Friday, October 30, 2009

Google trains STI students

Google is synonymous to the word growth and because of that google partners with entities that will enable them to grow further. One of the fastest growing institutions in the country is the STI Education Services Group which has a network of more than 100 schools nationwide. That network is what Google plans to use for its next project which they will launch on November 3.

But before that project is launched, Google made some preparations on the "Army" that will put into action the nitty gritty part of the event - the Web Design part. STI Students from STI College Global City, STI College Taft, STI College Cebu and STI College Cagayan de Oro will recieve top of the line training from K2 Interactive with regards to web design and how to make a good website.

Just wait for additional details regarding the launch of the Google Stimulus project.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Boto Mo Patrol Mo @ FEU Manila

Boto Mo Patrol Mo once again goes full blast as it allowed a lot of people to join ABS-CBN's team for the forthcoming elections. The sites were nationwide and shown through ABS-CBN's Umagang Kay Ganda program which aired from 5:15 am to 9:00 am. Again STI was tasked to help out in the registration proceedings for Boto Mo Patrol. Another volunteer effort of STI students and teachers.

To be able to help out we brought in six computers to FEU, another four at the Cainta Municipal Hall, and three computers each at Siliman University in Dumaguete City, Northeastern College in Santiago Isabela and Notre Dame College in Cotabato. Of course STI schools in those areas mentioned helped out. For the Metro Manila joust we asked the STI College Ortigas Cainta crew and the STI College Recto team to help out. Since there weren't any students yet I got three Olympians to help out - Renz Cruz, Raffy Waminal and Maclean Sabellina.

The three Olympians enjoyed every moment spent in this project specially when people they know back in Cagayan de Oro were texting them that they were seen on national television. Imagine them getting up at 1am and seeing the team at STI HQ at `1:30 pm before going to FEU for the set up and finally the event. It was definitely a sacrifice that they enjoyed since they got to see UKG stars and have some pics with them.

Today at the Manila campus of Far Eastern University more than three hundred fifty students, faculty members and staff were at hand to register for Boto Mo Patrol mo. This is a strong number considering the other registrations we had yielded lesser results from schools with a bigger base of students. See you guys in future Boto Mo Patrol mo campaigns.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Amazing Philippine Theatre 2009 Winners

Ms. Amazing Philippines 2008 with her farewell walk

Ms. Amazing Philippines 2009, Bembem Radaza and her court

Strutting her wares is Candidate # 13, Bembem Radaza

Showing off her great body, Candidate # 7 Michelle Binas

Mulawin inspired outfit, Candidate # 10 Amor Concepcion

Indian Model, Candidate # 5 Aika Azarcon

The candidates in their Carnival Outfit

Firing confetti away is Candidate # 18 Iyanah Santillan

LIke a muslim princess is Candidate #15 Nikka Bautista

Candidate # 15 Claudia Sumajit

When is enough, enough?

Just lately, the PBA was mired by a controversy involving one of its players. The player involved was Burget King guard Wynne Arboleda. The incident happened during the opening of the PBA in which the Whoppers met the Smart Gilas team. Apparently the game was so rugged that the fans was shouting profanities at Wynne. As a result, Wynne got pissed and attacked the fan. This did not augur well with the PBA management and they decided to ban Wynne for the rest of the season. At the same time the fan charged him in court. So Wynne is now crucified for what he did. A consequence of his actions. But what about the fan? If you were to ask me we are all liable of our actions. He should be banned from watching any basketball game in any game venue. I myself am a fan and have criticized a lot of players but never to the extent that a player would get mad at me.

I think fan decorum is something that organizers should address. A fan cannot simply shout out profanities because he paid for his seat. Let us all remember that the people we are criticizing are humans too. That made me remember a sign that was constantly in the stands at the Loyola Center."Please cheer, Don't jeer!" I hope both parties learned their lessons well.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

STI Mobile School cited in Philippine Quill Awards

The Philippine Quill Awards is an annual event that is organized by the International Association of Business Communicators and international resource of effective communication practice. These award giving body recognizes the outstanding achievements in communications management and has become the industry benchmark for World Class Public Relations programs and productions.

