Sunday, November 30, 2008

STI Communications Back Pack 2nd batch

The Backpackerz

Our batch, the second batch of the STI Communications Back pack ended on a good note as all managers and supervisors involved in the training gave their 15 minute presentation on a topic that is comfortable to them. The previous three sessions saw us cram for information last October 16-18, 2008 at the Apex Traning Center of STI at the Market Market mall. The same venue was used for the second training session last November 18-19 which I unfortunately missed while the last training session was November 21-22, 2008 still at the same venue.

Mhel with our very dynamic trainor Maribel Aglipay

There were so many learnings in this training that I for one validated a lot of things that I have been doing in the past but unfortunately had no word to describe the basics of what it really is. I for one have been an emcee for more than 20 years and I was quite excited in the preparation of a presentation. You know what topic I chose to present? Blogging. I actually encouraged all the participants including our one of a kind trainor, Maribel Aglipay, to start blogging.

Presenting Blogging Rights

One thing nice was that even after I finished my presentation a lot of my office mates were still excited with what they heard that they wanted to start immediately and asked lots of questions on how to start their own blogs. I am just happy to learn a lot and infect others to join the Blogosphere and become bloggers themselves. Congrats to Team STI for a fruitful training session.

Mr. & Ms. Tutuban-Philippines 2008

The winners

Divisoria is home to bargain buys and the latest imitations that you can purchase for your direct selling business or just for yourself if you seek to buy items at lower prices. At the heart of Divisoria is the Tutuban Mall which promises a unique shopping experience for all its customers.

Opening number with Candidate # 1

Tutuban is where KKK founder Andres Bonifacio grew up thus the feast and merry making in this place occurs every 30th of November. Tutuban used to be a ricefield and a haven for TUBA, makers, a very popular local drink, where it got its name Tutuban. Eventually in the last 19th century the first train station in the country was constructed and it went all the way from CM Recto to Dagupan City. In the 90's , since the railways are already inactive, the place was reconstructed and is now more popularly known as Tutuban Mall.

Ms. STI 2008, Hazel Cayetano was one of the candidates

In order to improve its image and keep pace with the big malls in the country, Tutuban has launched one of the biggest pageants in terms of prizes as its Mr. and Ms. Tutuban-Philippines gave way to numerous applicants for the P300,000 first prize.The launch started last August and went through many preliminary rounds until it culminated with the coronation of the newest Ambassadors and Ambassadress of Tutuban Mall.

Peter and Bamba, 300k richer

Winners are Peter and Bamba as both of them showed grace under pressure as both of them bested their 15 other competitors and the 300 other applicants who intially wanted to be in their place. Notable judges present were Robina Gokongwei-Pe, German Moreno and Joel Cruz of Afficionado. Congrats to the winners.

Mr and Ms Friendship will have a trip to Boracay. In this picture is Jei Tanjuakio of STI Colleege Recto who was 2nd Runner up in the Mr. and Ms. STI 2006. Pageant. His batchmates who joined other pageants were Mutya ng Pilipinas 2007 Zephorah Mayon and Ms. NAASCU 2007 Edgel Joy Durolfo.

Champion's League Final 8 Coming up

Except for the sentimental favorite in me, I almost got all the winners correct in the first round of the Philippine Collegiate Champion's LEague. Ateneo breezed past Lyceum University while San Beda did the same to . De La Salle University and University of the East likewise came out on top as the two finalists of last year's UAAP thrashed University of San Jose Recoletos and University of Visayas respectively. Most intriguing was how the smaller UE team handled the 6-11 giant of UV.
Arellano University capped its season long brilliance by beating the Universal College of Nursing Dragons while Coach Leo Isaac's other team, the Mapua Cardinals gave the MLQU Stallions their pink slip for the tournament. The Letran Knights arranged a final 8 meeting with the FEU Tamaraws. The tamaraws eliminated 2008 NCAA Runner up Jose Rizal University. The final 8 will roll this week with the following games:

Ateneo Blue Blue Eagles vs. Mapua Cardinals
San Beda Red Lions vs. Arellano Chiefs
De la Salle Green Archers vs. University of the East Warriors
FEU Tamaraws vs. Letran Knights

My picks are the teams at the left side. Good luck and just remember that there can only be one!

