Wednesday, April 26, 2017

STI College Santa Rosa bags STI NBT Title

The STI NBT 2017 National Champions
STI College Santa Rosa

The last time STI College Santa Rosa was in the STI NBT Finals two years ago, their fourth quarter meltdown literally gave the game away as STI College Global City ran away with the crown. Last school year, they got shocked by a determined STI College Malolos team in the cross-over semifinals and they never got to the finals. This year, Team Santa Rosa went back to the basics – excellent defense, teamwork and focus which was the key in bagging their first ever STI National Basketball Tournament title by beating defending champion STI West Negros University 84 – 72.

June Aliparo does what he does best

STI College Santa Rosa’s prized guard June Aliparo used this year’s championship game as his grand stage as he erased the ghost of past frustrations and turned it into a glorious ending as he pumped in 38 points to lead the Laguna cagers to victory. If one were to say that Aliparo was unstoppable would be an understatement as he scored at will to give the Santa Rosa squad the lead and consistently punctured the hoops every time the West Negros team would come back.

Belocura on the drive

The game started with both teams sizing each other up and trying different ways to score and stop the other team from scoring as both teams battled toe to toe and played superb defense – the defense that is usually played during championships. The defending champs had Renz Solomon, Paulo Pontevedra, Rouichi Belocura and Max Dunlap score their 11 first quarter points while Santa Rosa had Aliparo and veteran guard Raul Guerrero score the nine points on the defenses that were provided them.

Intense battle of big men

When the second quarter came, it was June Aliparo time as the sharp shooting Santa Rosa guard scored sixteen of his team’s 27 points on two for two shooting from the two point area and four of five from beyond the arc. The defending champs take pride on their defense and they threw everything on Aliparo but unfortunately for them there are some things in basketball that cannot be defended – a person’s heart. Aliparo showed how big his heart was as he single-handedly carried the Santa Rosa offensive load.

Jan Almoro on the drive

STI West Negros was about to take control of the second quarter when they led 16 – 12 after Solomon sank a three pointer. Sensing a run that was about to happen, Santa Rosa Coach called a time-out with still 8 minutes to go in the quarter.  After the time-out, Aliparo scored ten points and presided over a 14 to 4 run that turned the tables around and give STI College Santa Rosa a 28 – 20 lead with 4:59 to go before half-time.  The Laguna team eventually held on to the lead at the end of the half 36 – 28.

Aliparo posts up Solomon

At the start of the third period, STI West Negros began to come back as the defending champs put the cuffs on the Laguna based Santa Rosa team that saw Belocura and Adjie force some turnovers, score and infect their team mates with their defense. STI WNU eventually tied the count at 40 – all after Charry Cadase hit a three pointer with still 8:03 left in the period. Both teams would eventually fight it out tooth for tooth in the final eight minutes that saw Santa Rosa up a notch 61 – 58 at the end of the third quarter.

 Garcia scores on this jumper

The fourth quarter was all about focus and team work for team Santa Rosa. Team Santa Rosa was holding on to a 67 – 62 lead with eight minutes left and both teams showed excellent defense by not allowing anyone to score in a two minute span. Then came June Aliparo’s game switching, momentum turning, Title changing three pointer that broke the backs of the defending champs as it put the Laguna cagers ahead 70 – 62 with six minutes left in the game and momentum at their side.

Renz Solomon drives to the hoop

At this point, the Bacolod based defending champs looked like there was no more gas in their tanks as their pressure defense was easily broken by the Santa Rosa press break that resulted in baskets from Rey Romualdo, Jan Almoro and Jestoni Hercia. The Santa Rosa team defense on the other hand forced the West Negros team to a paltry 20% shooting in the fourth quarter as the West Negros team missed sixteen field goals that spelled their doom. In story book fashion, Aliparo would ice the game with his two free throws and give them their well-deserved championship.

The STI NBT Most Valuable Player
June Aliparo
STI COllege Ortgias - Cainta

June Aliparo’s efforts were recognized as he lifted the Most Valuable Player of the tournament trophy. He was also part of the Mythical five team together with his teammate Jan Almoro, STI WNU’s Jaycee Adjie and Renz Solomon and Jerico Nograles of STI College Las Pinas.