Its just nice to note that our efforts in making the STI Mobile School accessible to students nationwide is lauded. Now its on to the real work, making sure that the bus does its role.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Senator Angara visits the STI Academic Center

Senator Ed with Mr. Yosi Tanco

One of the most celebrated Senators who made Education as his main platform to get elected is Senator Edgardo Angara. Senator Ed was a former President of the University of the Philippines and has become one of the most respected Senators in the country. He is also a friend of the Chairman of the STI Education Services Group Mr. Eusebio Tanco.

Senator Angara talking to STI Faculty Lyndon Alfonso

The STI Mobile School is one of the supposed "crown jewels of STI." Word got to Senator Angara that one of the advocacies of the STI Foundation is to help others places in the country get to know more about ICT through the STI Mobile School. The bus is equipped with 24 computers with LCD screens and is internet ready. It is basically a computer laboratory on wheels.

A trip around the STI Academic Center

Senator Angara visited the STI Academic Center at the Fort to see the bus. Luckily he was not disappointed since he was in awe when he got inside the STI Mobile school. After looking at the bus he then inspected the STI Academic Center by going to four floors of the building. Being the educator that he is, he then talked to teachers and gave advices to students as he went by several on going classes. He also went to see the STI Center for the Arts which was at the fifth floor of the building.

The Senator and RP Youth Coach Eric Altamirano

When he got to the 8th floor where the STI Gym is located he was for a big surprise. That evening the RP Youth 16 and under National Team was practicing. Their Coach Eric Altamirano is a familiar name to the Senator since Coach Eric was instrumental in putting the University of the Philippines on top of the UAAP Basketball scene back in 1986. Senator Ed was still the President of UP then. An impromptu reunion of sorts.

Senator Ed shoots a free throw

The Senator was chided if he still had what it takes to shoot hoops. He then took out his coat, rolled up his sleeves and tried to shoot some hoops. Not bad for someone who looks 50 years old but as his staff would say the Senator is already 75 years old. After a few shots it was the turn of Mr Tanco to shoot some hoops

Mr. Tanco shows the senator how to shoot

Mr. Tanco was not to be outdone. He is still in tip top shape and calls out STI employees to play with him when he has the time. He took three shots from the 15 foot line and sank the third. After that third shot, they called it a day and had some merienda at the building's lobby.

The Senator advising the future Senator

Disclaimer: Senator Angara visited the STI Academic Center to see the bus and not to join me on my birthday. That was what others believed since I was the one who took care of everything for his visit. Hopefully what the Senator and our Chairman talked about will bear fruit in the future.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

10 Things we love about you

This is something different. Usually I am at the "SURPRISE" end of things but now I am the one surprised by the gesture put up by my very special friend RJ Marasigan. Just want to say to RJ, thanks for this video I appreciate it very much.

Monday, October 19, 2009

My Life in retrospect

As a Prep student in Ateneo

Time really flies fast. As I look at my life I can say that I have done what the Lord has asked me to. But then again as I look back I also tell myself that there is a lot more to do. There are more people that I can make happy, more people that I can make laugh and more lives to touch. I have always told myself that the best thing that my father gave me is an Ateneo education. Everything that I am now is because of the Ateneo. I embraced everything that the Jesuits have taught me, learned from the mistakes I have done as a naughty kid and stood up after falling down.

My Proud mom

On to High School which was a blast and most probably one of the happiest times in my life. To this date me and my High School barkada still see each other and still talk about the good days in High school and laugh about what we have gone through with equal zest. If my barkada was the highlight of my High school life, Dulaang Sibol has to be the biggest influence of my life. Imagine having to hear from the wealth of wisdom of Mr. Pagsi everyday. I am a late bloomer and all that he taught me didnt show then but is the cornerstone of my life now.

