtics but momentum is on the side of the Lakers – the plot thickens. Who will win game 7? Lets get it on guys.

Farmar Hacked

Monday, June 14, 2010

Celtics take 3 - 2 lead with game 5 win

Now the real Boston Celtics are in town and they all came to play. After their second stringers helped them big time in their morale boosting Game 4 win, the Celtics relied on their All-stars to counter the incredible shooting of Kobe Bryant as they scored a 92 – 86 win against the Los Angeles Lakers and take control of the series for the first time with a 3 – 2 lead. Coming to the play-offs the Celtics who were seeded fourth in the East were not given a chance to make it to the finals, but now they are one win away of securing their 18th title.

Pierce led the Celtics again

The first half was a prelude to the shoot-out that was about to ensue in the second half. The Lakers started the game missing their first six shots that the Celtics took advantage of by leading 6 – 0. Andrew Bynum returned and combined with Derek Fisher to take a 15 – 14 lead. Paul Pierce on the other hand countered by making shots that gave the Celts a 22 - 20 first quarter lead. Pierce then combined with Kevin Garnett and Rajon Rondo to put the Celtics on top after 24 minutes of action with a 45 – 39 advantage.

Kobe scored 23 straight points for the Lakers

The third quarter was a sight to behold as Kobe Bryant took on the entire Celtics team in a shoot-out that is one for the books. Paul Pierce scored 9 points, Kevin Garnett added 7 points while Ray Allen added another 6 points as these 22 points were matched by the Laker Superstar. Bryant scored on a jump shot, a fade away jump shot, a turn-around jumper, an almost botched alley hoop, two free throws and three three-pointers with one almost 3 feet away from the three point line. The fun part of it was that every time Bryant scores the degree of difficulty of his shots became harder and harder but he still nailed it. Unfortunately that was not enough to bring back the Lakers as his scoring was matched by the three Celtic superstars until Pau Gasol scored with 2:16 left in the quarter. Bryant scored 19 of the 26 Lakers 3rd quarter points.

Tony Allen made good contributions

The Celtics fended off all tries by the Lakers to cut the lead as Bryant got more help from Gasol, Lamar Odom and Ron Artest. Unfortunately the Celtices always had an answer for every spurt that the Lakers were trying to put up. The Lakers last stand came after Rajon Rondo scored on a put back after Paul Pierce missed on a three pointer. His put back put the Celtics on top 87 -75 with 3:56 to go in the game and the Celtics fans celebrating. After that , Bryant would score 5 points while Gasol and Artest would nail one free throw each as part of a 7 – 0 run for the Lakers to close the gap to 87-82.

Pierce crosses the logo

The Lakers had one final chance to move closer as Pierce fouled Ron Artest after Garnett lost out on a jump ball that created a fastbreak situation for the Lakers. Artest had a chance to cut the lead to three but muffed both free throws. After that miss, Pierce who was trying to break away for a fastbreak was fouled by Bryant and the Celtics sued for time. During the inbound play the Celtics almost turned the ball over but Pierce found Rondo dashing to the basket whom he hit with a pass and Rondo made the shot. That sequence killed the Lakers chances of turning the game around. This is the first time that the Lakers are trailing a team in a series. The Thunder and Suns equalized but lost out in Game 5 which the Lakers used to as a hinge to win their series. Now they are going back to LA needing two more wins. This time, the plot thickens once again. If game 5 is an indication, Game 6 will be another shootfest.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Celtics even series 2 - 2!

The 2010 NBA Finals is down to a best of three affair with no team wanting to blink. So far it has been a game of reactions as the Boston Celtics reacted to their game 3 loss by answering other matters that they lacked in game 3 -bench scoring. The Celtics bench outscored their counterparts to give the Celtics a complete team approach on the game as they came out on top again 96 -89 against the defending champion Los Angeles Lakers to even the series to two games apiece.

Glen Davis ala Barkley move

Three Celtics superstars were defended well once again by the Lakers as Ray Allen missed all his 4 three point shots which makes him 0 - 12 at the Boston garden and 0 of 13 if you add his game 1 stats. He has been on a slump after his game 2 shooting clinic. Kevin Garnett shot 38% on the floor, a bad figure for a big man who instead of mixing it up inside is content to just shoot the jumper. Rajon Rondo on the other hand was not his persistent self as his court presence made another houdini act. So how did the Celtics win - the answer is Glen Davis and Nate Robinson.

The beasts celebrate

Time and again these two warriors has shown that they can make the big plays when given the opportunity. Glen Big Baby Davis scored 18 points in 22 minutes while Nate Robinson added 12 in 16 minutes of action. Those bench points were enough to stem the tide while the Lakers were resting their big guns. Unfortunately for them Andrew Bynum rested his knee after playing for only 12 minutes. That development made Davis run berserk as he was close to being an immovable unstoppable force beneath.

