Tuesday, January 13, 2015

20th NYC in Baguio City

STI College San Jose students 
are all ready for the Baguio NYC 

Ms. Rachel Calica of STI College Baguio sings the Invocation Hymn

 STI College Baguio's Ms. Maggie Rillera, 
Welcomes the delegates to the Baguio NYC.

Just like the cool breeze in Baguio City Spanky Enriquez calmly make the STIers understand the latest trends in the Tourism and Hospitality Industry.

Marisyll Pengson returns to the NYC scene with a thing or two about Professional Imaging.

Bro JC Libiran once again wows the Baguio crowd with his energetic approach on Cashing in your Ideas.

The 20th NYC Boot Camp directors in Baguio City! 
Spanky Enriquez, Marisyll Pengson and JC Libiran. 

Globe Telecom's Business Development Director, Mark Bantigue, talks about the Power of Mobile Applications.

Gian Javelona inspires the STI students once again as he tells his unique journey to becoming the CEO of Orange Apps. Inc.

As Always, Howard Go's insights on how to monetize Mobile Apps shows that it is really a good time to be in this industry.

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