Thursday, June 24, 2010

Balayan Fiesta 2010

Gheanne, Louise,
Monirah & Zerina
all soaked up
Our thanks to our gracious hosts STI College Balayan whose very respected President, Christy Dimaano invited us to this event for the nth time. This year I chose to bring my Volleyball team members to have some bonding within themselves and experience the fun in this fiesta. Here are some highlights from the fiesta.

Mah Gurls with Christy Dimaano
of STI College Batangas
during the parade.

We also visited the house
of Louise's friend, Jaja Andal

Me and Louise having fun

The Showdown between
STI Volleyball players and
STI College Balayan Faculty members

YOurs truly with
the STI College
Men's Volleyball Team
The Pogi with the
STI College Olympians
Women's Volleybelles

The Pogi with the Ladies

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