Sunday, May 31, 2009

EK new hit - Pop Noggins

While wandering at the Enchanted Kingdom,
we stumbled upon a fun shop that records this funny video.
We had so much fun recording this "Pop Noggins" Video

The Star in the City

Star CIty is one of the major theme parks here in the Philippines that has a knack to improve on whatever it has. I remember 15 years ago when my sister in law was still pregnant with her 4th kid, we went to Star City to ride its main attraction then, the Zyklon Loop. It was one of the first roller coasters here in the philippines that has a loop. Interesting.

As years passed, the park has included numerous attractions that made it a big hit among the locals and foreigners as well. One major inclusion is the Aliw Theatre which gives weekend guests a glimpse of wonderful ballet performances. At one point you can even chance upon watching the very talented Lisa Macuja-Elizalde perform.

Shown here is their very recent show which has been running the past eight months. The show High School Musikahan. It is a the Filipino rendition of "the High School Musical" and this one is done in ballet. The event is a nice rendition of dance and comedy that will surely tickle the fancy of first time watchers and of of people who are very fond of dance. For now I am still awaiting the next show that they will come up with. Its truly a wonderful experience.

Friday, May 29, 2009

13 Things from Boy Abunda

Do not let anyone define you! Who you are today is okay. That is perhaps the most important advice that celebrity talk show host Boy Abunda said as he addressed the delegates of the 35th Philippine Society for Training and Development at the Marikina Convention Center. Boy was a fitting encore for the day that featured various speakers and events on the second day of the convention. His talk was actually entitled "13 Things That I Know That You May Want to Know about Managing Public Figures in the Philippines”

Boy started out with the premise that once a person is a celebrity, private moments are limited to your room and not a moment in the sight of the public. He apologized at first if ever his powerpoint presentation would have some problems since he said it is just his second time to give a power point presentation. "I apologize for that, but let me talk for five days straight and I can do that!" He believes and a lot would agree that his talent for talking is God given. He chose to divulge 13 things because the number 13 is a very lucky number for him and he plans to include verything he talked about in a book that is coming out by lat this year.

Gems picked from his talk include advicing trainers to create their own identities. In doing so he cited that he actually studied numerous talk show hosts but stuck to what he thinks is his identity like the one that people shout at him when he passes by "Explosibong, Exclusibo!" Yes he said its one thing to emulate and copy people who are succesful and people who have become influential to us, but you can never be him. Try to see what your weaknesses and strenghts are and use them to create your own identity. I can actually relate to this. When i am paired with rookie emcees they usually ask me advice or ask me how the hell they can make the people laugh. I usually tell them to just be themselves and leave the merry making to me. If they believe they suck at making jokes then give that to me and highlight something else.

After discussing the 13 things to the trainers, Boy ended the talk by saying that COnfidence in a way is far better than beauty. Beauty fades but confidence goes on, and if you are not confident then fake it. I myself am a believer of this one. The confidence that one exudes makes up for the other flaws that we as persons have. Now, in jobs that commands a lot of public speaking, the reason why people believe you is your confidence in delivering the goods. I really enjoyed listening to Boy most specially since he blabbered away so many side stories which elicited a lot of laugh from the audience. And as he went on he ended by saying that everything passes and nothing lasts forever. This was really an upclose and personal encounter with Mr Explosibong Exclusibo! Nice one Boy, hope next time you can bring your imaginary mirror!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Philippine Society of Training Development

The City of Marikina has been gracious hosts for lots of important events, this time the shoe capital of the country hosted the Philippine Society for Training Development. The event is actually a gathering of trainers from different industries. Here they get to listen to the who's who in training and get to hear what they have to share.

When I arrived I still got the chance to hear Jim Lafferty who is the President of Procter and Gamble PHilippines. I remember him saying that one of the most important things in the company is the need for training. He said if you don't train your people you lose a lot. He is actually correct, specially now that a lot of companies have slashed training from their budgets. It is important because it helps you do your job correctly. One last thing I remember is that he said that if the head of the company doesnt grant your training needs then he should resign from his post. I agree to that, personal growth is very important in a company.

During the break out sessions I came across a good topic which is "Coaching and Counselling in the work place!" Mike Joseph, President of his own Company Performex Inc. is a high profile training firm and Mike specializes in coaching, counselling, mentoring and lots of other stuff. Most of the stuff he shared were mostly general points since he was just tasked to talk for one hour and in that time you cannot fully grasp topics that are that complex. One important thing he shared was his story about a group of people selling fish. Its something you do everyday that has become so common that the routine becomes boring. Along came his saying that "Its not what they do, but how they do it!" Attitude that radically changed their outputs. Mr. Joseph is funny, innovative and full of wisdom, sadly he just got one hour to share his knowledge.

