Thursday, October 23, 2008

Presenting the Amazing Philippine Beauties

The only thing I remember about the Manila Film Center is that it is a condemned building and that lots of people died when it was being constructed back then when the Marcoses were still at the helm. The venue I thought had mummified Filipinos hanging out and enjoying themselves which is what the movie A night at the museum is all about – history coming back to life.

Three years ago I got a proposal form the Center for Philippine Arts & Cultural Entertainment Association Inc. which is the producer of Amazing Philippine Theatre’s the Amazing Show, the first and the biggest theatrical variety show in the Philippines today which caters to an array of audiences, young and old, as a wholesome family entertainment. Established in August 15, 2001, the Amazing Show features Korean, Chinese, Japanese and Indian production numbers, Broadway and Off Broadway musicales, comedy acts, modern and Filipino folk and traditional dances and other exciting numbers that would thrill the spectators no end.

For the past five years, Amazing Philippine Theatre has been searching for the most beautiful transvestite and transgender in town. This passion motivated the company to host and organize a Beauty Pageant that would attract a large number of transvestites and transgender to join and eventually be employed with the company. Last year, Amazing Philippine Beauties has a well-attended Press Launch and a successful Pre-Pageant and Coronation Night with not a single seat vacant.

This year, Amazing Philippine Theatre will be conducting the 6th Amazing Philippine Beauties 2008, one of the most prestigious gay beauty pageant in Manila. I attended the Pre-Pageant Night last October 17, 2008 & the Coronation Night is slated on October 24, 2008.

I will just come out with pictures and everything I can share for all to see the beauty of these people who braved hell and high water just to be a part of the Search for Ms. Amazing Beauty 2008.

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