Friday, October 31, 2008

Enjoying the Bloggers Party

I was lucky to get invited by Google Country Manager Aileen Apolo to the  CLEAR BLACK NIGHT Halloween Dance Event at the Taste Asia Restaurant at the Mall of Asia.  The event is also the venue that gathered hundreds of Bloggers from all over the country. Aileen who herself is an excellent blogger ( try to maintain at least five active blogs and you'll know what I mean) has been promoting blogging to lots of people in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Her blog, An apple a day, keeps me updated with lots of things most specially the world of Google.

Upon getting the invite I immediately registered for the party. I invited two friends to come with me but unfortunately my constant companion RJ Marasigan called in sick and was still nursing a fever come party time.  So I took the opportunity to unwind by inviting another Ms. STI beauty and national winner Lou Ann Cruz. Needless to say I enjoyed partying with her.

Well, for people who know me very well the preceeding picture I believe sums up the number one reason we went! Free Food hahahaha. It was an opportunity to enjoy the good food at Taste Asia. The restaurant as I rememeber (this is my second time to be here) offers seminars etc to companies who are in need of trainings out of their office.  The food is worth having a seminar in the restaurant and I recommend the Gyoza, the barbecues, the beef and almost anything that they serve.

After talking about COSPLAY it just so happened that the Predator came out to party with us. Well, the Predator was kind enough to take a picture with us and she mentioned that she is on leave lately that is why she is not hunting for someone to kill or eat at the party. Good for her since she looked at me like I was a barbecue. After an hour and a half, I went home and did not bother to wait for the program. Well, at least even for a short time I got to enjoy the party and the Brazilian models who ushered us inside.

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