Sunday, May 27, 2012

American Idol Season 11

I have never followed the American Idol until this season. I remember hearing Jessica sing "I Love You I do" a song from the Movie Dream Girls I immediately fell in love with her voice. Surprisingly I began to watch any chance I have and at times see videos in you tube of her songs.  In one time that I watched I was particularly amazed by the wealth of talent that other contenders had.  I got excited with Colton Dixon's rendition of Billy Joel's The Piano Man, got excited with Elise Teston's one of a kind performance of LedZep's "A whole lotta Love." Holly Cavanagh and Skylar Laine were also good performers and I really loved Joshua Ledet's versatility. Philip Philips came out on top but I really think Jessica was also there and gave Philip a ru for his money.  For me, this is video is the best performance by anyone this season as Jessica Sanchez sings with Grammy Winner and Broadway great Jennifer Holliday. I believe Jessica is the next Whitney Houston. Go make us proud girl.

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Junior Olympians beat Blue Eaglets

Erven Silverie on the defense

In the 12th staging of the STI Basketball showdown, STI College Malolos point guard Carlo Jimenez and shooting guard Arvin Detubio combined to beat the Jim Lontoc and Kerjohn Baquiran led STI College Global City team.  The Malolos duo and the Global City tandem played remarkable games during that last game at the STI Gym which was a game worth remembering.

Jim Lontoc pushes the ball

The beauty of the STI basketball showdown is that it is a means to discover unpolished talented players as the four found their way to be members of the STI College Olympians Juniors team. As unpolished gems, the coaching staff guided these youngsters in practice and their efforts were rewarded as they combined to give the killer blows for the Junior Olympians to come from behind to beat the Ateneo Blue Eaglets 73 – 69 at the Freego Fil-Chinese Secondary Collegiate Basketball League at the Philippine Buddachare Academy in Quezon City.

Arvin Detubio rotates the ball to the other side

The Junior Olympians were playing catch up the whole ball game as the Blue Eaglets erected a seven point lead midway through the fourth quarter 62 -55 through the efforts of their young core of Third Ravena &, Mark Nieto, and the veteran smarts of Anton Asistio and Bolek Vitangcol. The Junior Olympians would eventually regroup to tie the score at 69 - all with less than a minute left in the ball game.  With the game on the line, Lontoc scored on a three pointer that silenced the Ateneo bench who was shouting DEFENSE.  The Blue Eaglets did not convert on their next possession and upon getting the ball, Arvin Detubio was fouled and he then iced the ball game with the insurance free throw to give the Global City based Junior Olympians their third consecutive win.  
Carlo Jimenez scores

The Junior Olympians also got good scoring support from veterans Erven Silverie and John Pariñas who was the other inside outside duo of the team.  Nino Romano and Carlo Jimenez orchestrated well while Patrick Aquino who was in foul trouble in the first half gave the ample inside support for the Junior Olympians.  Aquino eventually topscored with 20 points with most of the damage coming inside the shaded lane.

Erven Silverie orchestrates

The other other Olympians including 6-4 Cameroonian Fernando Ngolong and Josh Raymundo are steadily improving and are ably backing up the steady play of the veterans.  The two were also instrumental in coming up with good defensive gems during the game and are also excited to contribute whatever they can to make their play and the team better than last year. 

Patrick Aquino scores

Coming from different backgrounds, fundamentals and basketball knowledge, Lontoc, Baquiran, Jimenez and Detubio who were once out to beat each other are now together playing beautiful music for the Yellow and Blue of STI. The Junior Olympians are on a roll and the best part is that they are still not in peak form and should be improving come tournament time. GO Junior Olympians we are already proud of you do make us prouder.

Box scores:

Aquino 20, Lontoc 14, Silverie 12, Pariñas 9, Detubio 8, Ngolong 4, Jimenez 2, Raymundo 2, Romano 2, Baquiran 0, 

Nieto 17, Asistio 15, Ravena 12, Vitangcol 11, Puno 7, Nieto 3, Gamboa 2, Capacio 2, 

Quarterscores:  19 - 17, 31 - 34, 51 - 53, 73 - 69

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

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