Friday, October 31, 2008

Enjoying the Bloggers Party

I was lucky to get invited by Google Country Manager Aileen Apolo to the  CLEAR BLACK NIGHT Halloween Dance Event at the Taste Asia Restaurant at the Mall of Asia.  The event is also the venue that gathered hundreds of Bloggers from all over the country. Aileen who herself is an excellent blogger ( try to maintain at least five active blogs and you'll know what I mean) has been promoting blogging to lots of people in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Her blog, An apple a day, keeps me updated with lots of things most specially the world of Google.

Upon getting the invite I immediately registered for the party. I invited two friends to come with me but unfortunately my constant companion RJ Marasigan called in sick and was still nursing a fever come party time.  So I took the opportunity to unwind by inviting another Ms. STI beauty and national winner Lou Ann Cruz. Needless to say I enjoyed partying with her.

Well, for people who know me very well the preceeding picture I believe sums up the number one reason we went! Free Food hahahaha. It was an opportunity to enjoy the good food at Taste Asia. The restaurant as I rememeber (this is my second time to be here) offers seminars etc to companies who are in need of trainings out of their office.  The food is worth having a seminar in the restaurant and I recommend the Gyoza, the barbecues, the beef and almost anything that they serve.

After talking about COSPLAY it just so happened that the Predator came out to party with us. Well, the Predator was kind enough to take a picture with us and she mentioned that she is on leave lately that is why she is not hunting for someone to kill or eat at the party. Good for her since she looked at me like I was a barbecue. After an hour and a half, I went home and did not bother to wait for the program. Well, at least even for a short time I got to enjoy the party and the Brazilian models who ushered us inside.

Cosplayers invade SM Marikina

I remember posting a previous story in this blog about COSPLAY.Since that time I got an invite to one of our STI students, Mark Cerrezo to visit him at SM Marikina for the World Game Master Tournament. The WGMT is actually a computer tourney with young kids from the country vying for different titles in the world of gaming. At the same time while they are around I visited Mark and brought along my two nephews so that they would see what Cosplayers wear and more importantly what take pictures of the kids with these costumes. 

One of the Costumes that amazed me was this kid who was wearing a Transformers costume. In the World Cyber Games in MOA last july, the same kid wore a miniature costume of the Predator. As seen in this photo my nephew Shobe eliciting a trademark Garrido smile on the kid Cosplayer.

A few minutes after taking the previous picture, we were surprised to see the kid in the mini transformers costume was actually a girl. I believe that the kid might have gotten exhausted with all the people wanting to take pictures with her and standing around and getting sweat from the costume. I captured this sweet scene with the kid and her father taking care of her while resting. Very touching.  I hope to be part of more of this in the future. So lets try our luck in Cosplay.

Harbour Centre episode in BC Season ender

There was something different with the episode this week. When I got to the studio someone was visibly was Tracy Abad.  Tracy went to the US apparently because of some family concerns that had her immediately go there. For whatever reason that may be It made me miss her by my side. (Uyyyy) Anyway, Makisig found a suitable replacement in another courtside reporter, Miakka Lim who is a familiar face to PBA fans.  Upon talking to her I got to know that her good looks comes from her model mom and famous dad. She is the daughter of Frankie and Olen Lim, a scholastican dazer who found her way to DLSU. 


Since its the season ender we finally got the chance to corner one of our presenters and is one of the bigwigs of amateur basketball - Dr. Mikee Romero. Since its a Harbour Centre episode Joe, Miakka and I discussed with Dr. Mikee the five consecutive championships that they harbored! For them the sweetest among the five was the first time they won the championship. In the infancy of the team Dr. Mikee wanted a team that will have the best players in the amateur ranks that time.  So what he did was get the players from DLSU Joseph Yeo and Jerwin Gaco and combine them with the players of the Ateneo with LA Tenorio in particular.  The team won for them their very first PBL Trophy. According to Dr Mikee each championship had a different story to tell and that they always got their way in getting the best players. Imagine Jason Castro who was playing against them in the finals before and then surprisingly transferred to them the conference after. He gives his congratulations to his coach Jorge Gallent who was his team mate before and to his team Manager Eric Arejola. One important issue that Dr. Mikee answered was that since he was appointed as chairman of the PBL, any plans of going to the PBA would have to wait. 


