Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Salu-salo to remember

I was suppose to plan a trip for my birthday this year. Unfortunately because of so much work the planning went down the drain. So I just decided to have  a simple salu-salo to celebrate my birthday and thankfully even though I had last minute preparations I still had friends who came along to celebrate with me. Thank you Lord for all your blessings.











Sunday, September 28, 2014

STI Talent Search 2014 another success

The Stage is set for the 
STI Talent Search 2014 Grand National Finals
at the Enchanting Events Place
at the Enchanted Kingdom 

The Production Number of 
the Hataw Sayaw Dance Competition 

Former Talent Search Winner 
and now MCA Recording Artist, 
Zendee Tenerefe, 
a proud graduate of
 STI College Gen. Santos 

The BE STI Dancers with 
one of their
 intermission numbers 

With Guest Star Mikael Daez

With another Kapuso star 
Kristoffer Martin 

With Kylie, 
another gorgeous Padilla 

Mr. and Ms. STI 2014 Winners 

Mr. STI 2014 Angle Lemuel Cruz 
of STI College Angeles 
with the other winners 

Ms. STI 2014 Shanice Aquino 
of STI College Angeles 
with the other winners

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Mr. & Ms. STI Pictorial 2014

The STI National Talent Search first glimpse of National Finalists is usually the pictorials we have two weeks prior to the grand event. This year we are proud to announce that CANON is STI's imaging partner for the Talent Search and grand celebration that will happen on September 26,2014 at the Enchanted Kingdom. With me is CANON's Wendy Garrido (who most probably is a relative of mine) who patiently took the photos of the candidates in their casual wear, formal wear and with the STI Be the Hero shirts. Here are some pictures of some of the candidates. Watch out for the online voting of all candidates on monday September 22, 2014.







The very supportive school staff of the Mr and Ms STI Candidates who accompanied them to the STI Head office. Thanks for your support and see you in the National finals.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Return of the King: Blue Eagles take #1 spot in UAAP Basketball

Kiefer Ravena scored when it mattered most

I have said it over and over again and once again i will say it again. What separates the Ateneo from other schools is its rich tradition of excellence.  That tradition of excellence is embedded in the minds and hearts of all Ateneans that is why even in the midst of insurmountable odds, that tradition of excellence sparks up the hearts of Ateneans to make him put his performance on a higher gear.   IIn a game for all the UAAP marbles, the Ateneo Blue Eagles overcame a 19 point deficit in the last six minutes to beat the Far Eastern University Tamaraws in overtime 68 – 64 and get the top spot in the 77th season of the UAAP Basketball tournament with an 11 – 3 win loss slate.

The Masked Man had 13 points & 16 rebounds

The game lived up to its billing as the battle of the top teams with the FEU Tamaraws brimming with confidence as their first five of Anthony Hargrove, Mac Belo, Carl Cruz, Achie Iñigo and Mike Tolomia had fire in their eyes.  The first four minutes was a defensive game with both teams seizing up each other until FEU went on a mini run to end the quarter with a five point lead 12 -7. For the nth time the Blue Eagles started flat again as Kiefer’s jumpers were not falling and whenever he drived to the basket he was met by two to three defenders who ganged up on him.  Chris Newsome was obviously bothered by his mask since his shots too were not falling as he scored only two free throws in the first half.  Enter Von Pessumal as he gets the Blue faithfuls excited but the tight defense put on Von made him miss his shots and much worse made him pass the ball since he cannot get an open look.  Super Rookie Arvin Tolentino was very passive on offense while Nico Elorde cannot find his range.

Von Pessumal shoots a three pointer

Coach Bo experimented with his line up and luckily veteran forward Gwyne Capacio scored 6 points to help the most potent offensive team weather the plague that has just beset them. The Blue Eagles scored 7 first quarter points, 11 second quarter points and  8 third quarter points for a total of 26 points in thirty minutes.  Kiefer Ravena, the league’s leading scorer was held down to 8 points. The Tamaraws were eager to start the fourth quarter and blow away the Blue Eagles since they were on top by 19 points (45 - 26) and they have completely quelled everything that the Blue Eagles did to come back.