STI 14th National Youth Convention Kicks off in Baguio

Me and students from STI College Baguio

CLose to 3,000 STI Students from Northern Luzon flocked the CAP Cultural and Trade Center in Baguio City to witness the spectacular STI road show presentation entitled the STI 14th National Youth Convention. The event seeks to give STI students additional knowledge on specific subjects which is normally not taught in class. The theme for this year's NYC is "Connect, Communicate, Control - Cracking the Code to Success!'

Mhel G. with the speakers Spanky, Jojo and Stanley

I invited MR. Spanky Enriquez, former STI employee and now COO of the Universal Workers Inc., as guest speaker and he confirmed as he tackled the subject "A Blog's Life." This year's first topic encourages all STI students to start blogging. Eversince I started blogging I have always tried to infect everyone since it is something that is quite fulfilling. Mr. Stanley DImain was the second speaker who dwelled on cash management thorugh his topic " PESOnality, Characteristics of a managening your PESO!" The last topic saw Jojo Recio encourage students to build relationships and connect with every STIer he meets if possible.

This Road Show presentation will run from November to February and will culminate with the Metro Manila event come february. If this Baguio NYC is just a preview of the many conventions to come then definitely its one for the books. See you in the NYC!

Connect, Communicate, Control

Mobile Picture Blog;

In April 2008, a certain Alex, Alvin and Kevin got together to address a concern each of them faced: Why was there no way to share mobile photos in a fast, easy and interactive manner? Some websites require users to send in their photos using a special email address, other sites don’t even bother to organize photos in a logical manner.

Cute way to send photos REAL TIME

The three decided to focus on this problem by starting out with the iPhone and making an application and a website they love to use. Their aim is simple – to build the most interactive mobile photo bloging platform in the internet.

Alex is the back-end guru and iPhone architect. He makes sure everything runs as smoothly while Alvin develops the Fuzzy shot front end and iPhone application. Kevin works on the designs and graphics so that everything looks great.

Having early dinner with Zerina at Gateway

Last Thursday evening I came across this application in my iPhone and started to experiment. I was quite lucky because the hotel we got to go to in Baguio City, Holiday Hotel, gave free WiFi access to its guests. By the next morning I was taking pictures of my team and posting them in my newly created MobilePhoto blog courtesy of creators were correct, in such a short while the pictures were immediately uploaded and I have started my mobile photo blog. Here is the link for you guys to see.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Video Blog:The STI All Star Dance Team

This one is the a version of the Pro SHow Gold 3.0 which shows the STI All-Star Dance Team showing their moves. I am quite proud of this one because I shot the pictures and put them all together. I believe its around 500 pictures all in all. Hope you enjoy watching it and see the difference between this one and the previous post.

Video Blog: Mahirap Maging Mhel Gee

I have been reading through my blog and noticed that I have not posted my favorite videos of myself here. The past three years I have stumbled accross a "Picture MTV" software that is called Pro Show Gold. After tinkering with it I kinda got to enjoy making Picture MTVs that I practiced and practiced and came out with lots of videos for friends, specially those who got married. Here is the first picture MTV I did for myself. I have previously posted this in my youtube channel and multiply but what the heck got to get through this as the primary Vlog and then come out with the other Vlogs for comparison. This is version 2.5 of Pro SHow Gold and I will come out with a the third version in future posts. Hope you like it.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Mr and Ms Slimmers World Inc. 2008

Shaun Rodriguez and Michelle Eduarte were adjudged as the winners of Mr. and Ms. Slimmers World 2008. The two winners share their moment of triumph in the photo above as they competed against various candidates who represented the different Slimmers World branches.

