Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lakers get back at Celtics homecourt

" Imagine, we might not go back to this venue once again" Those were the words at the back of the minds of the Los Angeles Lakers as they came to the TD Banknorth in Boston with fire in their eyes and vengeance in their hearts. This fire helped them relive the LA Lakers of the 80s as they beat the Boston Celtics in their own homecourt 91 - 84 that assured LA Fans that the series will indeed go back to Los Angeles.

Kobe dropped 29 points this time

Ray Allen shot a record 8 three pointer in game 2 of the NBA Finals and was rarin to duplicate the feat in their homecourt but unfortunately it was a total reversal as Allen would miss ALL 8 of his three pointers and all his field goals which got him to score only 2 points. At the end of the first quarter the Lakers have already built a lead which was predicated on good defense as both teams did not turn the ball over much. The Lakers led 26 -17 after one quarter and 52 - 40 at the half as Kobe Bryant and Lamar Odom led the Lakers with Kevin Garnett as the only bright spot for the Celtics.
Effort propelled the Lakers to victory

In a finals game, a Celtic believer will have to pray for another Boston comeback and the Celtics really came back. Glen Davis and Tony Allen helped resurrect Boston' sagging fortunes as Ray Allen was having an off night while Paul Pierce was in foul trouble, Rajon Rondo on the other hand was silenced and the only bright spot was Kevin Garnett. The Celtics would come to as close as 69- 70with still 9 minutes to play as Big Daddy Glen Davis and Tony Allen joined hands to rally the Celtics - Davis scored 12 points off the bench while Allen got 7 points. The Celtics last stand came with 2:03 left as they threatened LA 78 - 80 with 2 minutes left. After that , LA superstar Kobe Bryant scored on a jumper as the Lakers closed the Celtics out with a another 7 - 4 run to finally get back the home court advantage that they have enjoyed.

Derek Fisher lifted the Lakers to this victory

Much can be said about Kobe Bryant, Bryant scored 29 points but then again he shot 10 of 29 and missed 5 shots in the fourth quarter. Most of Bryant's shots were in the third quarter so when the fourth quarter started the Lakers were running out of steam at the height of the Boston rally. Time is winding odonw and with the odds not favoring the Lakers, they turn to their old hand to deliver the killing blows - Derek Fisher. Fishers scored 11 fourth quarter points as he single handedly carried the offensive burden of the Team as he showed why he is the team's veteran playmaker.

Rajon was shut down again

The play of the game came with 1:00 left in the game with the Lakers holding an 84 - 80 lead. Ray Allen got free and Rajon Rondo managed to get the ball to him, but just like what I mentioned it was not Allen's night as he missed the basket which was rebounded by Derek Fisher. After getting the rebound Fisher held on to the ball for another 2 seconds, dribble it, ran the whole length of the floor as the slow moving Celtics realized that a fastbreak was about to happen which made them smother Fisher who made the shot and got the foul - game, set , match for the Lakers.

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