Fonso had 9 points & 7 rebounds in 14 minutes of action

One thing that went well for the Blue Eagles in the fourth quarter was the insertion of power forward Vince Tolentino and center Fonzo Gotladera. After going small ball most of the time, the Blue Eagles then went inside. This caught the Tamaraws by surprise as the duo combined for an early mini run that got the Ateneo crowd going. Another thing that is part of Ateneo’s tradition of excellence is its cheering. By waking up the Ateneo sixth man, the Blue Eagles somehow got reinvigorated, the Blue Eagles got their second wind and are now ripe to go into overdrive. After Roger Pogoy scored on a three pointer to give the Tamaraws a commanding 19 point lead (55 – 36) with 6 minutes and 12 seconds to go the impossible happened. A lot of teams would have thrown in the towel but not the Blue Eagles, not Kiefer Ravena, not the Ateneo sixth man.

Three Tams defend Kiefer Ravena

Lets give a blow by blow account on what happened.
6:05 Kiefer Ravena drives to the middle and is fouled! Two free throws 38 – 55.
5:46 Francis Tamsi is fouled but misses two free throws
5:24 Fonzo Gotladera scores on a put back after a Kiefer miss 40 – 55
4:58 Carl Cruz scores on an undergoal stab and is fouled. Misses bonus 57 – 40
4:39 Kiefer Ravena scores on a jumper 42 - 57
4:12 Roger Pogoy shoots an airball
3:58 Kiefer Ravena drives and scores 44 -57
3:38 Anthony Hargrove loses the ball on an errant pass. FEU turnover.
3:25 Kiefer to Chris Newsome who buries a three 47 – 57. FEU calls a time out.
3:19 Von Pessumal steals the ball, passes to Kiefer, gets the ball back and sinks a three pointer that was listed as a two point shot.  49 - 57
3:10 Mike Tolomia misses on the drive.
2:59 Kiefer Ravena misses another three pointer and Mac Belo rebounds the ball
2:40 Mike Tolomia drives to the hoop & misses a floater.
2:26 Kiefer eludes his defenders to score on a lay up 51 – 57.
2:07 Anthony Hargrove drives to the hoop and is fouled by G-Boy Babilonia. Hargrove sinks one of two free throws. 58 – 51 lead by FEU.

Gwyne Capacio jumper to beat the buzzer

1:57 Kiefer Ravena drives to the hoop and is fouled again. Kiefer sinks both free throws, 53-58.
1:40 FEU swings the ball from one side to another to find an open Anthony Hargrove who tries to dunk the ball but got hacked by Nico Elorde. Hargrove misses two free throws.
1:28 Von Pessumal passes the ball to a cutting Chris Newsome who gives the ball to an open G-Boy Babilonia who scores, gets fouled and sinks the bonus free throw 56 – 58
1:10 Carl Cruz misses an open three pointer
1:03  Chris Newsome passes the ball to a cutting G-Boy Babilonia who misses the left handed layup.
0:40 Mac Belo makes a spin move but misses the shot.
0:32 Kiefer Ravena drives to the hoop but turns the ball over
0:27 Mike Tolomia is fouled on the fastbreak. Ateneo challenges Von Pessumal’s two point shot which was eventually called as a three pointer. 58 – 57. Tolomia sinks one of two free throws 59 – 57
0:20 Kiefer Ravena drives and is fouled. Kiefer sinks both free throws 59 - all.
0:03 Mike Tolomia is fouled by Kiefer Ravena, goes to the free throw line and misses both free throws. After Tolomia misses the free throw the ball is tapped out in favor of Ateneo.
0:02 Kiefer Ravena misses jumper. Game goes to overtime.

Nico Elorde three points

What an amazing run for the Blue Eagles to force overtime. In overtime, Nico Elorde started the period by sinking a three pointer. Kiefer followed it up with two free throws and Chris Newsome scored on a floater. This gave the the Blue Eagles their biggest lead of the game at seven points with 2:45 to go. Nerves of steel. The Blue Eagles eventually sealed the win with a split by both Kiefer and Fonzo. In that Ateneo run the Blue Eagles went 7 for 7 from the free throw line while the Tamaraws were 2 for 9 for a measly 22% shooting. The Tamaraws turned the ball over five times and their confidence was quite shattered.