It was quite a different pageant since looks are not the only part of the criteria since all candidates were given a chance to give their best aerobic exercise and creative pose to the judges.

The judges were led by Slimmers WOrld PResident ROnald Joseph MOy and their ever beautiful Vice President Ms. Helen Camacho. Other notable judges who were there included Assunta de Rossi, Carlos Morales and Maribeth Bitchara.

The objective of the search for Mr. and Ms. SLimmers World is to intensify and strengthen fitness and health awareness among Filipinos through an exhibition of Slimmers World’s most superb clients when it comes to physique, figure and form.

The competition aims to show the evidence of athletic grace, physique, discipline, symmetry and creative posing of the candidates.

ADMU wins back to back National SBP Titles

News Flash - the Ateneo de Manila vs. Ateneo de Davao Championship game for the Small Basketeers of the Philippines (SBP) National Title. Ateneo de Davao paraded a tall line up with three players standing 5'6 and one standing 5'10! Oh my God and to think these are 11 year old kids. The Ateneo Davao team led by 9 pts in the first quarter, 7 pts at the half and by 1 pt at the end of the third quarter. The Ateneo de Manila team finally caught up with the Davaoeños in the last three minutes and eventually won for themselves Back to Back to Back SBP National Titles!!! Everyone contributed and there was no MVP. It was a total team effort. Congrats to our young ones! You made us proud!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Basketball Crazy S2 Episode 3

The introduction in this episode was quite different as we were called the same way the first five of basketball teams were called.  Our co host for the week is the very crazy big man of the Ginebra Gin Kings, Alex Crisano.



Gabby Espinas had a sigh of relief as he is now gaining major minutes with the Red Bull Barako team.  At the same time he is happy with the new role he has since he was at the end of the bench when he was with San Miguel, the original team that drafted him.  Unfortunately the Barakos are not performing well but on personal note he is doing good and like the time when he Lorded it over the NCAA he is fast emerging as the team’s main man.


Larry Rodriguez on the other hand is a rookie who is starting to find his place in the rotation.  In the few times he has played he has already made a mark specially on the defensive end as he swatted numerous shots including one against our co host Alex Crisano.


Tony Chua, former PBA Governor from Red Bull, discussed with me the confidence that the RED Bull management has on head coach Yeng Guiao.  I asked him why the hell did they trade a whole team away. Remember that the Barakos already gave away Enrico Villanueva, Larry Fonacier, Rich Alvarez, Kerby Raymundo, Junthy Valenzuela, Lordy Tugade and Mick Pinnisi just to name a few. Bottomline its their confidence with the system of Coach Yeng Guiao that prevails. Hope the Barakos bounce back and still do good. Good luck Guys.

Cyrus seems to be the serious type since he answers without smiling and is quite hesitant to lend a smile. On the other hand Arwind was quite relaxed and  said that his role with the team was to play the 2-3 spot. They are already anticipating the tall opponents that they will face so they are placing a lot of tall guys at the wing position. Cyrus is quite at home with the system of Coach Yeng and he said that there is actually no problem playing the same position with Arwind since their overall mission is to win.  Both players are excited to play and since they already donned the national colors in the past they are ready to contribute for the country to gain ground in the forthcoming world championships in 2010.  Good luck guys.

There can only be one

Good luck to the 16 different schools that comprise the sweet 16 and I hope that this year will be the start when all schools in the country will truly honor the best collegiate team in the nation.

 Just some trivia with this year’s Philippine Collegiate Championships. 

