Sunday, November 9, 2008

42nd Days with the Lord Mass

Last year, I was a big part of the DWTL mass since I was with the music crew. This year I decided to take a break and just enjoy the finer points of the mass and just listen to the Days music. It was quite nostalgic and a blast since I have not been that active this year.  My work has really got in the way and I have been trying my best to be of service if ever I am not busy.  The DWTL anniversary mass is a yearly affair that I really look forward to since I want to see some of the Dazers who I have not seen for years. It really makes me happy to rekindle old ties specially the ones who have helped shape my life. To Kuya Jess I am forever grateful to be of service, I hope you give me the strength to be active once again.

My DLSU DWTL Friends Dax Capulong, Mike Mabilog  & Leo San Juan 

I am now looking forward to the DWTL mass next year which will be hosted by a community in which I have been an active member in the past – the DLSU DWTL. See you guys. +BIL.

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