Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mobile Picture Blog;

In April 2008, a certain Alex, Alvin and Kevin got together to address a concern each of them faced: Why was there no way to share mobile photos in a fast, easy and interactive manner? Some websites require users to send in their photos using a special email address, other sites don’t even bother to organize photos in a logical manner.

Cute way to send photos REAL TIME

The three decided to focus on this problem by starting out with the iPhone and making an application and a website they love to use. Their aim is simple – to build the most interactive mobile photo bloging platform in the internet.

Alex is the back-end guru and iPhone architect. He makes sure everything runs as smoothly while Alvin develops the Fuzzy shot front end and iPhone application. Kevin works on the designs and graphics so that everything looks great.

Having early dinner with Zerina at Gateway

Last Thursday evening I came across this application in my iPhone and started to experiment. I was quite lucky because the hotel we got to go to in Baguio City, Holiday Hotel, gave free WiFi access to its guests. By the next morning I was taking pictures of my team and posting them in my newly created MobilePhoto blog courtesy of creators were correct, in such a short while the pictures were immediately uploaded and I have started my mobile photo blog. Here is the link for you guys to see.

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