Friday, October 31, 2008

How did you spend your birthday?

Mark your calendars...although it is already finished, my birthday fell on a saturday October 18.   I remember last July I was telling myself what will I do this year on my birthday. The first thing that came to my mind was go out of town since it is your natal day so that you can do something worthwile.  I was originally looking at Bacolod since the day of my birthday is their Maskarra Festival which will be a great experience for me.  When I shortlisted some friends who I think will definitely not budge an eye to join me, I came out with five gal friends. Unfortunately for them they all begged off. That left me with nothing to do. 

A week before my birthday our Human Resources Management Group sent an email regarding a training for managers on OCtober 16-18.  I informed our HR manager its a good thing I didnt make the trip since I almost went out of town. At the same time I had to beg off from the November batch since I will most probably be super busy for that week since the week after is then launch of the National Youth Convention.

So for three days we were at the confines of the APEX in Market Market. The Apex is a training facility of STI which is located inside the Market Market mall. I must admit I learned a lot from the training that we took. Funny thing though, during the sessions a lot of retorting and mind boggling stupid and out of this world remarks took place. Fortunately the trainor was quite accommodating and very very patient with us since we were so noisy and always cracking jokes. So the first part of my birthday was a training that I took. The training was entitled Communications Backpack.

The second part of my birthday was held at star city. I invited along some friends and my babies the STI All star dancers. Its nice to know that five of the ten dancers made it all the ways from Antipolo and Almar in Fairview just to spend time with me. The dancers have been very nice to me and treat me like just one of their friends and sometimes stand like a father to them.

My Thanks to my very good friend RJ Marasigan for always keeping me company. I enjoyed her presence and will most probably enjoy a lot more in future gimmicks. Needless to say her constant pinching of my nipples made me sore.

Here are other pictures of friends who are very close to my heart. In this picture is long time friend and is also one of my bestfriends Louise Sarte together with Zerina Tiangco who is a candidate to become another best friend of mine.

In this picture is my favorite dancer Ge-ann Mostrales (in yellow) who gyrates like a worm and projects like a model.Luckily future nurse Rynee Aribal made it since she had to go all the way from Cogeo to Star CIty, that's quite very very far.

The rides were great but like what I always tell my friends, its their company that I enjoy the most and cherish. The allstars here from left to right is Zerina T., RJ Marasigan, Jenny Rose Morales, Ge-ann Mostrales, Rynee Aribal and Apple Dolorfino who hails from Almar, Zabarte which is a good 20 minutes drive (w/o Traffic) from SM Fairview.

We ended the fun at Star City at 12:30 am and I brought home all 10 of my guests. I got home at 3:30 am and was very exhausted that I postponed our family lunch to dinner. In a way spending time with people very dear to you is the best way to spend your birthday. I am looking forward for a celebration next year. 

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