Thursday, November 6, 2008

Pacman-Oscar primer

While the United Stated of America elected a new President, Manny Pacquiao andOscar dela Hoya carefully went about their day and is enjoying the hype that is surrounding their forthcoming December 6, 2008 fight. In the next few weeks, a lot will be said about the Pacman's upcoming fight togehter with so many analysts picking either him or Oscar and telling them why. These videos are nice specially this second one which shows Manny's roots and how Manny admitted cheating his age in order for him to compete professionally at the age of 16. It is nice to note that in a way Manny has uplifted the image of Filipinos as fighters when it comes to poverty. Getting out of school and helping your parents make both ends meet by working at a young age is something that is Alien to other countries. For every triumph of Manny he brings along the Filipino people with him. Good Luck Manny.

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