If the Batang Pier team is always updated and so are its coaching staff. The most important addition of the Batang Pier team to their coaching staff is Coach Glenn Capacio. Just recently Harbour Centre partnered with the FEU Tamaraws as their partner school. Dr. Mikee said before that he believes that the players of the Tamaraws are the hottest commodity in College Basketball thus the partnership. That is the reason Coach Glenn was lured to Harbour Centre and he even gave up his Head Coach job for the San Mig Coffee masters.  Also added to the Coaching team was former Batang Pier Allan Gamboa. Although the team Head Coach is Jorge Gallent, former Welcoat Head guru Junel Baculi is the team consultant who gives great guidance to the coaches. Rounding up our guests were assistant Coach Ryan Dy and Trainer Senen Dueñas.


After interviewing the Big Boss and their coaches it was now time for the players themselves. They came in full force with Jerwin Gaco leading the way. Jerwin is the man they call the team's franchise player since he has been with the Harbour Centre franchise since its inception and has weathered many storms in surviving in the PBL.  One bright note in the interview was Rico Maeirhoffer airing his side on what happened during the UAAP finals when he was slapped a technical foul for showing a dirty finger. He mentioned that he cannot do such a thing to Rabah since he knows Rabah mainly because he is the brother of his friend and former Archer Carlo Sharma.  He said that he was looking at JV and calling him and issuing him a signal for the play that was called.  At the same time Rhiel Cervantes and JR Cawaling are excited to play for the Batang pier squad since the team was depleted with a lot of players going to the PBA and the transfers that transpired just showed that the team is back to square one. Another intriguing acquisition of the team is Filam Nick Stephens who plays small forward. He will fill in the shoes vacated by Filam Solomon Mercado.  Dylan Ababou and Chester Taylor have since transfered to the San Mig team which will parade mostly UST players.
Good luck to the Harbour Centre team as the PBL opens on November 8, 2008 at the Ynares Gym in Pasig, lets see if Six would be a possibility for the Batang Piers.

How did you spend your birthday?

Mark your calendars...although it is already finished, my birthday fell on a saturday October 18.   I remember last July I was telling myself what will I do this year on my birthday. The first thing that came to my mind was go out of town since it is your natal day so that you can do something worthwile.  I was originally looking at Bacolod since the day of my birthday is their Maskarra Festival which will be a great experience for me.  When I shortlisted some friends who I think will definitely not budge an eye to join me, I came out with five gal friends. Unfortunately for them they all begged off. That left me with nothing to do. 

A week before my birthday our Human Resources Management Group sent an email regarding a training for managers on OCtober 16-18.  I informed our HR manager its a good thing I didnt make the trip since I almost went out of town. At the same time I had to beg off from the November batch since I will most probably be super busy for that week since the week after is then launch of the National Youth Convention.

So for three days we were at the confines of the APEX in Market Market. The Apex is a training facility of STI which is located inside the Market Market mall. I must admit I learned a lot from the training that we took. Funny thing though, during the sessions a lot of retorting and mind boggling stupid and out of this world remarks took place. Fortunately the trainor was quite accommodating and very very patient with us since we were so noisy and always cracking jokes. So the first part of my birthday was a training that I took. The training was entitled Communications Backpack.

The second part of my birthday was held at star city. I invited along some friends and my babies the STI All star dancers. Its nice to know that five of the ten dancers made it all the ways from Antipolo and Almar in Fairview just to spend time with me. The dancers have been very nice to me and treat me like just one of their friends and sometimes stand like a father to them.

My Thanks to my very good friend RJ Marasigan for always keeping me company. I enjoyed her presence and will most probably enjoy a lot more in future gimmicks. Needless to say her constant pinching of my nipples made me sore.

