Friday, October 10, 2008

The San Beda Boys take centerstage

Tracy Abad was kinda super hyper even before the episode. She mentioned that the Zagu drink she had might have boosted her energy. Well its nice to have someone energetic at our side coz it helps make the show more relaxin and exciting. The guests were from the PBL and the new three time NCAA champions, the San Beda Red Lions.

Mhel G., Joe B., Tracy and Chris Ross

Chris Ross is a point guard who wants to make a name for himself in the PBL. He was drafted by Pharex and he believes thathe can contribute to the success of the team. His mother is a Filipino and his favorite Filipino food is adobo. He used to play for the George Marshall College and when he heard of an opportunity here in manila he immediately grabbed it and packed his bags to go here. Pharex saw him and was impressed during the PBL Rookie camp that was held at the JRU Gym last September 27, 2008. He said he is very comfortable playing the point guard position and is eager to strut his wares in the PBL and hopefully in time play in the PBA. Chris Ross is a virtual unknown, he has already practiced with the team and hopefully he will do well in the PBL. GOod luck Chris.

JR Tecson, Jake Pascual and Carmelo Lim surround Tracy


The three guests were very happy to be part of the champion team. Most of them were very speechless and were just prevailed upon by the happines that they felt when the final buzzer sounded. Jake Pascual said that he is very happy because he was given the chance to show his talents in this very talent laden squad. The opportunity to study is very important also to these kids as they all got Management courses to enable them to get the best of both worlds.One nice story is what Carmelo Lim and Jake narrated, both of them said that they were products of the San Beda Team B before landing a spot for the Red Lions. The experience they got from playing them helped them polish most of the skills they lacked which was the very reason they weren't able to crack a spot at the Team A line up. The experience was very enriching and the learnings they got helped them become better players. One funny thing talked about was if the group were going on a trip outside the country because of the championship. A lot of them don't even care where it will be as long as there is a trip and they are all together. Nice team work guys.

BC Crew with Red Lions
Guia,Ace and Joseph Join in


I started the ball rolling by commending and asking Coach Frankie about his 1977-78 team and this team. In his mind he said the similarities are there simply because you can never rule out your influences when you were playing as he said. He is also thankful he was given the opportunity to serve the school as the coach. This season for them was quite difficult but they are excited for next season since only two players namely Pong Escobal and Sam Ekwe will be leaving, but they already have a replacement for Ekwe with a 6-7 athletic center.

Borgie Hermida, Ogie Menor & JR Taganas take their turn

Borgie, Ogie and JR are all products of the Red Cub system and are very happy to be elevated to the Red Lions considering the fact that a lot of Red Cubs transfer to UAAP teams. Ogie for one was a Green Archer for one day as he tried to vie for a spot for the DLSU team. Unfortunately for the Green Archers he changed his mind and jumped ship the next day. He mentioned that during that time he was quite undecided and a lot of things were going through his mind. He mentioned that he is happy he stayed and helped the Red Lions get the Grand Slam. Ogie and JR go way back to the days when they were still playing in Isabela before going to manila to play for the Red Cubs and now the Red Lions. They will surely be one of the factors that will push the Red Lions to a four peat next year.

To The Red Lions ..good luck. May the FOURTH be with you!!!

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