The Ateneo Sixth Man 

The Blue Eagles were scouted well by the Tamaraws which resulted in various defensive plays that prevented the Blue Eagles from running their potent offense. Unfortunately for the Tamaraws, there is one thing that they failed to factor in – the heart of the Blue Eagles and the support of the Ateneo’s sixth man. If you look back at the long tradition of excellence of the Ateneo Blue Eagles, these two factors always work hand in hand in turning something impossible, possible. This Blue Eagle win against the FEU Tamaraws will be another story that will be told again and again and will be part of Ateneo basketball lore as a part of the Blue Eagle’s road to excellence in the UAAP. After two arduous rounds and a lot of obstacles along the way. The Blue Eagles are back on top of the UAAP. Who would have thought that at team with lots of new faces would come out as the # 1 team – only Ateneans believe in that. Just like what Ateneans say to the other UAAP teams - Guys, Look who's number 1! See you on September 24, 2014  when the final four resumes. One Big Fight!

The scores:

Ravena 23, Newsome 13, Gotladera 9, Pessumal 7, Capacio 6, Babilonia 5, Elorde  3, V. Tolentino 2, A. Tolentino 0, Doliguez 0,

FEU (64)
Belo 16, Pogoy 15, Tolomia 10, Cruz 8, Hargrove 8, Inigo 3, Jose 2, Tamsi 0, Lee 0, Denila 0

Quarterscores: 7 – 12,  18 -25, 26 – 45,  59 – all, 68 - 64  

Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bulldogs bite Eagles anew

Kiefer was on mortal mode

Nobody said it was going to be easy. The road to the top is hard and a lot of people will be looking up to bring you down. That was what the Ateneo Blue Eagles got when the National University Bulldogs beat the Blue Eagles 76 – 66.  Five Bulldogs stamped their class on the Blue Eagles by scoring in double figures in what must the best game that the Bulldogs played offensively. Known as a defensive team the Bulldogs shoot 90 % in the first quarter and ended up scoring their most points of the season in this game. The Bulldogs opened up a 22 – 4 first quarter lead and never looked back to score the victory.

Chris Newsome jumper

African behemoth Alfred Aroga led the Bulldogs with 15 points and 11 rebounds. Not only did the Hulking Aroga made it hard for the Ateneo centers, his intimidating presence alone made it hard for the Men in Blue to penetrate the Bulldogs defense as he swatted away 8 shots, the most since Arwind Santos in 2005.  Troy Rosario scored 14 points, Glenn Khobuntin added 12 points and 5 rebounds, Nico Javelona sank two triples enroute to  12 points and 5 assists while lead point guard Gelo Alolino scattered  13 points, had 5 assists and 4 rebounds. Aroga went 7 of 10 (70%) from the field, Rosario was 6 of 8 (75%) while Javelona was 4 of 6 (67%) and Glenn Khobuntin 4 of 8 (50%). Only Alolino had a bad shooting day 6 of 16 (38%). The scoring itself was the story of the game.

The Fonz owned the fourth quarter

Kiefer Ravena had his usual numbers, 18 points, 7 assists, 3 rebounds, 2 steals and 4 turnovers in 33 minutes of action. Chris Newsome ably backed up Kiefer with 12 points and 7 rebounds with Ponso Gotladera showing up once again by scoring 11 points, 8 in the fourth quarter that saw the Blue Eagles bring down the lead to five points 55 – 60 with six minutes remaining in the ballgame. Unfortunately the Bulldogs responded with a paralyzing 12 – 2 run that more that shattered the hearts of the Blue Eagles.

Clint Doliguez's number was called and he
was ready to perform

The Eagles are now tied with NU for second place at 7 wins and three losses, behind them is defending champion DLSU and  FEU with similar 7 -2 slates, the two teams dispute the solo first lead on Wednesday. The Blue Eagles on the other hand will have UST, UP, Adamson and FEU remaining in their schedule. This is a good chance for the Eagles to hone their defense and sharpen their offense if they are to advance to the Final Four. Ten games among the top 6 teams will determine the final seedings of this year’s UAAP so stay tuned.