Here are other pictures of friends who are very close to my heart. In this picture is long time friend and is also one of my bestfriends Louise Sarte together with Zerina Tiangco who is a candidate to become another best friend of mine.

In this picture is my favorite dancer Ge-ann Mostrales (in yellow) who gyrates like a worm and projects like a model.Luckily future nurse Rynee Aribal made it since she had to go all the way from Cogeo to Star CIty, that's quite very very far.

The rides were great but like what I always tell my friends, its their company that I enjoy the most and cherish. The allstars here from left to right is Zerina T., RJ Marasigan, Jenny Rose Morales, Ge-ann Mostrales, Rynee Aribal and Apple Dolorfino who hails from Almar, Zabarte which is a good 20 minutes drive (w/o Traffic) from SM Fairview.

We ended the fun at Star City at 12:30 am and I brought home all 10 of my guests. I got home at 3:30 am and was very exhausted that I postponed our family lunch to dinner. In a way spending time with people very dear to you is the best way to spend your birthday. I am looking forward for a celebration next year. 

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Truly an Amazing Show

Ms. Amazing Philippines, Angelica Santillan (center)

Surroundings, belief, influences and perception really plays a lot in the minds of a growing young child on what he or she wants to be when they grow up. I have always believed that what what our parents show us, impart on us, what our friends share with us, what we see on tv, what we perceive to be right or wrong becomes the foundation and center of our belief system when we become adults.

The Amazing dancers

A lot of us Filipinos are in a way very traditional but in coping up with the changing times we have broadened our minds and accepted things that we normally would have not accepted when we were younger. Let alone the acceptance of what society would call the third sex, gay people or transsexuals.

The Amazing Performers

For me, my most important exposure to gays was the time when I served with the DLSU community of the Days with the Lord. The beauty of that DWTL community is that they accept you regardless of who or what you are and see you as a child of God. Even the tough guys would eat, laugh and cry with them which also made me understand certain things about the third sex.

One of the candidates, the flawless Kevin Balot

That is why when we were tasked to support the Amazing Philippine Theatre's Search for Ms. Amazing Philippines I got excited because I have heard great things about this show. For me the best thing about the searchnfor Ms. Amazing Philippines is that the top 5 winners of the pageant will become an Amazing Philippines Performer. In a way, the Pageant is actually a way of recognizing the talent of these transvestites and more importantly training them to become world class performers. The show that preceeded the pageant showed one of a kind grace, poise, and timing that every filipino possess while in the dance floor. I myself marvelled at the impeccable timing and poise of one dance I enjoy watching, the tango.

My good friend Jaq Hernandez in pink awarding one of the winners

At the same time the big production numbers that mimic the Moulin Rouge and Dream Girls settings were very impressive as well.
A young kid who suddenly acquires the inkling to become a gay beauty queen is now realized in this pageant. For me the big prize in this pageant is the opportunity to further hone one's skills and perform at your best to be able to become a world class performer. The Grand winners were Angelica Santillan who was crowned Ms Amazing Philiippines and Rosa Garcia who is the first runner up. Their dreams have all come true, winning a presitgious gay pageant and being a part of the Amazing Philippines performers.

our friends from STI College Taft, the tabulation team

If you want to catch the show, its from Tuesdays to Saturdays with two shows 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm at the Manile Film Center. As of now I believe the tickets are P 500 for locals. Do watch the 40 minute show and I promise you that you will be truly amazed with the show.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Presenting the Amazing Philippine Beauties

The only thing I remember about the Manila Film Center is that it is a condemned building and that lots of people died when it was being constructed back then when the Marcoses were still at the helm. The venue I thought had mummified Filipinos hanging out and enjoying themselves which is what the movie A night at the museum is all about – history coming back to life.

