Monday, June 7, 2010

Bellydance 2010

The fourth time seemed to be better than the previous three. Rather than tire out the audience with countless recitals and countless solos, the organizers of the Bellyfest finally made headway by thinking of other ways to present the dances without boring the crowd. Besides the show, various activities were added to add spice to the show. All in all it was a successful run for Bellyfest 2010 since a lot of new faces were seen aside from the usual Bellyfest faithfuls. Various blogs about the event were written and all them gave a thumbs up review of the event. Congrats Jill Ngo and to my bestfriend Louise Sarte, thanks for the invite.

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lois_lane said...

Hi Mhel! I am so happy for the good reviews this year! Thank you for always supporting us!