Mr. Sreeni Srivas of ECCI followed suit after the beak out session. ECCI is a leading training and business consulting firm that provides a pragmatic yet dynamic solution to orgainizations in Asia. Their mission is to help companies achieve their performance excellence by making them unleash their full potentials. I honestly did not understand a thing that Mr. Sreeni said because his Indian accent bothered me. I just waited for the next speaker to start.

All in all it was a fruitful day for me I just hoped that I got to hear the other topics more. Hopefully if they get us again as sponsors next year I can attend the full three days. COngratulations to the organizers of the 35th PSTD National Convention.

Coach E Basketball School

Coach E (#11) & the 1986 UAAP Champs

I remember going to the Rizal Memorial Coliseum and watching the opening of the UAAP season 48 of the UAAP which pitted the University of the Philippines Maroons and the Far Eastern University Tamaraws. The game featured the debut of one of the country's most talked about center - Benjie Paras. Paras made mincemeat of his opponents that had PBA bound players in Andy de Guzman , Jack Tanuan and Dodong Postanes. Ably supporting the Tower of Power was the most feared back court tandem during that time, Ronnie Magsanoc and Eric Altamirano. In that game I got to idolize the way Eric Altamirano carried himself and played for the Maroons. He was the X-factor of the Maroons who later on captured their first UAAP crown that season. He was also name MVP of the UAAP that season.

Coach E showing how it is done properly

Altamirano later on moved on to the PBA and played for Alaska, Pepsi and SHell. After his playing career he took to the court once again as a head coach first for his alma mater UP and then the PBA. His experiences as a champion in all levels of basketball propelled him to put up a basketball clinic to be able to create opportunities for kids to learn the game that he loves. The Coach E Basketball clinic aims to give total development to its students in terms of skills and character molding through its dynamic, value-oriented, skill-based progressive training programs. It also seeks to increase awareness and appreciate basketball as a sport that will inspire individuals to have a positive healthy lifestyle. To be able to give each student better supervision Coach E said that his one coach to 5 players ratio defiinitely

Nokia Team Pilipinas 16 & Under Coaches
Joey Guanio, Mon Jose, Coach E. & Vic Ycasiano

Just recently, Coach Eric Altamirano was named the head coach of the Philippine Team of players 16 and under. In his team of coaches are one of former team mates Joey Guanio, former DLSU player and new CEU head Coach Mon Jose and STI College Head Coach Vic Ycasiano. Coach Vic paved the way for STI executives and Coach E to meet and explore other countless possibilities in making sure that the Coach E. basketball clinic will reach greater heights.

The Nokia 16 and under Basketball Team

The STI Education Services Group has moved to its new office at the fort and fortunately on top of their office is a new maple floored basketball court that will be the new attraction for people inside Global City. In launching its new basketball court, the Coach E. basketball clinic has found a new partner in making sure that the youth will continue to learn proper basketball through this basketball school. Yes, the Coach E Basketball school will be at the STI College Academic Center's top floor and it will be its new home. Stay tuned for further stories.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

STI CHED Graduates

(This video was shown during the STI Graduation @ Crossroads 77)

STI TESDA Graduates

(This video was shown after the Graduation Ceremonies at Crossroads 77)

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Leaders Convention Video

The STI LeaderSHIP!

Angels and Demons

“Religion like man is Flawed!”

Robert Langdon is again at it. After cracking History’s most controversial code in the movie The Da Vinci Code, the Harvard scholar and world reknowned symbologist discovers the secret society that has been a long time nemesis of the Catholic Church. As the Carmelengo would put it “Our church is at war, we are under attack from an old enemy – The Illuminati! “ Formed in the 1600’s, the Illuminati were a group of artists and scientists led by Galileo whose progressive ideas threatened the Catholic Faith. The illuminati were persecuted by the church, they were hunted down, persecuted and driven underground. The Illuminati were dedicated to scientific truth, the Catholic Church ordered the brutal massacre to silence them forever. In the movie the Illuminati has returned for their revenge.

For centuries scientists have been trying to understand so many aspects of our world including the moment of creation. That is why scientists created the anti-matter which is their answer to their quest to study the origins of the universe, the Anti-Matter is what scientists call the God particle. The Illuminati has resurfaced and has used advanced science to threaten to destroy the Vatican once again. They have taken possession of the anti – matter and threatened to use it to annihilate Vatican. In their revenge they use the Illuminati path of Illumination symbols of earth, air, fire and water and eventually end with the Illuminati threat - Destruction of Vatican City through Light!

