Sunday, October 12, 2008

Parokya still at it after all these years

I remember my friend Mario de Castro telling me about this group composed of Ateneo students who were performing at Club Dredd. Since Club Dredd was owned and operated by a good friend Patrick Reidenbach, we eventually found ourselves drinking and watching them. That band actually failed in their initial bid to get a slot at the Club Dredd because when they auditioned like others who wanted to get in the bar, they played the normal songs that a band in the 1990's would play. After getting frustrated from that bad audition, the band eventually tried other gimmicks   The group became cross dressers and they found themselves changing the lyrics of the  songs they were singing which made their act funnier.

That eventually got them noticed and then the rest as they say is history as they eventually started to get a following which led to an album. That as they say is one of the few stories on how "Parokya  ni Edgar" became a household name. I myself got to perform with them in Club Dredd. Mario's brother Raul produced a show in Club Dredd back in 1995 and he also asked me to perform in that show. I would have wanted to emcee instead but Raul insisted that I perform and so I did. 

magine, I had Parokya ni Edgar as my front act.  Honestly speaking, my performance then sucked since I was asked to do a comedy act. Well, after a month when another show was in the offing I was already the front act of Parokya! Funny right...i told my friends "Pasikat pa lang ako laos na! Hahaha!"

When I got in the radio show Halikinu Radio, Dindin Moreno visited the show often which made me renew my ties with the Parokya people. Dindin like me is a big fan of the Ateneo Blue Eagles so he would frequently watch the games or at times he would pass by the NU 107 studio to give some insights or just say hi to the throng of Parokya ni Edgar fans and Ateneo fans.

Three weeks ago we saw each other at the Championship games and got the chance to chat in facebook. I asked him if I could watch their show and take pictures. He invited me to watch their show at Eastwood and so i went and also asked some friends to join me watch them. One thing that struck me was that the guys were still the same after all these years still fun and great to be with. Its nice to note that even though fame and fortune has elevated  the Parokya ni  Edgar to superstardon status, Chito, Vinci, Buwi, Gab and Dindin still had their feet on the ground. Hope you guys will even get more hits and eventually conquer greater heights.  

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kaibigan, sumikat ka naman .... yun lang nga sa pangalang "Gordon's"