Three years ago I got a proposal form the Center for Philippine Arts & Cultural Entertainment Association Inc. which is the producer of Amazing Philippine Theatre’s the Amazing Show, the first and the biggest theatrical variety show in the Philippines today which caters to an array of audiences, young and old, as a wholesome family entertainment. Established in August 15, 2001, the Amazing Show features Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Indian production numbers, Broadway and Off Broadway musicales, comedy acts, modern and Filipino folk and traditional dances and other exciting numbers that would thrill the spectators no end.

For the past five years, Amazing Philippine Theatre has been searching for the most beautiful transvestite and transgender in town. This passion motivated the company to host and organize a Beauty Pageant that would attract a large number of transvestites and transgender to join and eventually be employed with the company. Last year, Amazing Philippine Beauties has a well-attended Press Launch and a successful Pre-Pageant and Coronation Night with not a single seat vacant.

This year, Amazing Philippine Theatre will be conducting the 6th Amazing Philippine Beauties 2008, one of the most prestigious gay beauty pageant in Manila. I attended the Pre-Pageant Night last October 17, 2008 & the Coronation Night is slated on October 24, 2008.

I will just come out with pictures and everything I can share for all to see the beauty of these people who braved hell and high water just to be a part of the Search for Ms. Amazing Beauty 2008.

Slimmers World: Grand Aero Fusion

Slimmers World International, the leader in Slimming, Fitness, Health and Beauty is now on its 30th year of promoting GREAT bodies and GREAT skin. With over twenty-nine (29) centers strategically located all over Asia and the Pacific, Slimmers World continuously finds better, innovative ways to answer clients’ needs.

SWI SM North Edsa wins the Aerobicsfest

Just this October, Slimmers World International just recently held the biggest GROUP AEROBICS COMPETITION tagged as SLIMMERS WORLD INTERNATIONAL’S GRAND AERO FUSION 2008! All participants were selected according to their endurance, enthusiasm, coordination, physique and attire. This competition not only determined the Philippines’ best fitness athlete but also it motivated all individuals to achieve the body they’ve always dreamed of.

Len Lopez and Pearl Kelly, SLimmers World Bikini winners award the trophy

Slimmers World has over 380,000 Clients and a rapidly increasing number of people whose interest in fitness and health are waiting to be tapped. SWI North Edsa, the Home of champions as they want to be known garnered the top prize in the event. Contrary to what a lot of the readers of this blog are thinking, I am not a customer of Slimmers World, we just sponsored the tabulation. Congratulations to the winners.

Olympians miss last bus to the PCCL

After a second place finish in the 8th NAASCU compeititon, the STI College Olympians booked a seat in the Wilcard phase of the Philippine College Championships. Together with the Olympians are Lyceum of the Philippines, De OCampo Memorial College and Emilio Aguinaldo College. They were bunched in Group B with Group A being led by University of Santo Tomas, St. Clare College of Caloocan, St. Francis of Assisi College and Las Piñas College. Here are some highlights of the game.

Lyceum Pirates (88) vs. STI College Olympians (86)

The Olympians started the game with a 5-0 run as Ramon Mabayo showed his strength inside the paint as the Pirates countered with a three pointer and showed their shooting prowess. In the 2nd quarter the Pirates made headway as they unleashed a 7-0 blast that broke a 24-all tie and gave the Pirates a 44-38 lead. The Pirates were in control most of the game until a late surge by the Olympians gave a big scare on Lyceum.

With less than 1:30 to go the Olympians were staring at a 75-85 deficit when Mike Cabangon helped bring back the Olympians as he presided over the suffocating defense of the Olympians that erased the ten point Pirates lead and brought it down to just 2 points 83-85 with 28 seconds left. In the ensuing play, Edwin Difonturom scored on a three pointer to give the Pirates breathing room and an 88-83 lead with only 10 seconds left. The Olympians called a timeout and mapped out another play. William Vasallo sank his only three pointer after that time out that cut the lead to two. After that shot, the Pirates lost the ball as Mike Cabangon stole the leather but did not have enough time to launch a decent shot to give the victory to the Pirates. It was a sorry loss for the Olympians who were affected by the technical error of the PCCL table officials who did not call a crucial twenty four second violation of the Pirates which resulted in a basket. Tough luck for the STI College Olympians.