Nico Elorde on the drive

The scores:
National University (76)
Aroga 15, Rosario 14, Alolino 13, Javelona 12, Khobuntin  11, Diputado 6, Alejandro 3, Neypes 2, Betayene 0, Atangan 0,

Ateneo de Manila University (66)
K. Ravena 18, Newsome 12, Gotladera 11, Pessumal 8, Elorde 7, Capacio 4, Babilonia 4, Doliguez 2, A. Tolentino 0, V. Tolentino 0, Porter 0

24 – 14, 42 – 30, 60 – 47, 76 - 66   

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Blue Eagles bounce back, beat Tamaraws 81 - 78

Kiefer Ravena fakes of Roger Pogoy

The last time the Ateneo Blue Eagles had brothers donning the  Blue and White uniform was in the 1996 season when the Sison twins helped the Blue Eagles in the dark ages of Ateneo basketball. Last sunday, the Blue Brothers Kiefer and Thirdy Ravena combined for 27 points, 10 rebounds and 7 assists to  help the Ateneo Blue Eagles bounce back from a loss to the NU Bulldogs and beat a never say die FEU Tamaraws team 81 - 78.  The win put the Blue Eagles in solo second place with two more games remaining in the first round of season 77 of the UAAP.

The Ravena Brothers

Kiefer Ravena and Chris Newsome both bounced back from their subpar performance against the NU Bulldogs and led the Blue Eagle's balanced attack against an FEU team that never gave up until the last second of the ballgame. Ravena scored 23 points, 10 more than his previous outing, issued 7 assists and pulled down 5 rebounds for another all around game that saw him nail down the crucial basket during crunch time. In the final 3 minutes with the  Blue Eagles just on top by 2, 68 - 66, Ravena scored on a jumper, a three - pointer and two free throws to give the Eagles  a 75 - 66 lead with 1:12 to go in the game to give the team in Blue the needed separation before a searing rally by the tamaraws that eventually fell short.

Chris Newsome & Nico Elorde bounced back from subpar games

Chris Newsome started the offense for the Blue Eagles as he scored on jumpers to keep the Blue Eagles withing striking distance of the tams who went inside the paint courtesy of Anthony Hargrove.  Newsome scored 17 points on 7 of 9 shooting and also pulled down 7 rebounds. Point Guard Nico Elorde had 5 assists and finally got his offense going as he scored 12 points which came mostly on passes by Kiefer when he was double teamed. Von Pessumal on the other hand erupted in the second half as he scored 9 points in the third quarter after having a hard time heating up in the first half. The three definitely gave Kiefer the needed help in scoring.

Von Pessumal on the drive

Super rookie Arvin Tolentino's game unfortunately took a day off as he went 1 of 10 from the field as he scored on a three pointer and two free throws. However, the revelation of the day came from the former Juniors UAAP MVP Thjirdy Ravena who scored 4 memorable big points.  Given more time to play, Thirdy made the most out of his time as he stymied FEU's Mike Tolomia in the time that he was on the floor. His defense made it hard for Tolomia to score which the Blue Eagles used to their advantage that helped in giving enough separation for the Ateneo team. One rookie goes down, another one rises up to the occasion. Come the second round, his grit, defense and confidence will be needed for the Blue Eagles to go all the way. Special mention also goest o Gwyne Capacio who only played 8 minutes but scoed 5 important points, had 2 rebounds and a block shot. The Blue Eagles are definitely on the right track for a final four spot.