The STI NBT 2017 Mythical 5

The road to redemption for STI College Santa Rosa was a long challenging but fulfilling one. For Raul Guerrero and Rey Romualdo, their sacrifices proved to be worth it as they played out their final game with honour and they earned the respect of their peers. Both players were instrumental in the final quarter and it was just fitting that both scored 12 points apiece to end their NBT careers on a high note. That means that next year will be another exciting battle as all mythical five players will be back while the rest of the fifty one schools will be loaded with talents for next year’s NBT. Until then, let us savor this victory first for STI College Santa Rosa – the STI National Baskaetbll Tournament National Champions.

The Box Scores:

Aliparo 38, Guerrero 12, Romualdo 12, Almoro 8, Hercia Jes.  7, Karamihan  4, Fabic  3, Hercia Jer.  0, Proximo  0, Ursabia  0, Regalado  0, Dimaranan 0,
Cadase  21, Solomon 17 , Adjei 12, Belocura 11 Carmona 5, Dunlap 4, Pontevedra 2,  Carumba 0,

Quarter scores: 9 – 11, 36 – 28, 61 – 58, 84 – 72 

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

STI College Santa Rosa brings down Las Pinas, enters finals

June Aliparo eludes his defender

STI College Las Pinas once again started the game with their hot shooting and it looked like a monumental upset was in the making. Unfortunately for them, STI College Santa Rosa eventually found their rhythm and had enough time to compensate for their first quarter mishap to beat STI College Las Pinas 78 – 53 and enter the STI National Basketball Tournament finals. This will be the return of the Laguna based team to the finals after they missed it last year.

 Merced from way out drains this three

In the first quarter, STI College Las Pinas got off to a blazing start as their version of the Splash brothers, Danico Merced and Mark Ruallo, went 5 of 12 from beyond the arc. In contrast, STI College Santa Rosa had a plagued stricken 1 of 11 with ace gunner June Aliparo missing all his five shots. The Santa Rosa offense was in shambles in the first quarter as most of their shots were rimming out or can't find the range.

Jeric Hercia blocks the shot

STI College Las Pinas then seized the opportunity to lead in the first quarter 24 – 15. It was the most points that STI College Santa Rosa has given out the past four days. STI College Las Pinas would eventually hold on to the lead at the end of the first half 38 – 35 even as the Santa Rosa team were finding it hard to break their offensive slump. 

Karamihan on the drive

Basketball is a tale of two halves, the beauty of the game is that one can come back and make amends on their mistakes. This what STI College Santa Rosa did as they unleashed the full strength of their offense by scoring willingly inside the paint on their set plays and tortured the Las Pinas team with their flawless fastbreaks. 

Mark Ruallo for three

Veteran Santa Rosa guards Raul Guerrero and June Aliparo anchored STI College Santa Rosa’s crippling 25 – 5 third quarter that broke the game open as the Laguna cagers ended the quarter a mile ahead 60 – 43. Guerrero scored 10 third quarter points while Aliparo who finally found his mark added 8 points as the Santa Rosa duo on the other hand put the cuffs on the Las Pinas guards.

Raul Guerrero for two

In the fourth quarter, the Splash brothers shooting tapered off and STI College Santa Rosa finished the game strong. The Laguna team just coasted in the last four minutes of the came as STI College Las Pinas conceded the outcome and gave their counterparts the game. The win allowed STI College Santa Rosa  for another epic battle against STI West Negros University in the championship. 

Romualdo pulls down the rebound

Rey Romualdo was as beast inside the paint as he finished the game with a double-double of 19 points and 12 rebounds. Guerrero chipped in 17 points while Aliparo added 10. Ruallo and Merced scored 14 and 11 points respectively for the STI College Las Pinas team while Jerico Nograles missed having a double-double as he had 9 points but had 16 rebounds.

