Sunday, December 25, 2016

Friday, December 23, 2016

STI Head Office Christmas Party

The STI Education Services Group had its Christmas Party last December 22, 2016 with various themes in a costume filled thanksgiving event. 

Academic Research and School 3 Personnel presents: 
Baywatch meets Tomb Raider

The  School Operations Division gets pirated with 
The Pirates of the Caribbean

Presenting Academic Research & School Personnel 3 in their
DISNEY Costumes

 The Finance Division makes the World War Z and 
Walking Dead characters 
Come to life

 The Communications and MIS Division presents the merging of The Lord of the Rings, 
Game of Thrones and 
Braveheart movies.

 The Academic Services shows their GREASE get-ups

 Here is the Academic Research Team and School Personnel 2 in the movie "Once upon a time in China"

The Avengers together with the  Marvel and DC Characters 
are out to protect 
The Office of the Vice- Chairman and the Office of the President.

The Corporate Information Services Division is out to look for the hidden treasures in 
Indiana Jones 
and the Temple of Doom

Friday, December 2, 2016

22nd NYC in Legazpi City

STI College Legazpi students excited for the 22nd NYC at Hotel St. Ellis, Legazpi City

STIers registering before entering the Convention Hall 

STI students interpret the song " My Redeemer Lives" during the  Invocation Hymn 

Ms. Ave Lowella Nunez leads the singing of the Philippine National Anthem

STI College Legazpi Deputy School Administrator, Ms. May Anne Vasquez welcomes all delegates from STI College Legazpi and Naga to the NYC. 

Motivational Speaker Bro Velden Lim talks to STIers on the value of the starter pack

ConsultAsia's Ms. Tinette Cortes talks about her experiences during her talk entitled Expansion pack 

Veteran NYC speaker Mr. Ricky Bunag talks about his influences as he ends the Bicol NYC with a bang.

STI College Legazpi students do an intermission number 

Yours truly awarding the raffle draw winner with the NYC Speakers