  1. The defending champion and favored to win it all is the Ateneo Blue Eagles, UE and FEU won the CCL twice, will Ateneo be the third team to win it twice?
  2. The returnees from last year’s sweet 16 are Ateneo, DLSU, UE, FEU, San Beda, Mapua, UV,  MLQU & Lyceum. Teams from last year that did not make it this year are UST, STI, San Sebastian College, Sacred Heart, West Negros, University of Mindanao
  3. There are two Recoletos teams which come from the same order, the Order of Agustinian Recolets. The teams are the  San Sebastian College Recoletos de Cavite and University of  San Jose Recoletos.
  4. There are three teams that came from the CESAFI UV, University of San Jose and University of San Carlos
  5. If the Arellano Chiefs and Mapua Cardinals meet, what team will coach Leo Isaac Coach?

 Sweet 16 Schedule, All Games will be played at the San juan Arena

November 24, 2008

  1. Ateneo de Manila vs. Lyceum of the Philippines
  2. San Beda  College vs. University of San Jose Recoletos

November 26, 2008

  1. Manuel Luis Quezon University vs. Mapua Institue of Technology
  2. De La Salle University vs. University of San Carlos

November 27, 2008

  1. Universal College of Nursing vs. Arellano Chiefs
  2. University of the East vs. University of Visayas

November 29, 2008

  1. San Sebastian College Cavite vs. Letran College
  2. Jose Rizal University vs. Far Eastern University

I pick Ateneo, DLSU, San Beda, UE, Mapua and Arellano breezing through the first round. If there is an upset in the making it would have to San Sebastian Cavite if ever they make it past the Letran Knights.  The best match up would have to be Jose Rizal University against Far Eastern University with the Tamaraws most likely to advance.


Sunday, November 16, 2008

Basketball Crazy 2nd Season 2nd Episode

The Basketball Crazy second episode took another crazy co host to spice up the show. Makisig brought in the on court serious Assistant Coach of the UST Growling Tigers who was quite a jolly person himself, Coach Beaujing Acot.

ABC 5 just recently created a reality tv show that gave the winner more than 1 million pesos in prizes. Former UE Red Warrior and team mate living in the shadow of James Yap, Luis Palaganas showed his worth as he bested three thousand other wannabe basketball stars to emerge as the first winner of MY MVP. He showed that he belonged specially as he scored 20 points in a game against the likes of Alvin Patrimonio, Vergel Meneses and Ato Agustin who are his boyhood idols. He mentioned that at first it was quite awkward to see play with them but once he got the hang of it he immediately went to work. Coach Beaujing Acot was also a part of the other coaches who worked with this event as well as other players who were part of the top 12 including former NCAA player Robby David and UAAP center Galen Cacha of UP. Luis mentioned that his immediate plans are to hopefully playing the PBL and eventually se this sights in the PBA. Good luck to first MVP!

The Cool Blazers is the sister team of the Pharex team in the PBL. The bulk of their team is composed of players from College of Saint Benilde. CSB Coach Piao Pedillaga together with CSB players Angelica Galan and Julie Ann Paras has now combined with NU players courtesy of Melissa Mandap and Risel Letigio. Normally the concern for teams like this is the chemistry of the team. Mandap and Letigio solves the problem at the slot since they bring their UAAP experience to the fold. Angelica Galan said that the Oracle-FEU Team is what they see as strong contenders since it is bannered by the FEU Lady Tamaraws who just recently won the UAAP Women’s title. The only thing they promised is excitement and hopefully they can do good in the coming WPBL. Good luck gals.

These two players had different teams last year. Remember Joe started out with the Toyota team of Coach Louie Alas and Joe became the PBL Unity cup MVP in the 2006 PBL season. Joe’s mom is actually the Filipino in their family and the only thing he mentioned was that he knows how to talk Filipino but unfortunately he knows only all the cuss words and that he cant say it on tv. I just added its okay since we are on cable TV. Joe eventually became the number one pick in the PBA. He landed a spot in Welcoat but he mentioned that he is quite more comfortable with his role in Alaska. He said that he is now comfortable with Coach Tim’s triangle offense which made him play good the last few games. He said he was focused when they played Rain or Shine since he didn’t want the fact that he was playing his former team give him additional pressure that would change the outcome of the game –luckily they won.