The movie is similar to a treasure hunt that is full of clues and mysteries but this time it turned out to be a suspense thriller. Langdon together with the beautiful Italian scientist Vittoria Vetra embark on a nonstop hunt to find the kidnapped Cardinals through dangerous catacombs, deserted Cathedrals (whose abundance in the Vatican surprised me) to be able to retrieve the Anti-Matter.

I wasn’t able to read the book that is why I was all ears everytime Robert Langdon would talk and share vital information or historical excerpts that would help them find the next clues. The screenplay is extraordinary which puts me in awe with the way the actors narrated their lines and the fast pace of their dialogues makes you want to say “can you repeat what you said?”What I find amusing about the movie is what happens behind the scenes in the Vatican. The constant bickering on protocols and historical data contested and narrated gives you additional knowledge on how the Vatican works and the how the people behind the Vatican cover up their flaws. As Director Ron Howard sums it up, this movie is really Thought Provoking! Congratulations to the cast of Angels and Demons it’s a movie worth watching over and over again.


Sunday, May 17, 2009

This is the Life!

That's Me w/ Mark, Mike & Erwin aboard the Flying Fish

I have often explained to my friends what my job is but they still can’t figure out why my job has so much variety in it. Well, that actually is what makes my job very interesting. It is basically Events Management and I act as the resident Events Manager for STI. Again, the beauty of the events we handle is its variety.

That's me with Louise and Rose

Imagine having to watch a basketball game during office hours since I also act as the Team manager of the STI Basketball team. Imagine getting free rides at Star City since I am the one who manages the STI anniversary which is annually done in Star City. At the same time getting invites to shows at Aliw Theatre. Unfortunately I am not just interested with the shows they sometimes show.

Enjoying the Boracay Sun

One thing exciting is leading the STI tabulation team to various beauty pageants. The beauty of being in pageants has given me the opportunity to meet lots of beauty queens and nice ladies who are now my friends. Imagine that being a part of my work.

Living in Luxury

Lastly, the one thing that makes my job all the more happy is the opportunity to travel AND EAT for free! Just this week our event took us to Boracay and being there is just like working and having fun at the same time. Swimming in nice pools, eating in great restaurants an living in nice hotels definitely beats the stress of preparing for our various events.

Thanks Louise for the Boost!

My job really requires a lot of sleepless nights and stress but when push comes to shove I would never trade it with anything since it’s the happiest job on earth and feeling fulfilled is enough compensation for all the hard work I have done. As what I always say while laying down the pool in a nice hotel and enjoying the moment – This is the Life!

NAIA Terminal 3

Its my first time to travel going out of Manila trhough the NAIA three airport. Needless to say the Airport impressed me. It somewhat looked similar to the Airports of South Korea, Malaysiaand Thailand.

The only funny thing was that when we were about to board, we were led to a bus that transported us to the old domestic airport to board our plane. Hahaha I thought we were going “RORO” to boracay.

Well, I hope these pictures of the Terminal 3 would suffice for the moment. I just hope they can have good maintainance for this very nice airport so that all efforts to make it nice will not go to waste.

Boracay Regency

Three years ago I already asked for a quote from Boracay Regency for the 19th STI Leaders convention. Unfortunately it was not meant to be as we decided to hold the event in Hong Kong instead. This year we were lucky that the Boracay Regency gave us a good price and that we all were excited to be on the new Garden wing of the Boracay Regency.

According to Pan Euro Travel, our official Travel Agency for the event, the Garden wing was constructed two years ago. That means it is quite new and has nice rooms. Lo and behold Boracay Regency did not disappoint as almost all our friends liked the rooms and the food that had for the event.

The Premier rooms have LCD flat screen televisions while the suites have added freebies for the guests coming. The Boracay Regency has three pools and the Garden wing pool is definitely the best among all the pools.

Staying there is a luxury and if the chance permits I will definitely hope that at one point I can go back to Boracay and bring someone to Boracay Regency. I only hope for the best!

The best part here is that I am the one who recommended the hotel! Its great to know that my efforts are appreciated.

Boracay 2009

I am quite fortunate because the past five years I have been to the Island Paradise at least once a year. Usually, whenever we have a Convention either in Iloilo or in Kalibo, we try to pass by Boracay and try to relax and enjoy ourselves. This summer I was fortunate to go back since we had another event in BOracay, the last time we had an event here was six years ago.  Consider the fact that a lot of my friends have not been able to get to Boracay, I am quite lucky that I have sported a nice tan after going to bOracay.

