Sunday, November 30, 2008

STI Communications Back Pack 2nd batch

The Backpackerz

Our batch, the second batch of the STI Communications Back pack ended on a good note as all managers and supervisors involved in the training gave their 15 minute presentation on a topic that is comfortable to them. The previous three sessions saw us cram for information last October 16-18, 2008 at the Apex Traning Center of STI at the Market Market mall. The same venue was used for the second training session last November 18-19 which I unfortunately missed while the last training session was November 21-22, 2008 still at the same venue.

Mhel with our very dynamic trainor Maribel Aglipay

There were so many learnings in this training that I for one validated a lot of things that I have been doing in the past but unfortunately had no word to describe the basics of what it really is. I for one have been an emcee for more than 20 years and I was quite excited in the preparation of a presentation. You know what topic I chose to present? Blogging. I actually encouraged all the participants including our one of a kind trainor, Maribel Aglipay, to start blogging.

Presenting Blogging Rights

One thing nice was that even after I finished my presentation a lot of my office mates were still excited with what they heard that they wanted to start immediately and asked lots of questions on how to start their own blogs. I am just happy to learn a lot and infect others to join the Blogosphere and become bloggers themselves. Congrats to Team STI for a fruitful training session.

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