Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jobe: from the paint to painting

He used to terrorize his opponents in the paint. Now he is using his new found talent and that is painting. Jobe Nkemakolam can be described a person inside the paint to a person who loves painting. That is his new passion and he is also good at it. Just recently he together with his mentor Ronilo Abayan held an exhibit at the Shangrila Mall. Most of the pictures were taken from his facebook site and I just loved the paintings exhibited.

Also in the exhibit is Jobe's favorite professor Isabel Pefianco-Martin together with his husband and my former High school teacher Onnie Martin. Also in attendance is Senator Miguel Zubiri and his lovely wife Audrey. Most of the paintings are now owned by the Zubiri's specially the one that had the Senator himself and another one with his wife in a wedding dress. It was another unique fun filled experience to see.

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