The box scores

Romualdo  19, Guerrero  17,Aliparo  10, Karamihan  7, Almoro 6, Hercia Jes.  6, Ursabia  6, Fabic  5, Proximo  2, Hercia Jer.  0, Regalado 0 , Dimaranan 0,
Ruallo  14, Merced 11, Nograles 9, Salvia 5, de la Cruz  4, Negrido 4, Apachicha  3, Rico 2, Gutay 1,Ocampo 0, Zaballero 0,

Quarter scores:  15 – 24, 35 – 38, 60 – 43, 78 – 53

Monday, April 24, 2017

STI WNU survives STI College Balagtas 81 - 77

Jaycee Adjei was perfect from the field

Defending champion STI West Negros University showed the stuff that they are made off by fending off a late rally by STI College Balagtas to win the cross-over semifinals 81 – 77 and become the first team to enter the STI National Basketball Tournament National Finals Championship game.   Zane Carumba sank the insurance basket with seven seconds left to give the Mustangs a four point cushion. STI College Balagtas muffed their remaining field goal to send STI WNU to the finals and a chance to defend their title.

The triumvirate of Jaycee Adjei, Renz Solomon and Ronel Panogadia pummelled the STI College Balagtas defense to no avail as the three had a field day in scoring as Adjei and Panogadia scored almost willingly inside the paint while Solomon manufactured his points after being hounded by the Balagtas guards.

Jason Maglalang on the offense

Adjei went a perfect 11 for 11 from the field as his drives surprised the slow reacting Balagtas defense that made him score a team high 23 points. Panogadia on the other hand was the master of the pump fake that made him score 8 points on free throws. Panogadia had a double - double as he scored 16 points and pulled down 17 rebounds and contributed three steals. Solomon on the other hand looked for ways to shake his defenders as he took over in the third quarter scoring 10 points of his 21 to go with his six assists and a steal.

Jonas Reyes is fouled

The first quarter was like a see-saw battle as STI West Negros started with a five to zero run which resulted in a Carlo Tan Time-out for STI College Balagtas.  After that ceasefire, STI College Balagtas answered with a seven to zero run to lead 7 – 5 that was capped by a John Joson three-pointer in the 5:29 mark.  Both teams would battle it out through two ties and four lead changes to end the quarter at 17 – 16 with STI WNU ahead courtesy of a Panogadia basket.

Plastina on the attack

The second quarter was a game of catch-up as STI WNU would score then STI College Balagtas would counter. Jaycee Adjie’s timely offensive rebounds and offensive penetrations were unmatched by the Balagtas big men. Adjie would score eight second quarter points while the Balagtas team were scoring intermittently. The result was a six point halftime lead for STI WNU.

STI WNU started the third quarter with their guns blazing as they scored ten straight points in the first two minutes courtesy of Adjei and Jay Carmona to take a sixteen point 43 – 27 lead. STI College Balagtas would eventually tighten up its defense and comeback through the efforts of Cayle Plastina, Jason Maglalang, Lito Oraye and Renzy Ecamin as they cut the STI WNU lead to three points in the last minute of the third quarter. Solomon would eventually cap his ten point third quarter with a free throw to end the third canto with his team up by four 61 – 57.

Ronel Panogadia with a jumper

The fourth quarter was similar to the third as STI West Negros opened the quarter with ten unanswered points to go up 71 – 57 as Solomon and Panogadia joined hands to put the Bacolod based Mustangs up with 6:37 left in the game. Unfazed by the West Negros run, the Balagtas team, also known as the Thunders, crawled back by putting up good defense until their guards ignited another rally.

Adjei blocks the ball

Renzy Ecamin and Ivan Macapagal combined for three three-pointers to get back in the game. The three pointers helped the Thunders mount their last ditch effort to salvage their season as they cut the Mustangs lead to one, 75 – 74 with 2:40 to play.  Rouchi Belocura and Charry Cadase would each score one basket each to put the WNU team ahead 79 – 74. Both teams would then fail to score a basket and with 20 seconds left STI College Balagtas sued for time. After that timeout, Ivan Macapagal sank another three pointer to put the Thunder within two points with 17 seconds left. STI WNU went to the paint and Panogadia was fouled. Unfortunately, after sinking his first free throw – Panogadia and Oraye where whistled a double technical foul that disqualified Panogadia since it was his second technical foul in the game. Carumba would eventually seal the game with his free throw.