LA on the other hand doesn’t really know why he was traded and he said he has since moved on and let his game do the talking. He mentions that Coach Tim employs the triangle but gives him a lot of freedom in the way he plays. That way he has blossomed and played well the last few games. He also said that being compared to the once prolific Johnny Abbarientos who brought honor to the Milkmen is something that is hard to follow. He said those are big shoes to fill in. LA said that he is also happy to be playing alongside Willie Miller who is a joy to be with because he has a different approach to the game. Although he has learned a lot from his former team mate Olsen Racela, he has now moved on to become a player well respected in the league. Good luck to the Alaska Aces!!!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Ms. Northern Samar is Ms. Turismo Pilipina 2008

Ms. Northern Samar Sherylee Sustiger being crowned by
Ms. Earth 2008 Karla Henry

GANDA NG PILIPINA! The song performed by the candidates of this very prestigious pageant still plays in my mind for the caption truly captures the essence of the pageant. In one of the most celebrated pageants in recent memory, Ms. Turismo Pilipina 2008 united Philippine Pageantry and crowned a worthy ambassador as its first Beauty Queen.

The winners

Representing the province of Northern Samar, Sherylee Sustiger bested 56 other hopefuls as she was crowned Ms. Turismo Pilipina 2008 and won the top prize of P250,000 in cash, a house and lot plus other fabulous prizes which includes an STI scholarship. First runner up was the beauteous Ferina de Paz who represents Muntinlupa while Ms. Antique Emmerie Cunanan won second runner-up.

The Fabulous Production number of all candidates in their Cultural outfits

As I mentioned, it may perhaps be one of the pageants that united the most beautiful women in the Philippines in recent years. Turismo Pilipina is headed by Ms. International 2005 Precious Lara Quigaman who is the Turismo Pilipina Charities Inc. President. TPCI also involves two other beauty Queens, Denille Lou Valmonte- Bb. Pilipinas International 2006 and Karen Loren Agustin- Bb. Pilipinas Universe 2002.

Hans and Miriam talk to Denlle, Lara and Karen

Karen said that after talking and talking about a pageant like this they are very happy that it finally came to existence since they want to share to others the great experiences the three of them had when they once competed. The pageant is actually a nationwide search for the Filipinas who will be the official spokesperson of the Department of Tourism. Our country is in dire need of ambassadors who will promote the beauty of the Philippines and increase the tourism potentials of the Philippines.

Ms. Cagayan, Paula Joy Cusipag is Best in Swimwear.

Ms. Philippines Earth 2004 Tamera Sidzarto presents the award

The pageant was also supported by various beauty queens from other prestigious Philippine pageants led by Binibining Pilipinas World 2007 Maggie Wilson, Binibining PIlipinas International 2007 Nadia Lee Cien Shami, and BP 2007 2nd Runner-Up and now a television personality Abby Cruz. Binibining Piliipinas World 2002 Katherine Manalo-Hernandez. Mutya ng Pilipinas 2003 Jamie Liz Castillo, Ms. Philippines Earth 2004 Tamera Sidzarto, and newly crowned Ms. Earth 2008 Karla Henry who put the beautiful crown on Sherylee’s head.

Ms. Northern Samar is Best in Long Gown which was

presented by Binibining Pilipinas World 2007 Maggie Wilson

Besides Katherine (Binibining Pilipinas), Tamera (Ms. Philippines_Earth) and Jamie Liz (Mutya ng Pilipinas), other notable personalities who were also judges were Boy Abunda, Internationally awarded film maker Jeffrey Jeturian, Singaporean Beauty Queen Genecia Lou, Filipino billionaire Lucio Tan Jr., FDAP President Johnny Abad, Politicians Jennifer Ecleo Villaroman and Edgar Allan Ygona, MAPQI’s Ramona TY and my good friend who I discovered is the first Muslim Graduate of the Harvard Law school, Adel Tamano.