The Master of Ceremonies

If my High school life was the best of times, College life was the most exciting part. College life made me realize that there was more to me than being a naughty boy. It was the time that I discovered that God has given me a bounty of talents. Most probably the most gratifying talent that I discovered is emceeing. As a freshman the friends that I gained then were mostly seniors who eventually taught me the basics of being a master of ceremonies. When my time came, I cannot even count how many emceeing jobs I have done. College also saw me become a permanent fixture in so many Days with the Lord weekends, these are the what i was passionate about in college and something i have not forgotten til this day.


After College I tried several jobs but found my true love in what I do now and the company I have been with the past eight years - the STI Education Services Group. Early on I tried my luck in show business but had a hard time getting a name for myself. I then ventured on to become a vehicle salesman for Toyota, had a shaky start but nevertheless toiled for five years in the best dealership in the 90's. I was enjoying myself in Toyota when good friend Jem Bengzon called to ask If I want to join the STI team. It was a decision I never regretted as STI gave me a job that is both gratifying and fulfilling.

Still emceeing after all these years

Looking back at the first four decades of my life I can say that I have survived a lot of bad things and the Lord has blessed me with a lot of great people to guide me and help me get through. I welcome the new challenges that will come my way and thank the Lord for all the blessings he has given me. I now face the next decade with renewed vigor and excitement. Bring it on.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Ateneo Team B wins over DLSU Team B

I remember talking to Joe Buduan about the Ateneo Team B game in the Father Martin's Cup. I was just getting up after a tiring bonfire that got me going home at around 2 am. The two previous nights also got me sleeping at that time. I was excited to finally see the future of our Ateneo program and at the same time the future of the DLSU program as well. I am honestly not that familiar with ALL our new players but I know a couple so here are just snippets on the players and some notes.

Alec Rivera drives over the two tall men of DLSU. Papot Paredes (24) and the much hyped Norberto Torres (27). Paredes 6'6 and is another RP Youth Campaigner plucked by Coach Franz to play for the Green and White.

Vince Fran, christened by a lot of Team B followers as Hell Boy can be a good addition to the Team A of the Ateneo. He is a good defender and is not afraid to mix it up inside and has an occasional offense. Here is defended by three DLSU players including Norberto Torres.

During the 2007 NCAA Juniors tournament, Ryan Buenafe was the no. 1 scorer of the league playing for San Sebastian. Nico Salva who is from San Beda that time was no. 2 and the no. 3 scorer came from Jose Rizal University, that scorer is now donning the # 4 jersey of the Ateneo Team B, he is Bon Jovi Cipriano. I heard that he had an ACL injury and is not the same scorer that he used to be when he was in High School. But nevertheless he still scored on a three pointer here and a couple of jumpers and drives to the hoop. For me he is Team A ready.

JP Erram 6'7 is one of the big guys we got from Cagayan de Oro. He played High School ball for the Pilgrim Christian College while in this picture is his high school nemesis Phillip Paredes who played High School ball for the Sacred Heart team in CDO. Erram followed his Coach Arvin Martinez who has since transferred to Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro and their team barely made it to the sweet 16 in last year's PCCL. If ever both players make it to Team A of their respective teams, then they will bring their rivalry form CDO to Manila. Given time, who knows he might be the next Nonoy Baclao.

Paul Siarot is a 6'4 forward in the mold of a Wesley Gonzales. Unfortunately he has not shown progress yet and is likely to come out as a Wesley Snipes. Just kidding. He is till raw and I think another stint with Team B for another year will definitely help him develop. He is the other part of the CDO connection of Ateneo and he has gone a long way together with JP Erram. Both of them came from the same High School and also transferred to Xavier University.

Jumbo Escueta for me is the one who is ready for Team A next year. He showed superb low post moves and adequate defense. I remember seeing him block a shot in a drive by one of the Green Shirts. Norberto Torres had a hard time containing him and I think this 6'4 - 6'5 center can replace Rabah in the middle. I think we ought to slide Vince Burke to Team B and give this Filam a chance in the middle.