Kiefer on a fadeaway

Ateneo (81) 
K. Ravena 23, Newsome 17, Elorde12, Pessumal 12, A. Tolentino 5, Capacio 5, T. Ravena 4, Gotladera 2, V. Tolentino 1, Babilonia 0, Apacible 0

FEU (78)
Belo 22, Tolomia 15, Hargrove 13, Pogoy 8, Dennison 5, Cruz 4, Jose 4, Tamsi 4, Iñigo 3, Escoto Rus. 0, Escoto Ric. 0

Quarter scores:  14 - 16,  35 - all, 58 - 54, 81 - 78

Thanks to Arvin Lim and Raddy Mabasa for their great pictures of the Blue Eagles

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Bulldogs beat Blue Eagles

Kiefer sizing up the opponent

Coach Eric Altamirano of the National University Bulldogs and his coaching staff has coached Kiefer Ravena and Von Pessumal in countless National Youth Games in the past. The Awesome twosome eventually became the focal point of the Bulldog defense that saw them bleed of their points that did not help the cause of the Blue Eagles against the Bulldogs. This familiarity was what NU brought in the game as the Sampaloc based Bulldogs scored a hard earned 64 – 60 win against the previously unbeaten Ateneo Blue Eagles at the MOA Arena to tie the Blue Eagles with the same 3 wins and a one loss card.
Von drives and pops

The Bulldogs used their tight guarding defense as their calling card as they started the game with a straight man to man defense and dared Kiefer to drive and by the time he goes to the paint he is met by either 6’6 Henri Betayene or 6’7 Troy Rosario or another big man in 6’7 Alfred Aroga.  Kiefer eventually missed all his seven field goals, got four points from the line but issued a nifty assist to Von Pessumal that resulted in a three pointer and an alley-hoop pass to Chris Newsome that resulted in a thunderous dunk by the awesome forward. The quarter ended with both teams tied.

Kris Porter started this game

In the second quarter Kiefer finally sank a field goal to lead the Blue Eagles offense. The Phenom went three for three from the field including a nice three point play. Helping him out in the scoring chores is rookie Arvin Tolentino  who dropped 7 second quarter points. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs capitalized on Tolentino’s lack of defensive intensity as NU’s power forward Troy Rosario constantly attacked him and scored a ton of points to help the Bulldogs recover lost ground and lead at the end of the half 33- 31. It was the first time in four games that the Blue Eagles trailed at the half.

Coast to Coast lay up by Arvin T.

If the second quarter saw Kiefer never miss a field goal, the second half saw him never score on onel. The Bulldog defense continued to hound him on defense as guard Paolo Javelona shadowed him throughout the quarter that had him become a facilitator on offense instead of scoring. Arvin Tolentino and Fonso Gotladera, the San Beda Connection of the Blue Eagles, carried the fight in the third canto as the two would score eight and four points respectively as the Eagles still trailed after three 43 – 49. 

The NU Defense on Kiefer

The Blue Eagles played catch up and with 1:32 left, and the Bulldogs proctecting a 57 – 56 lead, the game eventually became a free throw shooting contest.  The Bulldogs put the game away by scoring on 7 of 15 free throws while the Eagles went 4 of 5 from the stripe and Kiefer missing a cruical free throw that summed up his shooting woes.  Those seven free throws were enough to give the Bulldogs a four point spread at the time the Blue Eagles launched their last offensive.
Arvin sank three three pointers

Just like what basketball purists say there are times when you encounter a team that totally outhustles you, dictates the pace of the game and slows down your run and gun game.  That was what the Bulldogs did. They played straight man to man so that our shooters will be covered most of the time. They fouled the Eagles on the break to prevent them to run, and most importantly clog the middle to intimidate the slashers. Kiefer did score 13 points but went 3 for 19.  For the second straight game, Rookie Arvin Tolentino topscored with 17 points and 9 rebounds, 9 of those coming from beyond the arc, two from the free throw line and  three lay ups including a spectacular coast to coast lay in to posterize Alfred Aroga. Tough luck for the Blue Eagles but this kind on the brighter side, this kind of game blew out the UST Tigers so the Blue Eagles are lucky to have stayed in the game considering that all things pointed against them. Next stop the FEU Tamaraws.

Nico putting the cuffs on Gelo A.

The scores

Rosario 16, Diputado 10, Aroga 9, Khobuntin 8, Alolino 6, Javelona 6, Betayene  4, Atangan 2, Celda 2, Alejandro 1, Neypes 0

Tolentino 17, Ravena 13, Gotladera 7, Pessumal 7,  Elorde 6, Newsome 6, Porter 2, Lim 2, Babilonia 0, Capacio 0