Gracious Hosts, Hans and Miriam

The event was hosted by one of the best duos to host pageants, Hans Montenegro and Miriam Quiambao. The pageant will be aired on ABC 5 on November 22, 2008 at 8:00 in the evening. Congrats to Lara and her team for a wonderful job of uplifting the Filipina beauty for Philippine tourism, truly the pageant personified the “Ganda ng Pilipina!”

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The Beautiful Garrido

Did you know that the english translation of the word GARRIDO literally means handsome, neat and graceful? I am not pulling your leg or whatsoever, just click the link and you will understand what I mean. Well, not only am I really handsome but my name alone is enough to describe the Real Mhel Garrido!

On the other side of the world is another Garrido who has recently made waves in the Ms. Earth beauty pageant that she became one of the favorites of pageant. She is set to compete tonight and I would have gone to Clark to watch but unfortunately I am quite sad coz something came along. Here are some excerpts of some news I got from GLAM which is a part of the OPMB site.

The recent Laurentian University graduate – she earned a degree in biochemistry, with honours – was awarded $1,000 by Mayor Edward S. Hagedorn and first lady Ellen M. Hagedorn for winning the “Miss Earth Puerto Princesa” title during the Swimsuit Competition held at the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park (PPSRNP) last week.

The PPSRNP, home to the world’s longest navigable underground river, was this year’s Miss Earth venue for the swimsuit parade and was sponsored by the city government in a bid to further promote its chances to be included in the search for the New 7 Wonders of Nature.

Garrido, a statuesque Second Degree Black Belt, is donating her prize money to a certain “Mary Joy,” a little girl she met in Las Pinas in Metro Manila. Mary requires medical help, and Garrido was moved by the youngster’s plight. Among the 30 Miss Earth candidates that visited the city, Garrido instantly became a crowd and judges’ favourite because of her “extraordinary appeal and charm.”

Mayor Hagedorn was impressed by Garrido’s plans for her prize purse, but her enthusiastic support for the Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring a spectacular limestone karst landscape and a subterranean river that flows directly into the sea, earned the Canadian daughter of Portuguese immigrants many kudos in the island nation.

Well if there is a handsome Garrido in the Philippines then there is a beautiful Garrido from another part of the Globe. Because of that I therefore conclude that the Spanish word GARRIDO really means handsome and beautiful and it is undisputed!

Turismo Pilipina: Terno Night

Three hundred years of Spanish rule gives the Filipinos so much Spanish influence in their everyday work. For the organizers of Turismo Pilipina, they perceive the conservative nature of their candidates would greatly uplift then image of every Filipina today. I believe this is the reason behind the fabulous Terno competition for the 57 candidates which gave a positive outlook to the Turismo Pilipina competition.

When the Spanish regime conquered the Philippines one of their major missions was to spread Christianity. The respect and veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary played a big role in the transformation of the Terno into a conservative clothing piece for Filipinas. All I remember is that Maria Clara is the symbol of the conservative Filipina and she is always shown wearing a Terno.

The Fashion Designer’s Association of the Philippines took center stage by designing various interpretations of the Terno in a competition that showcased the 57 candidates of Turismo Pilipina. Just like the cultural Night, the variety of perception in the designs made by the country’s best fashion designers made the competition spicier. As shown in this blog various ternos that was not your stereotype design which can be classified as modern but still conservative looking.

Roanne Aguilar's gown has the traditional butterfly sleeve which is one of the most prominent facets of the Terno. Do you think that during the Spanish Era, designers would design a pink terno for an ordinary Filipino. Jonty Martinez is the creator of this beautiful pink terno.

As one of the judges I picked Ms. Antique, Negros Occidental and Ms. Quezon City because after looking at all candidates they are the only three that stood out and I remember best.