Ray Allen is still scoreless beyond the arc

Kobe Bryant led the Lakers with 33 points despite shooting 45% from the field and turned the ball over 7 times. Pau Gasol was his usual intimidating self as he scored 21 points after being held to 13 in game 3. The only problem for the Lakers was the third and fourth scorers who just contributed measly numbers which eventually led to them scoring their 2nd lowest points total in this year's play-offs. Sasha Vujacic has been a disappointment so far while Jordan Farmar, Shannon Brown and game 3 hero Derek Fisher were far from what was expected of them.

Kobe was 6 for 11 from 3 point land

On the other hand, six Celtics scored in double figures which gave the Boston team a balanced offensive attack. Pierce led the scoring with 19, Davis added 18 big points, Kevin Garnett had 13, Ray Allen and Nate Robinson 12 and Rajon Rondo 10 points. Now how can you contend against a team that has 6 players score in double figures. If there is one thing that excites me is the fact that I know that games 5, 6 and if ever 7 will be another classic battle.

Garnett vs. Gasol - who gives in first

Olympians get back at La Union selection

The Olympians with Mannix Ortega

Maturity in the game of basketball is something that is experienced and in due time nurtured so that when the time comes the wisdom gathered will be used wisely. That is what the veterans of the STI College Olympians Seniors basketball team gained in their trip to San Fernando La Union - that their maturity in the game of basketball is in full bloom. This year, the Olympians will be led by four veterans namely last year's NAASCU Mythical 5 member, Forward Jerald Bautista, athletic guard Norman Ihalas, defensive stopper Bryan Daguplo and wily center Maclean Sabellina.

Norman on the drive

Daguplo, Ihalas and Sabellina are the only three remaining Olympians who were part of the 2008 team that went to the NAASCU Finals. Ihalas was suppose to be a part of the 2007 team, he made it to San Fernando La Union that year to bond with the other Olympians but eventually went back to Cagayan de Oro. He eventually rejoined the Olympians the year after and is now one of the steady influences of the team in and out of the court.

Jerald Bautista for two

Bautista on the other hand was suppose to be a member also of that 2007 team but opted to take his chances with an NCAA team. Unfortunately, he did not get the break from that team he joined and eventually found himself back in the STI line up. Last year, he was the only Olympian in the Mythical 5 of the NAASCU. This year his offense will be the focal point of the Olympians campaign.

Henri explodes to the basket

Bryan Daguplo on the other hand is the soft spoken leader of the team. He plays good defense, can nail the three pointer if needed and can also mix it up inside. STI is already his second tour of duty in manila since he went back to Cagayan de Oro after his first stint with a Metro Manila based University did not go the way he wanted it to be, this time he is wiser and more calculating.

Keno surveys the field

Finally, the youngest of the veterans is an agile center who can shoot from the three point region, can block shots, rebound and play superb defense. He is the Olympian's star in the waiting - Maclean Sabellina. Sabellina played college ball fore the STI College Cagayan de Oro basketball team back in CDO. After being spotted by Coach Vic Ycasiano, Sabellina fit in the STI team rightaway. He is counted on to give 100% on defense and his best in offense. As I mentioned, he is one of the players we believe can hopefully make it to the PBA.

Abby Chavez drives to the hoop

These four veterans were all instrumental in leading the team to a 85 - 82 win against the veteran San Fernando local team which happens to be a team funded by La Union Board Member Mannix Ortega. This veteran team gave the Olympians a rough time scoring and a harder time defending them as elbows and sprawling bodies were seen whenever an Olympian would aspire to score. Luckily no one was badly hurt.

RK Morales calling a play

The home team led at the half behind the impeccable shooting of forward Melvin Fontanilla who combined with Mannix Ortega to secure a 46 - 40 halftime lead. But, like a nightmare that seldom goes away, the Olympians pummelled the La Union team to submission to take the lead for good after three quarters 65 - 62. The Olympians showed poise in the fourth quarter and was not intimidated by the rough housing they got from their veteran opponents. The win thus avenged the team's loss to the same team in 2007 - the year the Olympians went all the way to win the NAASCU crown.

Cedric drives to the basket

There was a different feeling for the Olympians basketball team. Although they were leading at the start of the third quarter, the Olympians showed that they are strong as individuals but exceptional as a team. Their tenacity on defense and ability to recover after botched plays showed their maturity. Eventually the other players served notice by helping out add some points. JC Po added 10 points while the others had their fare share in nailing a three pointer and making a basket inside the paint. This game is a gauge on how the Olympians can withstand the bumps and bruises of going up against a tough team. Now we can say that the Olympians are ready for the NAASCU wars.

