Monday, August 31, 2015

Jamming for a cause a success

Herminio "Dondet" Maglonzo thanks all the people that helped make the event a success. That's yours truly as the emcee and one of the organizers Gary Vargas.

First to perform in the marathon Jamfest was veteran bar performers Irma and Art.

Most of the performers are either friends or related to friends. Here is John Barredo, Dondet's nephew who sang four wonderful songs.

To make the event more exciting. PSBA dazer Liza Solano, mixed some 80's music with her fave sounds.

Guest DJ, the gorgeous Jennifer Lee, brought her brand of mezmerizing music  to the event .

The evening went full blast as Medwin and True Faith rocked the house with their all so familiar songs. Everyone was on their feet, singing, dancing and enjoying the evening.

To put variety to the event, one of the friends of the Organizers got the Amazing Arnold to perform his brand of magic to the people who stayed.

The group At the moment showed their brand of music with three guitars and a bass. The group is led by Gary Vargas's nephew.

Urged to sing even just one song is PSBA's own Frankie Packing. Frankie belted out a heart warming song despite his very hoarse voice. 

To cap the night DJ Ayana showed one of her talents by singing instead of playing music. Everyone started jamming the night away after her.

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