STI College Olympians (76) vs. De Ocampo Memorial College (65)

After a slow start with two deadlocks - 8 and 27-all in the 1st Quarter, the Olympians used a late 2nd quarter 9-0 surge to control the game until the final buzzer with a 76-65 victory over De Ocampo Memorial College. De Ocampo Memorial almost caught up with the Olympians, 59-51, with less than 7 minutes left to play in regulation but it was not enough to stop the Olympians from grabbing their first win of the series. Ramon Mabayo for STI with 19-points followed by Arnold Danganan with 15-points and William Vasallo with 13-points. Waldemar Tibay, Narvey Morales and Narcy Cobacha had 14, 13, and 11 respectively for De Ocampo Memorial College.

Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals (90) vs. STI College Olympians (88)

EAC relied on Lovell Yaya (18-points), Argel Mendoza (14-points), and veteran shooting guard Julius Quiambao (14-points) to defeat the Olympians, 90-88. The Generals became the 1st team among the Wildcard contenders to enter the Zonal tournament. Darryl Mendoza top scored for STI with 21-points, followed by Ramon Mabayo with 19-points and Mike Cabangon with 15-points.

The two losses ended the STI careers of Ramon Mabayo, Darryl Mendoza, Mike Cabangon and William Vasallo. Ramon Mabayo played for four years for the Olympians while Cabangon wore the Olympians jersey for three years. Mendoza played two while Vasallo, who played two years for the DLS-STI team also played two years for the Olympians. For the Zonals of the PCCL, Group A has the UST Tigers and St Clare Saints advancing while in Group B its Lyceum and Emilio Aguinaldo College.

It was a very unfortunate three days for the Olympians as lead point Macky Macabasco figured in an accident days before the games while Darryl Mendoza and Nonoy Crisostomo suffered from high fever that had them skip the De Ocampo game with the former only the one playing in the EAC game.

The undermanned Olympians played like Wawrriors as they never went down without a fight .

Wanna be a sports writer?

Whenever I write my sports blogs I believe that at the back of my mind is my good friend Ricky Olivares trying to write a masterpiece, I try to mimic the way he writes and his style. (Check his blogs I definitely would say that one will enjoy reading his blogs may it be about the Ateneo or any other team or any other sport for that matter.

If you read his blogs and said "I want to write like him!" Well here is your chance to do so. For those of you who are interested, Ricky is coming up with a module on Sports writing, Let me put here the text from his blog.

We're conducting a five-session course called Sports Nation.

This is an opportunity for sports fans everywhere to attend a class where they talk nothing but sports. It is inspired by that course in Bates College (Lewiston, Maine) -- ahem... The Red Sox Nation: Baseball and American Culture.

But more than talking, through Sports Nation, we seek to understand the social, cultural ramifications of sports in Philippine society and look for ways utilize sports as a force for social change.

We have two sections where each is enrolled in five two-hour sessions.

Choose your section:
League 1 class schedule - Thursdays 7-9pm November 6, 13, 20 & 27 and December 4

League 2
class schedule -- Saturdays 1030am-1230pm November 8, 15, 22 & 29 and December 6

Venue: Kolektib @ Cubao X (formerly Marikina Shoe Expo in Araneta Center, Cubao, QC). In front of Mogwai.

Course fee Php 1,200
Open to all from students from whatever school to business professionals. Even if you're from Afghanistan that's cool!
Classes must have a maximum of 16 enrollees
Enrollees are encouraged to wear the colors of their favorite sports teams

Managers: Rick Olivares (, Business Mirror, Homestyle, Maxim, Loyola School Bulletin, Tower Sports NBA) and Chris Soler (, One U) with special guest lecturers from the sports community.

If you're interested, send email to: Once you're in, we'll send you the details of all the sessions and what to expect.

