Tuesday, April 4, 2017

STI SVC: STI College Sta. Maria enters the finals

Intense net action by both teams

STI College Sta. Maria proved steadier in the clutch as the team that was given up for dead rose to the occasion to come from behind and oust STI College Santa Rosa with a dramatic 16 - 25, 19 - 25, 25 - 23, 25 - 16, 15 - 13 win to enter the finals of the STI Women's Volleyball Challenge.

Santa Rosa ace spiker Camille Tiongco attacks

STI College Santa Rosa started the game with its usual nerve wracking offensive thrusts that left the Sta. Maria defense in disarray. Led by their ace spiker Camille Tiongco, the Laguna based Santa Rosa team won the first two sets with barely a sweat. The Sta. Maria team was disorganized and barely showed any resistance in those two sets as Tiongco had her way in scoring enroute to a 25 - 16, 25 - 19 two sets to none lead.

Margie Bermeo receives the serve

Showing the resilience that catapulted them to the final four, STI College Sta. Maria woke up from their slumber and fought back. Led by Margie Bermeo and Josephine Victorio, the Bulacan based Spikers did not let the third set slip away as they rattled off two more points after both teams were tied at 23 - all to stay alive. This was the most exciting set among the five sets.

Jayan Sajonia gets a dig

In the fourth set the tables were turned as the Santa Rosa team has numerous service errors and other unforced errors to yield the fourth set 16 - 25.  This was a similar sight as the Santa Rosa team almost lost steam in their game against STI College Batangas as they barely nipped the Batanguenos. This time, they buckled under pressure.

STI College Sta. Maria for the win

In the penultimate fifth set, Santa Rosa drew first blood and Sta. Maria caught up. The game was still tied at 11 - all and the last was at 13 - all and Margie Bermeo took matters into her own hands to seal the victory for the Sta. Maria team. The win sends the Sta. Maria BUlacan team to a winner take all match against STI College Global City.

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