Sunday, August 23, 2015

Azure place to be

While planning something to do on a long weekend, a friend suggested we rent her condo in Bicutan. Lo and Behold it was the Azure condominiums which wealthy hotelier Paris Hilton build here in Manila. This place boasts of the first man-made beach in the city.

Of course the weekend getaway will not be complete without "Mah Main gurlz"

This studio type condo is just enough for three to four persons.

Of course, a nice swim and witnessing the difference of the man-made beach is the priority for our stay. 

The other side of the room showing the kitchen, the couch and eating area. Just enough for a small barkada to camp in.

This place is just a stone's throw away from the Bicutan exit in Paranaque.  A beach club in the city.

RJ and Krisvi taking a selfie with the three buildings at the back. Two more buildings are still being built at the side.

Yes the Paris Beach Club is where we swam and enjoyed the rainy afternoon. Will surely be back and enjoy another weekend here in the future.

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