Sunday, November 23, 2008

Basketball Crazy S2 Episode 3

The introduction in this episode was quite different as we were called the same way the first five of basketball teams were called.  Our co host for the week is the very crazy big man of the Ginebra Gin Kings, Alex Crisano.



Gabby Espinas had a sigh of relief as he is now gaining major minutes with the Red Bull Barako team.  At the same time he is happy with the new role he has since he was at the end of the bench when he was with San Miguel, the original team that drafted him.  Unfortunately the Barakos are not performing well but on personal note he is doing good and like the time when he Lorded it over the NCAA he is fast emerging as the team’s main man.


Larry Rodriguez on the other hand is a rookie who is starting to find his place in the rotation.  In the few times he has played he has already made a mark specially on the defensive end as he swatted numerous shots including one against our co host Alex Crisano.


Tony Chua, former PBA Governor from Red Bull, discussed with me the confidence that the RED Bull management has on head coach Yeng Guiao.  I asked him why the hell did they trade a whole team away. Remember that the Barakos already gave away Enrico Villanueva, Larry Fonacier, Rich Alvarez, Kerby Raymundo, Junthy Valenzuela, Lordy Tugade and Mick Pinnisi just to name a few. Bottomline its their confidence with the system of Coach Yeng Guiao that prevails. Hope the Barakos bounce back and still do good. Good luck Guys.

Cyrus seems to be the serious type since he answers without smiling and is quite hesitant to lend a smile. On the other hand Arwind was quite relaxed and  said that his role with the team was to play the 2-3 spot. They are already anticipating the tall opponents that they will face so they are placing a lot of tall guys at the wing position. Cyrus is quite at home with the system of Coach Yeng and he said that there is actually no problem playing the same position with Arwind since their overall mission is to win.  Both players are excited to play and since they already donned the national colors in the past they are ready to contribute for the country to gain ground in the forthcoming world championships in 2010.  Good luck guys.

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