Sunday, May 9, 2010

Dick gets my vote

How i wish GMA would have given his blessings to Dick Gordon to be the standard bearer of the administration. That way he would have the machinery to reach out to the whole country what a magnificent person he is and that he is the only one capable of running the country. I have thought hard and have come down to Dick Gordon and Bayani Fernando for Vice-President.

The question is...WHY GORDON? WHY BAYANI? I believe Dick is the most capable among ALL candidates to run a country. One of the most important accomplishments that he has done was the transformation of Subic into a international sensation. I remember back then that they were asking the senate not to let the americans and the bases in Olongapo go since a lot of people from Olongapo rely on these bases for their livelihood. Unfortunately they were let go. What did Gordon do,they did not bicker, point fingers or cry a river for the senate to reinstate the bases, but instead he made things happen by using all his resources and transforming Subic to what it is today. Also, there a lot more that Dick Gordon has done.

The next question is, Why Bayani. First i believe that in order for graft and corruption to be lessened or eradicated, we need leaders who will not clean the mess and instill discipline. The problem with us Filipinos is that we got used to many negative things that we always want the fast way out. Well that is not the case with Bayani, he has made headway with the MMDA which incidentally Mayor Binay handled and I believe he handled it well.

We all have our own views and opinion but I believe only through Gordon and Bayani will our country really stand up because as compared to the other candidates they are performers and their track records can speak for what they have done. So for those of you who are still undecided - Gordon - Bayani na tayo.

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