I know that there is a writer within us waiting to come out, this might be your chance to unleash the sportswriter within you. Hope you will sign up.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Philippine Collegiate Championships 2008

Let me explain this in a manner that hopefully everyone will understand. There are teams seeded in the Philippine Collegiate Championships and these are the champions of the UAAP, NCAA, NAASCU, UCAA, CESAFI and CUSA so that's six teams. Also seeded are the runner up of the UAAP and NCAA which makes the seeded players already eight. This year the teams that are already seeded are the Ateneo Blue Eagles and DLSU Green Archers, the San Beda Red Lions and JRU Heavy Bombers, the San Sebastian de Cavite Baycats, Universal College of Nursing Dragons, the University of Visayas Green Lancers and the MLQU Stallions.

The other teams that will fill out the remaining eight slots will come from the four zonals. The top two teams in each of the four zonals will qualify to the Sweet 16. The teams that made it to the zonals are the following:

Zone 1 – St. Louis University, Champion-Ilocos/Baguio; University of Luzon, Champion-Pangasinan/Pampanga; Mapua Cardinals, NCAA fourth placer; Arellano University Chiefs, Fr. Martin Cup; Lyceum University-Batangas, NCAA-South runner-up; and University of Santo Tomas Growling Tigers, Wild Card Qualifier.

Zone 2University of Nueva Caceres Greyhounds, Champion-Quezon/Bicol; Don Bosco College-Mandaluyong, Champion-NCAA-South; University of the East Warriors, UAAP fourth placer; and Lyceum of the Philippines Pirates, Emilio Aguinaldo College Generals and St. Claire College Saints, Wild Card Qualifiers.

Zone 3 – BIT International College Cruisers, Champion-Bohol/Dumaguete; AMA Computers Titans, Champion-Ormoc/Tacloban; University of San Jose Recoletos Jaguars, CESAFI runner-up; Letran College, NCAA third placer; University of Cebu Webmasters, Wild Card Qualifier; and Bacolod/Iloilo Champion (ongoing regional finals at Bacolod).

Zone 4 – Xavier University Crusaders, Champion-Cagayan de Oro; University of Mindanao Wildcats, Champion-Davao/GenSan; Ateneo de Zamboanga, Champion-Zamboanga provinces; University of San Carlos Warriors - 3rd placer Cesafi,Far Eastern University-UAAP 3rd placer

Again the top two teams for each zone will make it to the Sweet 16. My bet goes for UST and Arellano for Zone 1, UE and Lyceum for Zone 2, while Letran and USJ Recoletos will most likely make it in Zone three while FEU and University of San Carlos are my bets for Zone 4. Teams that may make a few surprises are Mapua, University of Cebu and Xavier University.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Parokya still at it after all these years

I remember my friend Mario de Castro telling me about this group composed of Ateneo students who were performing at Club Dredd. Since Club Dredd was owned and operated by a good friend Patrick Reidenbach, we eventually found ourselves drinking and watching them. That band actually failed in their initial bid to get a slot at the Club Dredd because when they auditioned like others who wanted to get in the bar, they played the normal songs that a band in the 1990's would play. After getting frustrated from that bad audition, the band eventually tried other gimmicks   The group became cross dressers and they found themselves changing the lyrics of the  songs they were singing which made their act funnier.

That eventually got them noticed and then the rest as they say is history as they eventually started to get a following which led to an album. That as they say is one of the few stories on how "Parokya  ni Edgar" became a household name. I myself got to perform with them in Club Dredd. Mario's brother Raul produced a show in Club Dredd back in 1995 and he also asked me to perform in that show. I would have wanted to emcee instead but Raul insisted that I perform and so I did. 

magine, I had Parokya ni Edgar as my front act.  Honestly speaking, my performance then sucked since I was asked to do a comedy act. Well, after a month when another show was in the offing I was already the front act of Parokya! Funny right...i told my friends "Pasikat pa lang ako laos na! Hahaha!"

