Tuesday, April 16, 2013

STI College 2013 Commercial

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Inspiration of the Volleyball nation

Aga and Gretchen

Volleyball is on the rise in our country and one thing that made the sport’s sudden popularity is the Ateneo Lady Eagles which is easily the most popular Women’s team in the country. One can argue that the DLSU Lady Spikers are more popular but remember, they have been in the finals the past four years and it was only when the Lady Eagles became a contender that the San juan arena eventually played to a packed audience which eventually led to games at the MOA Arena and Big dome and in those games the Ateneo Lady Eagles were the main draw.

Gretchen with Coach Philip S.

If the Lady Eagles are the most popular team in Volleyball, you can credit half of that to their most popular player – Gretchen Ho.  Gretchen has recently been getting so much attention and giving the Sport of Volleyball a new face. Were you able to see her Safeguard commercial? Watch out for her because there will definitely be a lot more coming.

 The Lady Olympians with G.
That is why when the most popular spiker says Yes to an invitation join the team lunch of the STI College Olympians Men’s and Women’s Volleyball team, it is definitely something to be thankful about. I just don’t know if she knows how much she has inspired the guys who were there to have lunch with her.  Our team may not be the best or even far from being one, but one thing that these Olympians are is that they love the sport of volleyball. That is why Gretchen’s presence and the opportunity to talk to her gave these young volleyball lovers something to be happy about.

  The Men's team with G
As we bid Gretchen good luck to her career, we just hope that there will be chances to watch her play volleyball again. I just can’t imagine the UAAP without her.  Thanks for joining us and we pray that you inspire more kids to play volleyball with the same passion you had when you once played it. 

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