Wednesday, June 13, 2007


(This Blog was previously posted in my multiply site. Since I believe its what i normally have, i'll try to post more random thoughts when the time permits me.)

When I am busy and cannot focus on my job because of some random thoughts, I believe that the best thing to do is blog about it. Maybe after a while I’ll get “Blogging Rights” on the thoughts I have written down.
By doing that, I can move on and concentrate on my work. So here are some random thoughts that has been occupying a space of my mind.

Random Thoughts
After Manny Pacquiao won over Jorge Solis there were many speculations who Manny’s next opponent will be. Remember he knocked down Barrera, Marquez & Morales and almost every Mehicano around. Because of that ilalabas na ng mexico ang kanilang huling Alas para lumaban kay many- si Zorro!Abangan Pacquiao –Banderas sa Sept.
Watched the Movie Dream Girls and I was overwhelmed by the songs sung in the movie. I downloaded 12 songs of the movie, uploaded it to my iPod and listened to it day in and day out. The result was that even in my sleep I was thinking of Beyonce Knowles and Jennifer Hudson singing their hit songs. Kaya pala Dream Girls ang movie.
I’ve developed a problem with my sleeping. I sleep at 1AM and wake up at 5am. Sometimes being awaken by random thoughts like these. I made an appointment with my doctor to address this concern. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it to the appointment kasi nakatulog ako eh.
I’ll be going to Bangkok two weeks from now. My friend who made the same trip got sick when he came back and advised me to take it easy with the Thai Food. That’s where he got his “Thai-phoid.”
A friend of mine once asked me a question, he said what is the difference of a Lasallian from a Lasallite? Well to finally end discussions here it is. A Lasallian is a person who studies in De Lasalle while a Lasallite studies in CSB. Why? Same school, same system …but lite!

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