When I got in the radio show Halikinu Radio, Dindin Moreno visited the show often which made me renew my ties with the Parokya people. Dindin like me is a big fan of the Ateneo Blue Eagles so he would frequently watch the games or at times he would pass by the NU 107 studio to give some insights or just say hi to the throng of Parokya ni Edgar fans and Ateneo fans.

Three weeks ago we saw each other at the Championship games and got the chance to chat in facebook. I asked him if I could watch their show and take pictures. He invited me to watch their show at Eastwood and so i went and also asked some friends to join me watch them. One thing that struck me was that the guys were still the same after all these years still fun and great to be with. Its nice to note that even though fame and fortune has elevated  the Parokya ni  Edgar to superstardon status, Chito, Vinci, Buwi, Gab and Dindin still had their feet on the ground. Hope you guys will even get more hits and eventually conquer greater heights.  

Friday, October 10, 2008

The San Beda Boys take centerstage

Tracy Abad was kinda super hyper even before the episode. She mentioned that the Zagu drink she had might have boosted her energy. Well its nice to have someone energetic at our side coz it helps make the show more relaxin and exciting. The guests were from the PBL and the new three time NCAA champions, the San Beda Red Lions.

Mhel G., Joe B., Tracy and Chris Ross

Chris Ross is a point guard who wants to make a name for himself in the PBL. He was drafted by Pharex and he believes thathe can contribute to the success of the team. His mother is a Filipino and his favorite Filipino food is adobo. He used to play for the George Marshall College and when he heard of an opportunity here in manila he immediately grabbed it and packed his bags to go here. Pharex saw him and was impressed during the PBL Rookie camp that was held at the JRU Gym last September 27, 2008. He said he is very comfortable playing the point guard position and is eager to strut his wares in the PBL and hopefully in time play in the PBA. Chris Ross is a virtual unknown, he has already practiced with the team and hopefully he will do well in the PBL. GOod luck Chris.

JR Tecson, Jake Pascual and Carmelo Lim surround Tracy


The three guests were very happy to be part of the champion team. Most of them were very speechless and were just prevailed upon by the happines that they felt when the final buzzer sounded. Jake Pascual said that he is very happy because he was given the chance to show his talents in this very talent laden squad. The opportunity to study is very important also to these kids as they all got Management courses to enable them to get the best of both worlds.One nice story is what Carmelo Lim and Jake narrated, both of them said that they were products of the San Beda Team B before landing a spot for the Red Lions. The experience they got from playing them helped them polish most of the skills they lacked which was the very reason they weren't able to crack a spot at the Team A line up. The experience was very enriching and the learnings they got helped them become better players. One funny thing talked about was if the group were going on a trip outside the country because of the championship. A lot of them don't even care where it will be as long as there is a trip and they are all together. Nice team work guys.

BC Crew with Red Lions
Guia,Ace and Joseph Join in


I started the ball rolling by commending and asking Coach Frankie about his 1977-78 team and this team. In his mind he said the similarities are there simply because you can never rule out your influences when you were playing as he said. He is also thankful he was given the opportunity to serve the school as the coach. This season for them was quite difficult but they are excited for next season since only two players namely Pong Escobal and Sam Ekwe will be leaving, but they already have a replacement for Ekwe with a 6-7 athletic center.

Borgie Hermida, Ogie Menor & JR Taganas take their turn

Borgie, Ogie and JR are all products of the Red Cub system and are very happy to be elevated to the Red Lions considering the fact that a lot of Red Cubs transfer to UAAP teams. Ogie for one was a Green Archer for one day as he tried to vie for a spot for the DLSU team. Unfortunately for the Green Archers he changed his mind and jumped ship the next day. He mentioned that during that time he was quite undecided and a lot of things were going through his mind. He mentioned that he is happy he stayed and helped the Red Lions get the Grand Slam. Ogie and JR go way back to the days when they were still playing in Isabela before going to manila to play for the Red Cubs and now the Red Lions. They will surely be one of the factors that will push the Red Lions to a four peat next year.

To The Red Lions ..good luck. May the FOURTH be with you!!!