Great Pizza at Shakey's @ Station 2

Since my last visit a lot has already happened and for me the most important establishment that opened in BOracay is the Starbucks Coffee shop. I remember telling my friends that the only thing missing in boracay is starbucks. One of my favorite restaurants, Shakeys also found its way to the Island paradise! COffee, Pizza, what else do you think is missing in this great Island.

Enjoying the pool with Louise & Rose at Boracay Regency

Again, I was quite lucky since the event that I mounted in Boracay had us stay at the Boracay Regency.  Ever since I saw that Hotel when I was going to Boracay I vowed that someday I will go back there and stay in that hotel. Luckily I stayed there in one of their suites for free.  I never imagined I would be there to enjoy the nice services of this Boracay Hotel.  

The favorite hangout of people now is D'Mall since its the one stop shop where tourists and locals can buy nice dresses, souvenir shirts and even authentic Boracay sandals. I for one always buy those sandals everytime I visit BOracay.  One thing not nice during this time of year is that the waters is usually polluted by green weeds that wash up shore. Try going to Bora in January, the waters are fine and clear.   The four days I stayed was really another experience worth blogging and I am excited to go back to the Island Paradise in January.  As General M would say "I shall return!"

The STI 22nd Leaders Convention

The stage is set for the Leaders Convention

Every quarter all School Presidents and School Administrators of STI gather for a consultation on certain matters pertaining to STI and their schools.  The consultation is done for North Luzon, Southern Luzon and Visayas and Mindanao.  During first quarter of the school year, ALL of these Presidents and Administrators converge into one roof and the consultation becomes and event we call the STI Leaders convention.

Guest speaker Dr. Dups wowed the STI Heads

STI is already pushing 26 years and the convention has been around for the past 22 years. The event has been very flexible specially with the guest speakers and other people being invited to join.  Dr. Rodolfo "Dups" delos Reyes share very nice insights on Leadership as he reinforced the minds of all the STI leaders with his one of a kind presentation. The most awaited part of the convention is the Awarding Ceremonies followed suit.  

Elbert was a great host of the Awarding

As we very well know, schools also have a business side and although we recognize the efforts made by our students, we also recognize the efforts made by schools specially on the business side of things.  The convention’s awarding ceremonies honors the schools who have done well in terms of growth, sustainability and over-all performance. 

Rusty was swept but got a sweep

The highlight in the Oscars is the Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Film, here its basically the School Administrator of the Year, President of the Year, Education Center of the Year and College of the Year.  As we all know, the best kind of recognition is being honored in front of your peers and that in itself is a recognition that is unmatched in terms or pride and honor. 

Weng, for the third straight Year

The revelation of the night is Rusty Lagatic of STI Naga while Weng Basilio and STI College Fairview has lorded it over the College scene.  The best part of the convention is that we get to have  a day off for all the delegates to have  a little fun and recreation. See you again next year!

The Leaders of STI

Mike Enriquez wows STI Graduates

He started his story with current events and what was more fresh than the one sided win of Manny Pacquiao against Ricky Hatton.  He said he has met Manny and Aling Dionisia and he was quite happy to be a friend of the one and only unifying force in the Philippines.  He said that Manny’s sensational win got him more than a hundred million pesos with just almost 6 minutes. Impressive as it may look, the most important thing with Pacquiao is that he always looks at himself as a person who improves everytime he goes to the ring. His determination to improve and become better is unmatched. He then mentioned that with all that talent and money, Manny had to start somewhere.


Mike then related his experiences in Broadcasting specially when he was a neophyte and trainee that didn’t get much money but settled for the experience that he got from the people who were more senior than him.  One startling story was his story about how GMA became the No.1 network in the Philippines.  It was not about hiring good people or getting new and better equipment, it was all about the 7 core values that all of them live by heart.  That story really struck me since it just proves that the direction they took made them what they are right now.  Eventually everything else fell into place.

Mike had other stories but he still ended with Manny Pacquioa and the showbiz person that he is took place. (Even though he is from the news sector he still rocked the place) He brought with him a cd of Manny Pacquiao’s new song and sang it with the audience. He was given a rousing standing ovation by the inspired graduates of STI.  With all the experiences he had, Mike Enriquez’s success can be attributed to the fact that he paid his dues by going through all the motions needed to become who he is today. In closing he said “Share your success, the more you share success the more it happens in your life!” Thanks Mike I hope that “hindi ka tatantanan ng Success in your life