Sunday, May 30, 2010

Olympians beat Letran Knights

Cedric Ablaza towers over the others

Defense is a way of making your opponents create mistakes through the system you design for them to commit these mistakes. This was the scenario at the Father Martin's Cup when the STI College Olympians forced the Letran Knights to numerous errors that paved the way to STI College's 64-49 victory over the multi-titled NCAA squad. This was a very important win for the Olympians whose Head Coach Vic Ycasiano just arrived from a trip from the US with the RP Nokia 18 and under team.

Cedric Ablaza on the drive
The Knights started the game like a house on fire as they raced to a commanding 24-11 lead in the first quarter as they asserted their strength over the former NAASCU Champions. After figuring out what the Knights have been doing, the Olympians countered with a pulverizing run that did not sit well for the Intramuros based squad. The Knights were limited to just two second quarter points as the Olympians led by second year forward Cedric Ablaza equalized 26 – all after the first half.

Abby Chavez on the reverse

Come the third quarter, the knights were in to more trouble as the Olympians not only played good defense, but translated their defensive gems into baskets. NAASCU Mythical five selectee Jerald Bautista was the recipient of most of the fastbreak points as he torched the Knights in every chance that he had. Bautista would end up scoring 14 points as he joined hands with Ablaza as the top scorers.

Henri Betayenga on the drive

By the time the fourth quarter was on its last five minutes the Olympians were on its biggest lead at 54-46 and the only thing the Knights can do was bring down the lead. The Knights leaned on Kevin Alas, Jaypee Belencion and Jam Cortes to bring the lead down to a more respectable margin. It was a total team effort for the Olympians as their swarming defense, pressure defense and man to man coverage proved to be something that the Knights had a hard time handling. New Olympian recruit Henri Betayenga scored 8 points but hits presence was felt more on the defensive end as the Knights who were driving to the hoop found it hard to elude his long limbs that resulted in botched jumpers and lay ups.

Jasper Melano controlling the ball

There are still forty days to go before the opening of the 10th NAASCU and the Olympians are starting to show the stuff that made them rule the NAASCU. But then again its too early to speculate. This is the fourth win of the Olympians in the Fr. Martin’s Cup and their first win ever against Letran.



Ablaza 15, Bautista 14, Henri 8, Sabellina 7, Melano 6, Ihalas 5, Chavez 4, Alcantara 3, Gabo 2, Villadoz 0, Morales 0, Labrador 0, Po 0, Daguplo 0,


Cortes 12, K. Alas 10, J. Alas 8, Dysam 7, Belencion 6, Espiritu 4, Belorio 2, Taplah 0, Rodil 0, Almazan 0, Pantin 0, Ang 0, Alejandro 0.


11-24, 26-26, 44-36, 69-54

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