Cadase jumps high to get the ball

The Box Scores

Adjei 23, Solomon  21, Panogadia 16, Cadase  10, Carmona 6, Belocura 2 , Pontevedra 2, Carumba 1,  Dunlap 0, 
Macapagal  16, Plastina  15, Ecamin  14, Reyes 9, Maglalang  5, Oraye  5, Peralta  5, Mallari  3, Joson 3, Baltazar 2, Mendoza 0, Policarpio  0,

Quarter scores: 17 – 16, 33 –27, 61 – 57, 81 – 77, 

STI College Koronadal outlasts STI College Caloocan 70 -65

Cris Valencia paced Koronadal in scoring again

STI College Koronadal barged into the win column with an emphatic 70 – 65 win over a hard fighting STI College Caloocan team that refused to go out without a fight. The win gave the Mindanao based cagers an even 1 – 1 slate and a share of second spot in Group B in the STI National Basketball Tournament National Finals 2017. The win gave the South Cotabato team the needed boost coming into their last game of the National Finals elimination phase.

Ken Libdan on a jumper

Cris Valencia once again led the hard fighting Mindanao champions as he scored 18 points to lead his team again. The big difference this time was that he had ample help from Kenneth Libdan and who went inside in the first quarter, Paolo Soliva who did damage in the second & fourth quarter and Bernard Caguisano Jr. who waxed hot in the third quarter. Libdan and Soliva each had 13 points while Caguisano had 12.

Basti Berceno on the drive

Down by twenty points at the half and having a hard time getting a basket by scoring only 18 points, STI College Caloocan found their groove in the third quarter and erupted for 27 points to get back into the game. Basti Berceno scored 14 of those 27 points as he single handedly willed his team back after canning three 3-pointers to give them a fighting chance in the fourth quarter by trimming the Koronadal lead to seven at the break 52-45. 

Famulag swats Salazar's tear drop

STI College Caloocan’s defense tightened up in the fourth quarter and cut down the Koronadal lead to four 58 – 54 with just five minutes left in the game. The Mindanao based team then went to Paolo Soliva inside and Cris Valencia to quash the Caloocan rally and score their victory. STI College Koronadal finished fourth the past two seasons and are knocking on the door of getting backt into the final four depending on the final day results.

Bernard Caguisano threeeee!!!

The box scores:

Valencia 18, Libdan 13, Soliva 13, Caguisano B. 12 , Castillo 4, Sulit 4, Ala-an 3, Famulag 2, Morte 1, Bejasa 0, Caguisano J.  0,
Berceño  23, Salazar  13, Patricio 8,  Perez  6, Laysico  3, , Schmidt  3, Sarmiento  3, Atienza  2, Flores  2, Lazaro 2, Salapong 0,

Quarter scores: 23 – 7, 38 – 18, 52 – 45, 70 – 65 

STI College OrCa outduels STI College Novaliches 90 - 78

John del Rosario led STI College OrCa's comeback

STI College Ortigas-Cainta can simply be this year’s comeback kings. The last four games of the Rizal based cagers saw them win two of the games after trailing in the last five minutes and another one today as they got back from 12 points down to beat STI College Novaliches 90 – 78. The win gave the Rizal based cagers a shimmer of hope after absorbing their first loss in the tournament yesterday. 

Vincent Vigil slices one in

John del Rosario, Vincent Vigil and Daniel Reyes presided over the STI College OrCa comeback with del Rosario pouring in a game high of 30 points. STI College Novaliches was led by their shifty point guard Nesty Taguba and got ample support from his team mates but unfortunately ran out of steam in the endgame. Taguba scored 16 points while the trio of Joash Rupisan, Albeth Camay and Rosman Lee each scored 13 points apiece.