Even as a Blue Eaglet I have loved seeing Alec Rivera man the point. For me he is a true point guard, knows how to distribute the ball well and knows when to put on some offense. Here he is shown shooting over the 6'7 Norberto Torres.

Imagine the DLSU frontline that will have the 6'7 Torres, 6'6 Paredes and 6'5 Arvie Bringas. That would be a sight to behold considering we can also match up with them. Torres is a small forward in a 6'7 body. He can sink the three pointer, drive to the hoop but is not comfortable playing his back to the basket. Paredes showed good defense but his offense needs to be polished more.

This is a sight we will see in the next four years, JP Erram vs Norberto Torres. Together with Jumbo Escueta, Vince Fran and Paul Siarot I think we can have a good frontline. I hope that they come to be exceptional players when they are developed. Lastly, I did not get to see Norman Penola play. I was hoping to see him play but unfortunately he was nursing an injury. He is also one of the few players raring to go come season 74. Go Ateneo One Big Fight!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My UAAP Awards

Their shoutfest disqualified them from the MVP Race



See FEU vs UE 1st Round game.


JR CAWALING – asahan mo magdidisappear siya sa big games. Averaged close to 10 ppg in wins and 5 ppg in losses.

Mr Burke Three waiting for his time to come


VINCE BURKE - 2nd Round Game vs. UP

Vince Burke played two quality minutes in a win against UP. Eric Salamat scored 23 pts. “I will remember today as the day Eric Salamat and I combined for 23 points!”

If UP has a Magi, San Beda Menor


MAGI SISON – on his fourth year in the league but still plays like a rookie. He was added to the SMART GILAS team but he never did made good use of the invitation and was just a presence in the first few minutes of the game. I see him have a better future in the Bank Leagues when he graduates.

Beside Jeric Fortuna, there is Afuang in the middle


CARMELO AFUANG (UST) – when he is in the middle, there is always a puwang.

FERDINAND (DLSU) When he is defending in middle, Ferdi none!


JED MANGUERRA – Off Guard, he is the sixth man in that position


"With the object of improving team chemistry the FEU Tamaraws have decided to play our Final Four game today without Mark Barroca."

The FEU Management was on the defense

MYTHICAL 5 -You can conclude that their games are considered a myth and does not match the hype that goes with it

1. MIGS DE ASIS (UP) – Reportedly a shooter, reportedly still in the UAAP.

2. ARVIE BRINGAS (DLSU) Need not worry about Sophomore jinx because rookie year was a fluke

3. JUSTIN CHUA (ADMU) Has only one move to the hoop in HS and was unstoppable, now everyone knows that move.

4. JR CAWALING (FEU) Team Gilas mainstay averaged 12pts against UP and NU but could only average 7 ppg. against the top 4 teams. His game can be called LULI – Lulubog-Lilitaw.

5. JAMES MANGAHAS - see JR Cawaling comments and repeat



“Ride on my shoulders team and I will bring you to where you have never been!”

So where is DLSU now?? They have never been eliminated this early the past 20 seasons! Even his own kind, his school despised the way he played. A sad ending to a once promising player. All he did consistently was throw bricks -Pader Malabes!

My Bonfire Part 2

ASSOC - My Ateneo College Barkada

The Bonfire is something a lot of Ateneans look forward to because it is a chance to be able to get to see Alumni, batchmates and other friends that you have not seen for ages. Here are just some snippets of the people I got to hang out with during the 2009 Bonfire.

Saw my officemate Avy Acosta hanging out with her friends

My friends who are one batch ahead of me
Far left is good friend Martin Lichauco

Always bet on black, thats me and Jobe Nkemakolam

The Big Boys - Me and former Assoc Taipan Jon T Vergara

Tito Boogie, Reena Rodrigo,
Rhea Rodrigo-Deveras and Tinee Rodrigo
They are like a second family to me

Batchmates Donna Faylona and Reg Gozar
thats AA Aquino at the background