Monday, November 24, 2008

Mr and Ms Slimmers World Inc. 2008

Shaun Rodriguez and Michelle Eduarte were adjudged as the winners of Mr. and Ms. Slimmers World 2008. The two winners share their moment of triumph in the photo above as they competed against various candidates who represented the different Slimmers World branches.

It was quite a different pageant since looks are not the only part of the criteria since all candidates were given a chance to give their best aerobic exercise and creative pose to the judges.

The judges were led by Slimmers WOrld PResident ROnald Joseph MOy and their ever beautiful Vice President Ms. Helen Camacho. Other notable judges who were there included Assunta de Rossi, Carlos Morales and Maribeth Bitchara.

The objective of the search for Mr. and Ms. SLimmers World is to intensify and strengthen fitness and health awareness among Filipinos through an exhibition of Slimmers World’s most superb clients when it comes to physique, figure and form.

The competition aims to show the evidence of athletic grace, physique, discipline, symmetry and creative posing of the candidates.

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