Cedric is challenged

Box Scores:

Ihalas 16, Po 10, Daguplo 8, Ablaza 8, Labrador 8, Alcantara 7, Bocablo 7, Melano 6, Bautista 5, Gabo 5, Morales 2, Moreno 2, Sabellina 0, Henri 0, Chavez 0, Villadoz 0,

M. Ortega 16, Fontanilla 14, Sison 10, Casugay 9, Cummings 7, Javier 6, Salazar 5, Lete 3, Pulido 2, Dulusin 2, Aquino 2, P. Ortega 0,

Quarterscores: 18 - 18, 40 - 46, 65 - 62, 85 - 82

Junior Olympians beat La Union NBTC Team

Junior Olympians pose before the game

The STI College Junior Olympians leaned on the game long brilliance of Eric Sanchez and Keno Alcantara as they came back after being down 16 points to beat the La Union National Basketball Training Center Youth Team at the San Fernando Plaza in San Fernando City, La Union. The Junior Olympians groped for form the whole game and then finally got their game going in the last two minutes as they won by a whisker 90 - 88.
Eric Sanchez scores

Eric Sanchez, the team's best scorer scored 28 points. His game included three pointers, fastbreaks, drive to the hoop and jumpers. Name it, most probably that offensive arsenal is in his book. When all the chips were down he gave the Junior Olympians a lift by scoring those three pointers with a hand in his face. .

Keno Alcantara scores

The other offensive weapon of the Junior Olympians is Keno Alcantara. The slippery point guard who also has a good range and slithery moves to the hoop helped chop down the 10 point Nokia NBTC lead in the last two minutes as he and Sanchez ignited a killer 15-3 blow that shattered the backs of the La Union youngsters. Alcantara dropped a three pointer and the winning basket as he drove to the hoop to give the Junior Olympians a morale boosting two point win.

Keno eludes his defender

The La Union NBTC Squad was led by the sharp shooting Erven Silverie who sank 7 three pointers including the long triple to tie the score at 88. He eventually led all scorers with 30 big points. His booming three pointers gave the Nokia team a lead of 16 points. Much to the delight of the hometown crowd that cheered the Nokia boys with much gusto, the Junior Olympians bucked the odds by not buckling under pressure and scoring at the right time. Silverie is surely a one of a kind shooter and was immediately offered by the Olympians coach a spot in the team if he opts to study in manila.

Mark Dulalia on the drive

Congratulations to the Junior Olympians, with a month to go, we hope that your progress will continue so that the team will be ready for the 10th NAASCU Basketball season.

Box scores:

STI College (90)
Sanchez 28, Alcantara 22, Ortega 12, Duilalia 9, SaldaƱa 8, Sabacahan 4, Parinas 4, Untalan 2, de Leon 0, Turringan 0, Magampo 0, Sarmiento 0,

Silverie 30, Jucar 16, Ojales 8, Amparo 8, Ojales 7, Villoria 6, Wines 5, Moskito 5, Louie 3, Big mak 0

Quarter scores:
11 - 17, 34 - 43, 56- 68, 90 - 88

Thursday, June 10, 2010

STI College Olympians Team Bonding 2010

A welcome respite for the Olympians

Being superstitious is one trait that Filipinos have a lot in common. Sometimes you have to relive things over and over again so that you will be able to get the same result. I do not consider myself as such but sometimes when you replicate things there is something at the back of your mind that makes you wish that the result will be the same.

Waiting for the food

Three years ago, the STI College Olympians visited the city of San Fernando La Union to be able to create a team spirit with the veterans and the rookies of the team. The Olympians had to put behind them their tumultous 2006 campaign that saw them lose the title to rival AMA Computer University after bickering for the team's leadership became the focal point of the Olympians downfall.

The Juniors take a dive

The team has just reinforced their line up with quality recruits and is bound to come out with a good run in the forthcoming 7th NAASCU. We all know how that story ended. It was one of the best seasons of the Olympians as they rolled over the opposition and won the title. The team went 17 - 1 that season, represented the NAASCU in the Champions league and won third place.

Henri braves the storm

Like what I mentioned there is no assurance that the same thing will happen this season but indications of the same results will hopefully come out. This is the first time in the last five seasons that the team is already formed and ready to fight at this point in time. And like what other teams encounter during the season, we hope that the bond that will be made in this three day team building will help them create a spirit of commitment to the ultimate goal.

Olympians enjoying the La Union beach

The STI College Olympians will be fighting separate battles in the Seniors and Juniors Divisions and we hope that this can be the start of another banner season. These games were arranged to see how they will respond to the physical plays of the veterans of the La Union selection.

Olympians take a dip in the pool

We pray that these kids will commit to what we have started and hold their heads high when they enter the court as they represent STI in the fourthcoming season. GO STI COLLEGE OLYMPIANS - YOU CAN DO IT!

Jump for joy