Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Celebrity Basketball Team


Fred Payawan, 
Lance Christopher & Jose Sarasola

 Young JV, 
Luis Alandy & Marco Alcaraz

  James Blanco, 
Matt Evans & Ejay Falcon

Gerald Anderson, 
Bal David & Derek Ramsay

Derek Ramsay on the fastbreak 

Derek on the dribble 

Ball recovery 

Derek Jumper 

Derek Lay-up  

 Matt Evans about to take off

Ejay fade-away 

Gerald takes off 

Gerald lay -in 

 Gerald Jumper

 Gerald lays it in 

Gerald on the drive 

Gerald waves to the crowd 

Gerald fakes a pass 

Gerald floats 

Gerald floats again 

Gerald to the basket 

James Blanco drives 

James dribbling 

Jose surveying the field

Loose ball scamble 

Lance drives to the basket 

Luis jumps high 

Luis quarterbacking 

Strong Move 

Undergoal stab 

Marco eludes his defender 

Marco goes up 

Young JV asks for 
a pick & roll

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