Nesty Taguba rattles a three

After a precarious two point lead at the end of the first quarter, STI College Novaliches worked on their defense to force the Ortigas-Cainta team to nine turnovers which they took advantage by scoring nine points off their turnovers. STI College Novaliches would end the half up by ten points as they were smelling the sweet scent of revenge. Unfortunately for them, the difference of the first and second half was like night and day as STI College Novaliches shooting suddenly turned cold. 

Intense loose ball action

In the third quarter, STI College OrCa forced STI College Novaliches to ten turnovers which they converted to 17 points enroute to a 30 point third quarter. The Rizal based cagers held the Quezon City team to just ten points in the quarter and seized the upperhand at the end of 30 minutes of action 59 – 51. 

Al-Balushi challenges Rupisan on this shot

STI College OrCa would hold on to their fourth quarter lead as Del Rosario and Vigil once again provided the firepower to quell all rallies mounted by STI College Novaliches.  Nesty Taguba and Rosman Lee lit up the boards once again as they gave STI College Novaliches one last push to salvage a win, unfortunately though STI College OrTigas Cainta had the answers everytime they were threatened which as a direct opposite to their previous game wherein their offense froze after a while.

Daniel Reyes scores 

Box scores:
Del Rosario 30 ,  Vigil  14, Reyes 13 , Castillo 10, Palanca 6  , Domo  5, Tam-is  5, Al-Balushi  4, Alcantara 3, Afuang  0, Zapanta  0, Cadiente  0,
Taguba 16 , Camay 13,  Lee 13,  Rupisan 13, Ma 10 , Camposano 8, Parinas 4, Varcas 1, Esternon , Cuadra 0,

Quarter scores: 15 – 17, 29 – 41, 59 – 51, 90 – 78 

STI College Santa Rosa remain unbeaten

June Aliparo sizzled for 24 big points

What was billed as the battle of big guns lived up to its billing with both teams coming up with superb plays and intense action.  But when the smoke cleared STI College Santa Rosa came up with more fire power to conquer their long-time nemesis STI College Balagtas 66 – 46 to take control of the top spot of Group B of the STI National Basketball Tournament National Finals.

RJ Guerrero slices the middle for two points

STI College Santa Rosa hotshot June Aliparo lived up to his billing by drilling in 24 points to lead all scorers.  This time Aliparo got the needed support as former Basketball Showdown MVP Jan Almoro had a double double by coming up with 12 points and 12 rebounds while chalking up three steals and two blocks in an all- around game that STI College Balagtas had no answer to.  STI College Balagtas was led by their point guard Ivan Macapagal who had 12 points.

Ivan Macapagal paced STI College Balagtas

The first three quarters had the makings of another blockbuster game as STI College Santa Rosa seized the upper hand early on as they started the game 7 – 0.  After a ceasefire, STI College Balagtas slowly inched back but could only manage seven first quarter points as STI College Santa Rosa forced their rivals to 2 of 16 shooting from the field (12.5%) as the Laguna cagers took advantage of their rivals woeful shooting to lead the first quarter 13 – 7. 

Rey Romualdo on the putback

In the second quarter, STI College Balagtas turned the tables around by showing up with good hustling defense and picking the pockets of the STI College Santa Rosa team. The Bulacan cagers forced the Laguna team to nine turnovers that they translated into eleven turnover points.  Their defense eventually got the Balagtas team into the game and they eventually caught up on their arch-rivals by taking the lead 24 – 23 with less than a minute left in the quarter. STI College Santa Rosa closed out the half to lead 25 – 24.

Jason Maglalang scores

The third quarter saw June Aliparo wax hot as he fueled a 12 – 0 Santa Rosa run to give his team a 37 – 24 lead that forced STI College Balagtas to call a time-out.  STI College Balagtas would then counter with a 7 – 0 run of their own as Ivan Macapagal’s three pointer gave life to the Balagtas offense.  Both teams would engage in a defensive game as STI College Santa Rosa scored 24 third quarter points to give them a 49 – 41 lead going to the final ten minutes of the game.

