Saturday, October 25, 2008

Truly an Amazing Show

Ms. Amazing Philippines, Angelica Santillan (center)

Surroundings, belief, influences and perception really plays a lot in the minds of a growing young child on what he or she wants to be when they grow up. I have always believed that what what our parents show us, impart on us, what our friends share with us, what we see on tv, what we perceive to be right or wrong becomes the foundation and center of our belief system when we become adults.

The Amazing dancers

A lot of us Filipinos are in a way very traditional but in coping up with the changing times we have broadened our minds and accepted things that we normally would have not accepted when we were younger. Let alone the acceptance of what society would call the third sex, gay people or transsexuals.

The Amazing Performers

For me, my most important exposure to gays was the time when I served with the DLSU community of the Days with the Lord. The beauty of that DWTL community is that they accept you regardless of who or what you are and see you as a child of God. Even the tough guys would eat, laugh and cry with them which also made me understand certain things about the third sex.

One of the candidates, the flawless Kevin Balot

That is why when we were tasked to support the Amazing Philippine Theatre's Search for Ms. Amazing Philippines I got excited because I have heard great things about this show. For me the best thing about the searchnfor Ms. Amazing Philippines is that the top 5 winners of the pageant will become an Amazing Philippines Performer. In a way, the Pageant is actually a way of recognizing the talent of these transvestites and more importantly training them to become world class performers. The show that preceeded the pageant showed one of a kind grace, poise, and timing that every filipino possess while in the dance floor. I myself marvelled at the impeccable timing and poise of one dance I enjoy watching, the tango.

My good friend Jaq Hernandez in pink awarding one of the winners

At the same time the big production numbers that mimic the Moulin Rouge and Dream Girls settings were very impressive as well.
A young kid who suddenly acquires the inkling to become a gay beauty queen is now realized in this pageant. For me the big prize in this pageant is the opportunity to further hone one's skills and perform at your best to be able to become a world class performer. The Grand winners were Angelica Santillan who was crowned Ms Amazing Philiippines and Rosa Garcia who is the first runner up. Their dreams have all come true, winning a presitgious gay pageant and being a part of the Amazing Philippines performers.

our friends from STI College Taft, the tabulation team

If you want to catch the show, its from Tuesdays to Saturdays with two shows 7:30 pm and 9:00 pm at the Manile Film Center. As of now I believe the tickets are P 500 for locals. Do watch the 40 minute show and I promise you that you will be truly amazed with the show.

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