Monday, November 24, 2008

ADMU wins back to back National SBP Titles

News Flash - the Ateneo de Manila vs. Ateneo de Davao Championship game for the Small Basketeers of the Philippines (SBP) National Title. Ateneo de Davao paraded a tall line up with three players standing 5'6 and one standing 5'10! Oh my God and to think these are 11 year old kids. The Ateneo Davao team led by 9 pts in the first quarter, 7 pts at the half and by 1 pt at the end of the third quarter. The Ateneo de Manila team finally caught up with the DavaoeƱos in the last three minutes and eventually won for themselves Back to Back to Back SBP National Titles!!! Everyone contributed and there was no MVP. It was a total team effort. Congrats to our young ones! You made us proud!

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