Jan Almoro breaks the Balagtas press with an easy lay-up

The fourth quarter separated the men from the boys as STI College Santa Rosa once again opened strong with a 13 – 0 run as the Laguna team broke down the vaunted Bulacan press over and over that broke the game open and crush the hopes of STI College Balagtas to come out on top.  STI College Balagtas suddenly collapsed on the wake of the Santa Rosa onslaught as their team scored only five points, had no assists and were outrebounded 16 – 8 by the tough playing STI College Santa Rosa team.  STI College Santa Rosa’s poise showed in the end game that saw them take control of Group B with two wins and the chance to come out on top in their group.

Aljasin Karamihan drives to the basket

 The box scores

Aliparo  24, Almoro 12, Karamihan  11, Guerrero  7, Fabic 4, Hercia Jes. 4 , Proximo  2, Romualdo  2, Dimaranan 0, Hercia Jer.  0, Ursabia 0, Regalado  0,
Macapagal  12, Oraye  9, Maglalang  6, Plastina  6, Mallari  4, Ecamin 3, Policarpio  2, Peralta 2, Reyes 2, Joson 0, Mendoza 0, Baltazar 0,

Quarter scores: 13 – 7, 25 – 24, 49 – 41, 66 – 46 

STI WNU chalks up win #2 against STI College Las Pinas

Renz Solomon limited minutes maximum output

Defending champion STI West Negros University started the game with their second stringers to rest their first five and faced a hot shooting STI College Las Pinas team in the first quarter but eventually got back with plenty to spare to win 87 – 69. STI West Negros grabbed their second win to pace Group A on the second day of the STI National Basketball Tournament National Finals at the Eusebio H. Tanco Gym at STI College Ortigas-Cainta.

Mark Ruallo on the fastbreak

STI College Las Pinas waxed hot in the first quarter as Mark Joshua Ruallo combined with Jerico Nograles and the comeback Paolo Negrido to seize the first quarter 25 – 17.  Ruallo had 10 points after shooting 2 for 5 from beyond the arc while Nograles had 7 and Negrido 5 points. Unfortunately for them, their glory was short lived as STI WNU sent in their MVP candidate Renz Solomon to lead a furious second quarter comeback for STI WNU.

Paulo Pontevedra scores on this drive to the basket

Renz Solomon, STI WNU’s  shifty point guard, orchestrated a vicious STI WNU comeback that saw them outscore STI College Las Pinas 31 – 10 in the second quarter. Solomon scored 12 points, had two assists and two steals in eight minutes of action as he connived with Roiuchi Belocura, Ronel Panogadia and Zane Carumba as STI WNU’s offense went full throttle.

Christian Rico is contained by the STI WNU defense

STI College Las Pinas on the other started to miss shots, were forced to turn the ball over and had a hard time containing the pressure defense of the STI West Negros team. Come the third quarter STI WNU Coach Dennis Tumayan did not let Solomon play again which resulted in a Las Pinas 16 point quarter that eneded with STI WNU still on top 61 – 51. Then when Solomon came in all changed and STI College Las Pinas sensed the inevitable.

Jaycee Adjie scores unmolested

Solomon, together with Charry Cadase, Jaycee Adjie and Belocura ran rings around their Las Pinas counterparts to secure their win. STI College Las Pinas was missing the services of top gunner Leo Merced and was not able to sustain their high octane offense from start to finish as they tasted their first loss in this tournament. STI College Las Pinas needs to beat their next opponent to be able to make it to the Final Four.

Ronel Panogadia is left open for a jumper

The Scores

Solomon 19, Carumba 11, Belocura 10, Dunlap 8, Panogadia 8, Adjei 8, Garde 6, Pontevedra 6, Cadase 5,   Carmona 2, Astorga 2, Tan Jr. 2 ,
Ruallo  24, Apachicha  13, Negrido  13, Nograles 9, de la Cruz  4, Rico 4, Gutay 2, Salvia  0, Ocampo 0,  

Quarter scores: 17 – 25, 48 – 35, 61 – 51, 87 – 69,